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Anne Kaczka nee McMullan

Colorado, U.S.A.

E-mail: puddocky@aol.com

Date posted: May 6th 2008

Am looking for Elizabeth Lindsay nee Thompson.  We worked together at Leith Fort.  Really would like to get in touch or know where she and David are.

Graham Whyte

Harrogate, England

E-mail:  whyte.g@hotmail.com

Date posted: May 6th 2008

Am looking for Mike and Jim Berkery or even Paddy Malley, some of the best friends you could ever wish to meet.

Morty Grant

Nassau Bay, Houston, Tx, U.S.A.

E-mail: Dunlop65@verizon.net

Date posted: May 7th 2008.

Am looking for Gordon Wood, Jimmie Ramsay, Bertie Brown, 'Jonah' Milne, Duggie Harkness, all from Wilkie Place.  Jimmy Brunt, Freddie Aitken, Billie Purnell, Jimmie Healy, Freddie White, Neil M'Cabe, Willie Roden all from Lapicide Place.  Several names mentioned played for Leith YCL (under 18 Edinburgh Amateur League). I have a team photograph taken at 'New Meadowbank' around 1950, after winning a cup final against the SMT.

John Stewart (Stewarty)                                                                        

Livingston, Scotland

E-mail: livvyboy32@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: May 7th 2008

Am looking for anyone who was a pal of mine in the Corporation Buildings during and after the War.  Also any schoolmates who attended Dr Bells from 1939 - 1946 and Leith Academy from 1946 - 1949.   Worked as an apprentice plumber in Robbs from 1951 - 1956.

Ruth (McRobbie) McClounnan

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

E-mail: leithlady@sbcglobal.net

Date posted:  May 7th, 2008

Am looking for Moira Robertson, Margaret Shepherd, Jeannie Anderson, all from Johnston St,.  Dorothy Shearer from Leith Academy Primary years - 1942-1947.


Date:Sept. 30, 2008

As Tom Wallace has said before me, we found each other on Oldleither.  This was two years ago this past June.   I had been researching my family for a couple of years so decided to take myself and my kids with me to Scotland, then up to Shetland to trace more of the Smith family in Unst.  This is when Tom picked up the posting , I hadn't mentioned any names on the site.

Tom e-mailed me and said his great grandfather was Charles Winwick Smith.   Well when I got it I could not believe what I was reading.  I sat there and cried, and laughing, I thought oh no, we have the same great grandfather .  I still get teary eyed just thinking about it, my mum had always said that her grandfather was from Unst, Shetland but that was really about the extent of it.

After I got over the shock of it all I e-mailed Tom to tell him the news.  We met last year to go over some paper work.  We stay in touch regulary doing family research and both of us have gained a wealth of information from each other.

About a month ago Tom phoned me and asked  if I knew Jock and Mary Porter and mentioned Balloch. Bells went off in the head  and I said yes, Jock Porter and Balloch sounds very familiar. My mum used to mention these names.  Balloch they used to go there I guess to visit.   So turns out that we are related to Scott Porter, his grandmother is my grandfather`s sister. 

The Leith Academy photo I can't recall the year.  Would have been my class. My pals signature is on the top right of the photo, Dorothy Shearer.

I have to say that I am very thankful for this great site.  My cousin Tom lives not that far from me in San Francisco and is only an hour away from LA by plane.  Alex I still have to meet, and looking forward to that day.  All the Best . Ruth.

Date:October 14, 2008

I received an e mail this morning from Eric Anderson, nephew of Jeannie Anderson, my pal from the stair at 19 Johnston Street.  He told me she passed away around 1982. I would like to keep in contact with them. Me and Jeannie were friends from when we were five years old, ran the streets together, played all the street games that were going.  It was a big surprise when I saw her name on the computer this morning, and sad that she is no longer with us.  Thanks to Eric for contacting me.  Thanks again to John.  Now still looking for Moira and Margaret from the stair.

