175,000 Hit Celebration

Come on in to the Central Bar at the Foot o` the Walk and enjoy a pint.  Some of the regulars of the 70s will be here.

Apologise.  You will hae tae buy yer ain drinks

Toasting Oldleithers

"Hey you lot," cries oot John tae Graham, Bob and Ian. "Yid better git rid o thae ash trays.  Dae ye no remember smokin`s banned noo?"

"We know, we know," retorted the trio!  "They`re fir the tattie crisps and nuts."

"Aw right, ah wis wrang."  "By the way, keep that corner clear.  The Proclaimers will be gien their act frae there."

"Whit time is it startin" asks Bob?   "Half past seven," answered John.   "That gies us an hoor tae git everything organised."

"By the way, here`s the bar staff, Jeannie and Johnnie."

"Whaes aw comin, " asks Ian.     "Ah really dinna ken.  Ah told every yin tae contact Malmaison aboot  bookin in." replied John.  "We`ll jist hiv tae wait and see."  "Ah ken they wir tae originally got the new tram here, but  noo that`s  no the case, they`ll get the bus.  It``ll no be lang before they`re here."

"Hi John" cries oot Bob, "Here`s the Proclaimers."

At that, Craig and Charlie came through the doorway.  "Hi guys, I am so pleased you could make this.  We`re really proud and honoured you coming along."

"Nae bother at aw, we`re jist as pleased at making it."  "Efter aw, we`re auld Leithers as well as yirsels."

"Right then, let`s gie it a try oot.  Join in, ye must ken the words by noo."

"Aw that wis great lads.  It brings tears  tae oor eyes."   "Did ye notice the cafe they were singing in?   It was the one outside the Dock gates in Constitution Street."  Thanks to Ian Ross for noticing it.

"Hi John, hoo many dae ye expect tae be comin?"     "Am no too sure.  Ah know that the Malmaison told me they had a couple of dozen people staying with them who were visiting for this.  We`ll jist hae tae wait an` see whae turns up."

"By the way, Graham, did ye contact Masons for the order?"    "Aye, Aye, dae ye think ah`d forget that?"

"Anyhow, ah think we might get a fish and chip order frae the chippy along the road in Duke Street.  Nothing like the chip shop sauce."

"Ah think I`ll gie the Malmaison a ring tae see if the ithers have left."

A couple of minutes later.  "The Malmaison says they have all left and are on their way up."

To the Proclaimers, "How about gien us 500 miles?  That will be suitable for oor visitors tae come into ."

"Nae bother," replied Craig.

"Here they come."

At that in walks Alex Wallace followed by Murdo Stewart,  Magnus Ganson,  Keith Flochart and Bill Elliot.

"Where are the ladies?" asks Ian 

"Oh they are taking their time.  Believe they want some photos beside Queen Victoria," replied Murdo.

Just then up strikes the Proclaimers.

"Hi!" calls out Graham, as Norma, Lilian, Sandra, Wilma and Moira walk in alongwith Ruth and Roy.  "Welcome all."

"Now take your seats and we`ll get the drinks going."

John. "Welcome all to celebrate the Oldleither`s 175.000th visit."   "In the past three years there has been 100,000 hits.  Not bad for a small site."

"As you will see we have been privileged to have the Proclaimers here this evening.  They have already begun the evening with Sunshine on Leith but I am sure we shall hear it again before the night is out."

"I hope so," cries out Mr Wallace taking a few gulps from his pint at the same time.

"Right then Graham, what`s next?"

"I think we should have a song from Murdo.  He is a Matt McGinn fan.  Come on the Murdo let`s hear it."

Matt McGinn

"That was great, Murdo, just a pity it wasn`t a Leith one.""Hey look, the Proclaimers are even clapping you."

"Now whit aboot a song frae you wimmin?  Any Canadian song?  Come on Sandra and Maureen."

"Okay" says Sandra, "here`s a Celine Dion one."


"That was smashing Sandra,"

"Look what`s come in."   "Come on, get yours at the end of the Bar."

"I hope you like the Chips Shop Sauce."

At that there`s a rush to the counter.  No forks are available.  Nothing like using your fingers and licking the sauce of them.

*Now remember," says Graham, "Plenty of Barrs Irn Bru to wash it all down."

"Never mind the plates, jist gie us it in the paper."

               Ooh Lovely! say The Beatles

"Just like old times," says Moira to Sandra.  "Just as I always like them."  "What about you Murdo?" asks Ian.  "Enjoying it?"   "Aye, but ah would have preferred the haggis."

"Hi Graham, wis Keith no supposed to be coming?" queried Alex.   "No, he wis going on holiday."

"Well folks," says John.  "We`ll be calling it a night soon.  The bar laws require us to close at 11.00 the barman tells me."

"Hi Bob, what about another couple of songs to end with?" enquires Graham.  "Ruth you`ve been awfy quiet. What song woukld you like?"

"Gie me a Kenneth McKellar one."  "Okay then," says Bob.  "Then we`ll get the Proclaimers to wind it up."

The Midges

"They midges.  They`ve tried so many things tae git rid o the pests but tae no avail.  If ye want tae holiday in the Hielands then ye jist hae tae wrap up like a beekeeper."

"Now come then lads, gies us yir 500 miles."

"Thanks boys for coming along tonight.  Yer a credit to Leith."

"Now then i feel we cannot wind up the night without  giving thought to those of us who have passed on."

"Now here is a dedication to those who have now departed, including `Oor Jessie`"

Isla St Clair

Flowers of the Forest

An Extra.  Just listen to this Scottish Bairn

Finally, a great big THANK YOU to all of you have brought this about.