Copey Lassies

Here are five of the former lassies who stayed in the Corporation Buildings in Leith during the 1940s and later.

I knew all of them but unfortunately they have changed a lot since these early days.

I have attached their maiden names as well as their married ones.

Many thanks to Frank Ferri for supplying the photos that were taken in the Dockers` Club.

                             Back Row:  Ella (Letford) Malone; Bertha Liston;

     Bans (Minto) Fawkes; Susan (Lynch) Spence, ; Katie (Kane) Thorburn;.

            Nana Minto (Drummond)  (Copey)                                          Nana O`Donnell (Smith)  (Quality Street)
      Betty Baxter (Smith),   (Sandport Street)                                            Celia Bow, (Bonnington Road)