Sarah Corner Kennedy

Virginia, U.S.A.

E-mail:  fraescot@aol.com

Date posted:  May 8, 2008

Am looking for Isobel Adair. We attended Holy Cross Academy together, and we both worked at Binns (in the Accounting Department). She lived in West Pilton before she was married. Her married name is Smith -- her husband's name is Brian -- and she had twin girls (in the early 60s). If anyone could help me get back in touch with Isobel, I would be so grateful.

Tom Wallace

Pacifica, Ca. U.S.A.

E-mail:  Proliberta@aol.com

Date posted:  May 9, 2008

Would love to hear from anyone who lived around Burlington Street area around 1940 thru 1951, Bonnington Road School 40s and Leith Academy 1947 thru 1950.


Date: Sep 29 2008

I have found a number of friends and relatives through the website.

Last year a woman mentioned in the guest book that she was planning to take a trip back to Scotland and then go on up to the Shetland Islands to research her family.  I sent her an e-mail asker her if she had time would she look up my Gt. Grandfather Charles Winwick Smith.

Within minutes I received a response stating that that was the same individual that she was researching.  Charles  was in fact her greatgrandfather also.  It seems that her grandfather and my grandmother were brother and sister.  Also turns out that woman Ruth McClounnan lives around 400 miles from me in Los Angeles.  I have recently found another relative Scott Porter.  His grandmother is also sister to my grandmother and Ruth's grandfather.

In another instance I asked Steve Mitchell if he had any connection to one of my Mitchells.

Steve replied no that his paternal family name was Bogie.  I responded that I had an uncle Steve Bogie.  Well it turns out that Steve was also his uncle.

In addition I have made contact with a number of boyhood friends thru this site.  Norman Tully, The Glancy brothers (no not the Irish band) Gibby Gilbertson

Maureen Logue

Ontario, Canada.

E-mail: henrylogue@hotmail.com

Date posted:  May 13, 2008

Am looking for Elaine Donnelly.  Lived Kirk Street, I think #13.  Went to Leith Academy Secondary 1949-1954. Had two brothers Melvin and Wynne. Also wonder if anyone knows the whereabouts of Irene and Margaret McKay lived # 7 Graham Street 1940s and 1950s.  Both went to Holy Cross Academy, primary and secondary.

Ann  (No surname supplied)

Where you are now:  Northern Ireland.

E-mail:  silverteddy65@yahoo.com

Date posted: May 13, 2008

Anybody out there remember Grace Howarth (Wicklow ); children: Irene, Margaret, Frank and Michael, also deceased baby Grace?  Used to live at No 5.  Believed emigrated Canada sometime in the 50s.    Any info or pics would be really welcome. Daughter lost touch and would love her grandkids to know the rest of the family. Thanks in advance'

Jessie (Berry) Newlands

B.C. Canada.

E-mail: newlands@telus.net

Date posted: 3rd July, 2008

Am looking for anybody connected with the Leith Police particularly all during the 50's either uniform Police officers or Civilian clerical staff who worked in the Leith Police Station, Constitution St. I am sure there must be some 'old timers' out there who are still alive and kicking. Would love to have a chit chat about old times with anyone who worked there.


14th Dec. 2008

I have now heard from a woman who is presently a Chief Inspector in Edinburgh Police so enjoyed comparing the job of policewomen now to the days when I was in. She is due to retire next year. Had a good time talking about how the job as a Policewoman was back then and what it is now. Massive difference. Also just a couple of days ago I heard from a Norma Ross who lived in Lorne St. (near where we lived in Easter Road). She found the oldleithers site through the article in the 'Sunday Post' - her nephew is presently a Policeman in Leith Police as is my own nephew. Anyway I just wanted to say what a small world this really is and it is wonderful to be able to make connections with other 'ex Leithers'all through the Sunday Post article. I had a good friend who sent me the S. Post every week for about 40 odd years until she died recently and we do miss it.

