How often did we criticise people using parts of the body in the phrases?

For example:

`Keep yir nose oot ma business.`   It`s nothing to do with you

`Yiv bigger ears than an elephant.`  Hearing what you`re not supposed to hear.

`Ye gie me a pain in the belly.`  You are annoying me.

`Stop pullin` ma leg.`  Stop kidding me on

`Yir eyes are worse ti please than yir belly.`  Given something you want to eat then not liking it

`Yir aw thumbs.`  You can`t manipulate with your fingers.

Almost every body part can be quoted.I could go on and on but I am leaving it to you.

'If you dinna stop that right now - ye'll get yer heid in yer hands tae play with!'   OUCH!!!
      Connie Newman, Tonbridge, Kent

`Gie yer heid a shake!`  Think before you open your mouth about what you are going to say,  Something I think I am quite often guilty off.        Tom McLuskey, Westbank, BC, Canada

`You scratch ma back an` ah`ll scratch yours.`    Do me a favour and I`ll do you one.
John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian

`Gi`en  one the elby.`  Not wanting one involved.                                 John Stewart

`That yin's goat sticky fingers!`  Takes whit's no theirs.           Cathy Welch, BC, Canada

`She was hung for her beauty BUT trust me she was innocent.`  Or, I'd rather keep your photo than keep you, you're eating me oot o a hoose and hame.                                Liz Torres, Florida, US

`You've put your foot in your mouth.` Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Maureen Logue, Canada

`If yi dinna shut up, I'll gie yi a skud oan the lug.` Be quiet or I will skelp your ear.`
Bob Moffat, Bonnyrigg, Scotland

`Yer eyes are hungrier than yer belly.` Your greed has made you take more food than you can eat.                                                                                                  Willie Bell, Livingston, Scotland

`Dinna pay her any heid  her nose is oot o joint.` Not very happy. Cathy Welch

`Ma belly thinks ma throats been cut.` Hungry.                                 Cathy Welch

`That cost me an arm and a leg.` Paid a lot of money.                    Cathy Welch

`Her heid disna button up the back!` She's no stupid...                  Cathy Welch

`Passed by the skin o her teeth.`   Couldn`t have been closer.    John Stewart

`Got the cauld shooder.` Ignored.                                                         John Stewart

`Got in ma hair.`   Annoyed me.                                                              John Stewart

`Scratching her head.`  Trying to solve a puzzle.

`He opened his mooth.`  He gave the show away.

`Up to his neck in it.`  Heavily involved in trouble

`Bite yir tongue.`  Wishing to express an opinion but don`t.

`Someone who has the brass neck to do something` has no sense of shame about what they do.
Jack Mackenzie, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

`You must have a hollow leg.`Can't seem to get enough to eat.                              Maureen Loque

`They got up my nose.` Were very aggressive.                                                            Maureen Logue

`I worked tooth and nail to put that food on the table for you.`  I worked hard.   Maureen Logue

`Worked my fingers to the bone` - again worked hard.                                               Maureen Logue

`Had his hands in it right up to his oxters ` up to no good.                                      Maureen Logue

`She`s goat a face only a mother could love.` Ugly.                   Moira Boyd, Restalrig, Leith

`Git aff yer bum.`   Stop being lazy.

`Got a twinkle in his eyes.`  Watch him lassie.

I'm all ears - ready to listen. Maureen Logue

He's (she's) head over heels in love with - likes something or someone. Maureen Logue

Dis yer tongue never git tired ? You talk too much.          Barbara Russell, USA

Fingers are itching.   Take a chance or not.

Someone with sticky fingers   ---  a person who steals things.   Sandra Cochrane, Ontario, Canada

Grease someone's palm -----  offer a bribe.                                       Sandra Cochrane

Thumbs up.      Everything is OK                                                         Ruth McLounnan, Los Angeles

Put your finger on it.  Recognise the problem

He is two-faced... Agrees with everybody

More faces than the tower clock.    A Hypocrite                           Tommy Sutherland, West Calder

Short arms and long pockets.        A mean person                     Pamela Sutherland, West Calder

Here if yie cannie sae something good shut yer trap.  Please speak good of all.       
                                                                                                                 Ada Barrett, London, Ontario

Here yas yer legs and get me ma chocolate digestives and don't be there til yere back.
'Run as fast as you can and get back in time'                             Ada Barrett. London, Ontario

That yin our there has a hard face.      "Harsh Closed Face"   Ada Barrett, London, Ontario

Wid yie like a picture?  "stop staring at me"                               Ada Barrett, London, Ontario

Stop openin yere mooth and lettin yere bellie roar.  " Hold your tongue "   Ada Barrett, London, Ontario

A Blue Eyed Boy .   Some one who sucks up to the Foreman to get the best Jobs
Jim Gibson, Ottawa, Canada

Your eyes are bigger than your belly--relative to food.                                              Wattie Anderson, Windsor

Och him , he is a real Snot Nose   Some one who thinks he is better than aw body else
Jim Gibson:Ottawa Canada

Och him ,he has a big heid,   Someone who is full of himself.                                Jim Gibson:Ottawa Canada
Och your a sight for sore eyes. When you`re happy to see someone                Jim Gibson:Ottawa Canada

He/she is a pain in the neck....           a pest.                                                     Maureen Logue, Ontario, Canada

Gies a break will ya          Lay off me

Wash yer mooth oot wi soap for using bad language                                             Tam McLuskey  BC, Canada

He is corrie duked   , No sae sure of the spelling ,but it means he is Left Handed
Jim Gibson: Ottawa Canada

Hey You Ba Heid   Hey You Big Head                                                                           Jim Gibson: Ottawa Canada