Olympic opening ceremony.  I must confess, after all the negativity relating to security problems etc, portrayed in the press leading up to it, I was beginning to form the opinion it was going to be one big flop, but having watched it on Catch Up TV this morning, I have to concede it was a marvelous spectacle without doubt and Scotland was not neglected in the presentation likewise the other quarters of the union.

10 out of 10 to Danny Boyle (film producer) who produced this event, for his vision and a true representation of the ordinary people of this nation. It could not have been portrayed better and more accurate by anyone from the privileged society and I`m not surprised that Tory MP Aiden Burley twittered that it was `A Leftie Multi-Cultural` in other words a high-jacking of the event by socialists. He who was obviously smarting at the working class projections of how this nation has developed over the years due to the sweat and toil of the ordinary citizen, this fact did not escape me.

The images shown of Joe and Jane averages progress throughout the last 100 years or so, from farming, mining, smelting in the industrial revolution years, to the sacrifices of the suffragettes, two world wars, the rebuilding of the United Kingdom post war and the equal sexes rights formed in the 60s up to the present day were very accurate and must have been difficult to illustrate in a compacted period of time.

I applaud Danny Boyle for having accomplished this successfully. The technical, engineering and co-coordinating skills required to present the images we saw must have been the best in the world, from giant chimney stacks rising from the ground, molten steel rivers forming into Olympic Circles, flying angels, a ship being launched and the costume representation of all societies etc, must have been a production nightmare but were all carried out to perfection.

Money could not buy the publicity this nation has received throughout the world as to its ability to be inspirational and innovative even in times of austerity as was shown by our forefathers in World War Two. Take note Alex Salmond...... This event has shown that no matter how big a mess big international financial institutions and the corporate world get us in to, the PEOPLE as usual, will pick up the pieces and move on as it has been since time memorial. ..... This Olympic event has been illustrated as that of the PEOPLE, let`s embrace it and damn those who think otherwise, we paid for it, NOT CORPORATE BRITAIN.....

LIke many of you, having experienced the austere years of WW2 and the post war sacrifices made, watching this brought a tear to my eye. Frank Ferri, Leith and Newhaven, 28th July, 2012

You should send copies of this report to the Evening News and the Labour Party Frank, to remind them of their roots. Excellent precis of the opening ceremony, well done.                       Terry McGuire, Coventry, 28th July.2012

Must agree with Frank....I stayed up to watch it all. YES!!! It was a history lesson but, without our history, NONE OF US WOULD BE HERE!!!..Pity that, Johnny English wasn't in the Helicopter giving H.M. the nudge out of it...Perhaps H.M would have been more enthusiastic if, Sean Connery was the JAMES BOND???.Really enjoyed the Ceremony. Glad that I am too busy in the Village and watching Andre Reiu, in Maastrich, to get into seeing some of our DEPENDABLE sportsmen/women getting ALL the medals.. " AYE RIGHT ". NOT TODAY.  Graham Whyte, Harrogate, 28/07/12

Frank you are a marvel with words...You described it brilliantly. The production was superb. I heard a Russian spectator being quoted as saying she had attended the previous two Olympiad opening ceremonies that included Beijing but the London 2012 was the best......I had a lump in my throat as I viewed the progression from the 19th century agricultural society into the industrial revolution and onto the present day. Maybe the Queen was pondering how to reward Danny Boyle.                                                                         John Stewart, Livingston. 28th July. 2012

This is marvellous John!  Not just Frank's excellent comment, but the illustrations you have chosen - and the beautiful, haunting 'Enigma' music.  Congratulations to you and to Frank who inspired the idea.
                                                                                                                      Connie Newman,Tonbridge Kent, 30th July, 2012

We waited with bated breath for the opening ceremonies and start of the 2012 games with a little bit trepidation after all the negative comments from different parts of the world about London not being prepared properly for these games and quess what, we shut them all up,it was a wonderful,thought provoking and beautiful opening ceremony and with us now in the third day of the games, they are being conducted in goodwill,fairness and very good sportsmanship

Thank You Britain from an old immigrant and his family for making us so proud of our heritage and country                                       Tom,Wilma and Rayanne McLuskey, Shannon Lake. Westbank.BC. Canada., 30/07/12

What more can one say after reading the other comment's,yes Frank you certainly have a way with words
brilliant, and well done John, the presentation is just great.                   Bob Moffat, Bonnyrigg. 30th July, 2012

Like many of our readers, I too admire Frank's talent for prose.  Not having been home in nine years I can only imagine the frustration and expense to produce this spectacular Olympiad ceremony that the British people have had to endure.  However, even although as said we the other nations were represented.  I felt it was more of an English peoples suffering and rise as GREAT BRITAIN and its EMPIRE as opposed to all the countries.  Yes Danny Boyle may have an Irish name, but he is just as English as the Queen.

This is not a debate, just my comments from across the pond and my version of history as I seen it sitting in my livingroom watching the ceremony.  Liz Torres, Florida. 30/07/12 

I couldn't agree more Connie, a standing ovation to John and Frank brilliant job Thank You!
                                                                                                                 Cathy Welch, B.C. Canada  30 July, 2012

I feel the same way Liz does,,,,Just thought it was not up to par,,,Whole thing was more than English (my mom was English) so have nothing against the English folk,,Ah well can`t please everyone,,,
June Robertson Wood, California, 31/07/2012

As I did not see the opening of the olympics I can't comment on it but I am not surprised it was a history of England. The games were being held in London, England. What did you expect a history of China or some other foreign country?  If you look back at the past games held in other countries the opening ceremonies are slanted towards who was hosting them. After all they are footing the bill why would they showcase anothercountry.I am just sorry I was not there to see it first hand and accept it for what it was meant to be, a tribute to the hard working ordinary man and woman that built Britain.   Maureen Logue, Canada.  01/08/12

The few Americans that I have spoken to about the games didn't understand what a lot of it was about, why this and why that, well if you have to TRY and explain it's lost.   When you hear remarks that it was stupid...Some people just do not have a clue (different generation)...Give them the laser shows, loud music they can understand that...I guess I'm glad I'm old...LOL...I enjoyed every minute of it, the work and thought that went into it was marvelous, even tho it ran late here got into bed at one in the morning.....                             Ruth McClounnan, California, 01-08-12

In the great scheme of things does it really matter what we think of the Olympics Opening  I personally did not care for much of it although I was well aware of the history that Danny Boyle was trying to convey.  My 9 yr old grandson was hoping they would light the Olympic flame with a flaming soccer ball kicked by David Beckham!   The music at the beginning was beautiful but I found out later that NBC chose to cut out "Abide with Me" sung by the Scottish singer and that was truly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes especially as it commemorated those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on London on July 7 05.   By the way NBC has done a horrible job of bringing the Games to us.   As I finish thank you Frank and John for this great presentation.
                                                                                    Anne Kaczka,  Denver, Colorado   (AURORA)  2nd August, 2012

Dear Anne, in reading your comments regarding the games I realized your address as Aurora.  My sympathies to the 12 families and those wounded in this senseless slaughter.  I guess we are all living in our own little selfish worlds and caught up in our own daily struggles that we forget sometimes what is going on around us. You are right about NBC only American events being showcased  - bad coverage.  Go Andy he won again today and faces Novak tomorrow. You gather I am a tennis fan LOL.                                                 Liz Torres, Florida,  4th Aug, 2012