Christene Richardson (Donaldson)

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

E-mail:   cmdrichardson&rogers.com

Date posted:  July 4 2008

Am looking for anyone who may recognize me or my family. I lived in Ballantyne Place and went to Br. Bell's School 1950 - 55 then moved to Telford Drive where I went to Flora Stevenson's.  I also went to Junction Road Church.  I would like to make contact with anyone who knows me. Thanks.

JOHN "shocker" MYLES


E-mail:  shockermyles@southernphone.com.au

Date posted: JULY 5 2008


Jack Rippington


E-mail: jrippington@tiscali.co.uk

Date posted:  05/07/08 

Am looking for Anyone who was in class A3 at Leith Academy From 1946-1949.  Also Anyone who was a regular at the Assembly Rooms Dancing in the Early 50's. Names to remember, Eddie Mc Evoy, his cousin Frankie George Earle and his wife Nina nee Stewart, Alma Miller who lived in Sloan St,when I lived in Iona St. Also anyone who remembers my wife Una nee Dickson from Bonnington Rd and Crawfords Biscuit Factory.

Norma Cannon (nee Mackay)

Outer Hebrides

E-mail:  new.cannon@tiscali.co.uk

Date posted:  05.07.2008

Am looking for classmates from Leith links School, Leith. Patsy Nicholson, lived at No.1 The Shore, Leith,with me 1942 - 1949.  Also Tommy Lawson, Rita Mackenzie, John Fair, Margaret Paton and any others who were in my class.

John Stewart


E-mail:  johnstewart7_196@msn.com

Date posted:   06/07/08

Am looking for schoolfriends from Leith Links, 1957.  I`m trying to find copies of old football pics from Links.  Not having much success.

Donald Campbell Veale

South East Kent

E-mail:  dnldcvl@aol.com

Date posted:  7th July 2008

Am looking for the Cowan family that moved from 4 Wardiburn Place Granton.  We all used to share our air-raid shelter wi the broken gramaphone. Have made contact with ex residents in Oz including the founder of AC/DC.

Vievian Brookes

Daruinga, Queensland, Aus. 

E-mail:  vievian_brookes@yahoo.com.au

Date posted: 12 July, 2008

Am looking for Donna Drummond.  We went to Bonnyrigg High together.  She lived with her parents and sister Paula at KEMPS Creek, NSW, then moved to Shalvey in Western Sydney. Donna then moved to Laidley with her family. Would dearly love to catch up with her.

Margaret Haggerty

Shilo, Manitoba, Canada

E-mail: mchambe@mts.net

Date posted:  23/07/08

Am looking for Honor Mitchell, Blackie Road, Edinburgh

Daniel McLeod Cameron

Milton, Ontario, Canada

E-mail: Sheena_cameron@hotmail.com

Date posted:  24/07/08

Am looking for anyone who went to Fort St. School around 1946 and then went to D.K. around 1953; and anyone who worked in James Blake, Pitt St. Leith, around 1956 and anyone who played for Royston Boys Club from 1961 to 1964. Good old Leith. Danny Cameron

Jane Jones (nee Richardson)

Cambridgeshire, England

E-mail: janehpjones@hotmail.com

Date posted:  29/07/08

Am looking for anyone who may have known the Richardson family who lived at 7 Union St, Leith in the 1930s to 1960s.  My Grandfather, George, ran a Boarding House, and had 4 children, Allan (Ricky), Laurence, Alma and Elizabeth.  I have very little personal information on my fathers early life and would love to hear from anyone who may have known them. Any info would be wonderful.

Lorraine Kevers nee Collie.


