Chippy Sauce

For the rest of the UK (Glasgow included) the standard drowning agents for chippy dinners are that of salt and vinegar, but for some reason Edinburgh has taken a saucier route for its condiments. This quirk is east coast Scotland through and through and the city even has its own kind of sauce to set it apart from almost everywhere else – chippy sauce.

The exact measured ingredients of chippy sauce tend to be closely guarded secrets by each independent chip shop in Edinburgh. To those purist vinegar swiggers in the rest of the UK unaware of sauce’s superiority, the recipe is something like half vinegar, half brown sauce, although the quality can vary considerably with consistency and taste. Some establishments even use water in order to create the perfect viscosity for aiming, squeezing and drowning. It’s a serious business, this chippy sauce stuff.

Now watch it pour.

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Mouth Watering Experience
A Chip Butty

A Chip Butty is a chip sandwich.

The natural home of the chip butty is Britain (a chip butty is an exotic beast in the USA); therefore the term nearly always refers to a sandwich made from what is called a "chip" in Britain - a fried length of potato, a french fry, NOT the US version of potato chip ("crisp" in Britain,or "potato wafers" elsewhere).

Almost ready
Enough Sauce?
Yummy Scrummy!
Cathy Welch, Canada

"Brilliant John; as usual you come through for us !!"


Ruth McClounnan, USA

"I 2nd it Cathy *****"


Jack Mackenzie, New Zealand

Your local Leith chippy  Restalrig village

Fish and chips eaten from one of those newfangled cardboard trays goes against Nature, they should only be served wrapped in newspaper.


Maureen Logue, Ontario, Canada

Your local Leith chippy Pitt Street, run by two scandinavian brothers.

Can anyone tell me if they notice any difference between the old coal fired chippy and the newer gas ones?


Wattie Anderson, Windsor

Your local Leith Chippy  Henderson street/Giles street.  (Joe Di Ponios)


Julia (Roarty) Cotem   Massachusetts USA

Your local Leith chippy:  Top of Bangor Road at Great Junction Street


In the late 50's and early 60's - the Chippy at the top of Bangor Road had the best Fish suppers - it was owned by an Italian family who lived in Portobello - but I can't remember their name.  The entertainers from the Eldorado would come for their Fish suppers when their shows or wrestling was finished at night. 

Then, when I turned 16 I got a 2nd job and worked behind the counter at the Fish'n'Chip shop called The Menu up the Walk next door to a small theatre (which I can't remember the name of either right now - a "couple" of senior moments they call it.) 

I just read that Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie, is working on a Fish'n'Chip Shop Van in the south of England and has been for about 2 years and nobody recognizes her or bothers her.  Good for her.  She couldn't wish for a better job.