E-mail:  pkeevers1@bigpond.com

Date posted:  30 July 2008

Am looking for: anyone who lived in Fort House and went to Fort Street Primary 1968-75 then on to DK/Trinity Academy 1975-79.  In particular I am looking for any Class/School Photos during this time especially the earlier years - misplaced mine in a move.  Love to hear from anyone who knew me 'way back then'.Lorraine

Sue Davis (Robertson)

Queanbeyan New South Wales

E-mail:  suedee1@bigpond.com

Date posted:  13th Sugust 2008

Am looking for Anyone who lived around Bangor Lane area 1942 - 1952.

Robert Cooper (Rab)  2 Sloan street 1940 - 1960


E-mail:  midgeandbob@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: 22/08/08

Am looking for Andrew Wood (Iona Street), Leslie Lyall (Sloan Street), George Hedley (Tollcross) and anyone from the class of 1945 Lorne Street primary school

Jan Hill

Sussex, UK

E-mail: jandb600@ntlworld.com

Date posted:  27 August 2008

Am looking for anyone who can tell me something about the HILL family. They ran pubs in Leith in the 1800s and in the first part of the 1900s. Names are John Hill and his son, Stanley Hill but it was a big family so would be interested in any Hill connections.  Addresses were Bernard Street (1881 census)and later Gladstone Place.  If anyone has access to old directories etc, I'd like to know which pubs they had.I visited Leith for the first time a couple of days ago and was interested to see Gladstone Place, Leith Links etc.  Also all the snazzy new development around the docks! Regards,

Jan Hill

Linda Malcolm (nee Robertson)


E-mail: linda@stevenson.co.uk

Date posted: 10 September 2008

Am looking for Anyone from the Gilbert family who lived, (I think) in either 6 or 8 Bonnington Avenue). There were, I think, five, Margaret, Elizabeth, Joan, Ian and William. Also Karen Pollock whose gran, Mrs Gordon also lived in number 8.

Carol Ford (Crerar)


E-mail: carol.jan@btinternet.com

Date posted: 10/9/08

Am looking for anyone I used to know in Bowling Green Street or Bonnington Road School from 1953 to 1958. Also would like to find anyone who knew my Auntie Janet (Netta) Ropper, who lived in Bowling Green Street and married a James White around 1930s.. she also had a daughter to a David Fraser. That daughter (my cousin) would love to know about her father's family.

Maureen Cochrane  m.s. name Nisbet


E-Mail:   maur_c_53@hotmail.com

Date posted: 14/9/08

Formerly of 82 Sleigh Drive -30s -60s

This is a search for anyone who knew or is related to Mary Nisbet 1900-1971,  Williamina Nisbet 1924-1982,
Rena Nisbet, ?ronald Nisbet 1933-1983. Please contact if any info.  Thank you.

Margaret Gilchrist


E-mail: glasslady60@hotmail.com

Date posted:15/09/08

Am looking for Margaret Darge went to DK in the 50's love to catch up

Kevin R. Livingston

Tasmania, Australia

E-mail: livingsk@bigpond.net.au

Date Posted: 23/09/08

I would welcome any correspondence from kin of James Livingston circa b.1795 who migrated to Tasmania on 27 September 1834 from the Port of Leith.  Aboard the "Palmer" skippered Capt Francis with his family of his wife Elizabeth (Lees?) and 6 boys with a 7th boy (Francis Palmer Livingston) born along the way before reaching Hobart Tasmania on 30 January 1835. 

Frank Ferri

Newhaven Edinburgh

E-mail: frankmae@blueyonder.co.uk

Date posted:  September 25th 2008

Am looking for Anyone from Ballantyne Road Leith, Circa 1940 to 1958 when I got married.

Margery Curwen nee Scott

Newcastle upon Tyne

E-mail   dougmargiecurwen@uwclub.net

Date posted: 26/9/08

Am looking for schoolmates from Leith Academy 1945-50. Does anyone know whereabouts of Paula Robinson,lived in Wellington Place?  Was a geography teacher when she left school.  

John `shocker` Myles

Dromana, Victoria, Australia

E-mail:  johnmyles@virginbroadband.com

Date posted: 8/10/08

Am looking for anyone who went to Fort St school 1955/62 and DK 62/65 and names from the past, Crawford Baxter, Finlay Georgeson, Morag Pacey, and Billy Spiers.

George Smith

Swansea (guess where; spot it in the email name)

E-mail:  georgeaberhonddu@ntlworld.com

Date posted:  08.Sep.2008

Am looking for anyone who attended Lorne Street School 1953-1955, Miss Balfour's Class

Alice Wilson (nee WARD)

Christchurch NZ

E-mail:  alicewilson@xtrz.co.nz

Date posted:   10/10/08

Am looking for Anyone who might remember me. I lived at 18 Ferrier St and went to Hermitage Park School. My family emigrated to Australia in 1960. I am also trying to trace Gordon Clark he is probably about 60 now. His gran lived at no 18 too.  Also twins Brenda and Carol Lang. I think they used to live in Easter Road looking forward to any replies. Cheers ALICE

Ron Basford


E-mail:  m.basford2@ntlworld.com

Date posted:  14/11/08

Am looking for History/Info.? Was there a "Fort Leith"in 1911 and were the Royal Garrison Artillery there at the time ?  Regards Ron [researching grandfathers army career]

David McClounnan


E-mail:  pollok_boyz@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: 21/11/2008

To Ruth McClounnan.  Hi Ruth I was looking for family members and when I saw your surname McClounnan I thought you must be a relation to me because there are not that many of the Mcclounnan surnames about.  I was wondering if you can contact me via e-mail.

Dave Thompson


E-mail:  jev55thompson@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted:  2/12/08

Am looking for any info about Isabella Cockburn who lived in Waddel St in the early 1900s, also Albert James Amass who I believe was a butcher and also related to her. He also lived at Waddell St. Regards Dave

Murdoch Stewart

Longniddry, East Lothian

E-mail:  mstewart23@toucansurf.com

Date posted:  7/12/08

Am looking for George Shields ex the Bowery, Bonnington Road.  Last seen late 40s.  Attended Bonnington Primary and went on to D.K. Secondary.  Both of us with Harry White joined Home Guard, Seafield District. Harry and I went to the Royal Navy.  George later on went to R.A.F.  Age now 83.


Address not disclosed

E-mail:  st2109@hotmail.com

Date posted:   12/7/08

Hello, I am wondering if just one person can please help me?? i am looking for any information on a familyI called Brown. The father was called Ronald, the mother was Agnes and the son was called James who was born in Oct 1943. They stayed at 48 Henderson Street Leith. Does anyone recall the family? If so please can you email me?  Thank you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2009.

Moira Mcintosh


E-mail:  moiraanddave@blueyonder.co.uk

Date posted:  7-12-08

Am looking for anyone who remembers me from Balfour St or Bonnington Rd Primary or Bellevue Sec

William (Billy Reid) Carruthers

North West Scotland

E-mail: tighur88@aol.com

Date posted: 7th December 2008

Am looking for people from Pirniefield and surrounding district dating from 1938 / 55.

Jean and John Johnston

Gisborne, New Zealand

E-mail: jeanjohn@xtra.co.nz

Date posted: 11 December 2008

Am looking for family of Georgina Gilfillan, born 1886 in Edinburgh, and who married William Turnbull on 31 Jan 1913, in Leith. We think they travelled to the United States and the name "Witherspoon" or such comes to mind, possibly a daughter married a Witherspoon. Thanks.

Irene Thomson (nee Whitecross)

Perth Scotland

E-mail: daxley@sisko.plus.com

Date posted: 12/12/2008

Am looking for Isobel Ferguson, Evelyn Robertson, Norma Saxty - all attending Trinity Academy '52-55. (Remember Mr Scanlon (I think...or Hanlon) and Miss Muir???Also Valerie Budd, Anne McQueen, Josephine Gaff, Rena Rendell, Murdo Brown - and others - all from Lorne Street School '45-51. Remember Miss Frame, with the bun, Miss Muir and Mr Bathgate? (He'd be arrested now, and if you remember him, you'll know what I'm talking about!!!!)

Frederick Freshwater

Scottish Borders (ex Tennant Street, Leith)

E-mail:  elaine.kellington@virgin.net

Date posted:  11.12.08

Am looking for: anyone who worked in British Ropes in Leith around 1950 - 1955. My wife Norma Ramage (who has sadly passed away) and I worked there. So love to hear from anyone who knew us way back then.

Aileen Stewart nee Laurie

Elgin Morayshire

E-mail:   ardroe@btinternet.com

Date posted: 13.12.2008

Am looking for Anyone who attended Leith Academy Secondary from 1934 - 1940. Ina Webber and sister Jean, Netta Bolton Agnes Redpath Stanley Easter. Andrew and Robert Johnston, Hazel Campbell, Ella Smith, Wilma Tait, Moira Austin. Robert Whitelaw, William Dickie. Peter Malcolmson, Evelyn Glen, Alex Peterkin. the Cross twins from Malta, Mary Larson and a host more - too many to put down here. Dr Mackie was Rector. Some Staff - Miss Whitelaw music Mr Anderson English, Mr Kerr Maths, Mr Little Latin, Miss Thomsen Modern Languages .

James Morrell

Uddingston, Lanarkshire

E-mail :  jim3634@hotmail.com

Date posted:  15-12-2008

11,St Andrew's Street Leith (old address).  Hello John I am trying to trace my mothers Family that lived at the old address until 1950's. My uncle was also named John Stewart but died about 1953.  He had a son named Jimmy and a son called John who unfortunatly died as a young man,I believe he worked in the Oil Cake Mill in Leith.  My Mother was born in 1906 and died 1971.  My Grand father who was called James was drowned during World War One. 

John Campbelton

Bathgate, West Lothian

E-mail: elmjo@btinternet.com

Date posted: 15 Dec. 2008

Once lived at Ballantyne Rd. and Baltic Street.  Am looking for classmates from Couper Street Primary 1940 to 1947 and Leith Academy 1947 to 1952.  Many thanks for your interest.  John Campbelton.

Edna Craig nee Court

Newcastle upon Tyne

E-mail: gordoncraig_rg22@yahoo.co.uk 

Date posted: 16th Dec 2008

Am looking for any one who knew John, Sarah Dorward (nee Court) of 64 Lorne Street...initially Halmyre Street then Dickson Street or Edna Court 1930 - 1950. Edna attended Leith Acadamy 1936 - 1939

Julie Potter and her father Robert Potter

London England

E-mail: juliepttr@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: 23 December 2008 

Am looking for anyone who knew or knows my family, My dad Robert Potter is the son of Robert Potter and Sarah Cowley. The Cowleys stayed in the Corporation Buildings and the Banana Flats (Cable Wynd House) my gran Sarah`s sister was Theresa Cowley who became Mitchell. Would like to hear from people who knew them as Im doing my family tree and would like to see if anyone out there knew of them and be able to tell me some stories about them, or even if there are any pictures out there I could have copies of as I dont have many of them. MERRY CHRISTMAS xx

Maureen Calder formerly Glancy


E-mail:   maureen.joyce@blueyonder.co.uk

Date posted:  31 12 2008

Am looking for anyone who attended Leith Links Primary from 1955 - 1961, then from 1961 -1967.  My register teacher was Mrs Arnot and commercial teacher Mr Wishart.  Then I attended Torphichen Commercial College for a year 1968 - 1969. I was a competative swimmer in those days.  Maybe thats how you will remember me and I lived in Morton Street before it was called Academy Street. Iif you remember me give me a shout.  All the very best for 2009. 

Audrey Taylor,


E-mail: audt@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: 03-01-2009

Am looking for: anyone that knows or remembers my grandad Arthur Nicholson. He lived with relatives (Furlongs) at Commercial St, Leith in his early childhoood 1927-1940.  Before moving to Dundee to live with his mum. His ancestors were associated with Leith docklands -tugboats. Any inforamtion would be great. Thanks in advance.

John Patterson

Restalrig, Edinburgh

E-mail:  Johnelbarco@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 04/01/09

Am looking for: Margaret Allan, ( nee Thorburn, 19 Boswall Loan. sometimes called 'Rita') had 3 sisters.

Jim Gifford


E-mail:  scran@blueyonder.co.uk

Date posted:  06/01/09

:Anyone who knew my father, Arthur Gifford, when he worked for "Menzies & Co", shipyard, in Leith Docks, at the start of the war.   Perhaps someone knew him after that. He lived in Loning Road ( the house that was bombed), and moved to Primrose Street, Lochend when he married.  Unfortunately Arthur died of asbestos related cancer in November '05, which is why I am trying to find proof of his 5 years at Menzies.  Arthur was 84 when he died, so this is a bit of a long shot.  If anyone can help me I'd be most grateful.   I, myself, was born in Leith, moved when I was 5, but to this day, I still class myself as a Leither.  Many thanks.

Douglas Kerr

Alicante,  Spain

E-mail: djkerr81@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: 6 January 2009

Am looking for David Ednie. We lived in Anderson Place in the 1950 era. We both attended Leith Academy school.

Janis Tonner


E-mail: j.hogg443@btinternet.com

Date posted: 24.01.09

Am looking for Margaret Taylor, lived Pirniefield attended DK School 1956/59. Married Don from New Zealand and went there in sixties. Would love to hear where she is.  Also classmates from DK and Leith Academy 1961 ,,,, or workmates from Regional Hospital Board, Drumsheugh Gardens - 1963/67.  Married, two children, happy with life! Have brothers, Jimmy, Teddy and sister Heather.


28th Jan. 2009


John Patterson


E-mail: johnelbarco@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 29/01/09

Am looking for Jean Foster, (maiden name) . Worked in the 'Scotsman/Dispatch' office, Leith Walk, ( opp. Jane St. under railway bridge.) during the early 1950's

Steven O'Grady:


E-mail: Lexi123-x@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted:  02.02.09

Am looking for relatives of Andrew Watson Pollock who was born in Leith in 1924, the 25th of July. Or Mary Duguid who was his mother and father John Pollock.

Marion McKay:


E-mail: nlbuckner@marathonoil.com (my daughter)

Date posted: 28/02/09

Would like to trace a couple of old friends. Moira Smith who lived in Stanwell street. Worked as a secrtary at Leith hospital. She married John Banks then moved to the corner of Madeira St/ Ferry Rd. John Munro who lived at 42 North Fort Street. He was an apprentice joiner, great swimmer and piper with 1st Leith BB's and Leith Dockers. John's sister Mary was married at Seaton Hall, Newhaven. I also went to school with Joan Hall. We all attended David Kirkpatrick school 1947 - 1951.Haven't seen or heard from them in nearly 56 years and would like any information on how they are. Please reply to my daughter's email Thanks Marion

Ian Taylor



Date posted: 9/03/2009

Am looking for:Billy Snell.{ginger ] From Cadiz street he would be around 66 yrs married a girl called Black from Broomhouse.Also any ex-Whalers who recall me . Ian Taylor ex Pirniefield bank and Ferrier st .

June Roberts (nee Bill ) 

Hamilton New Zealand 

E-mail june.roberts@extra.com

Date posted:11/03/09

Am looking for Ex pupils of North Fort Street School 1940s then onto David Kilpatrick, I Remember Alice Horribine (unsure of spelling )Moira Muir, Amelia Rintoul,Mary Stewart (Stuart) Also anyone who knew James Augustus Roberts (deceased) ex engine driver late of South Clark Street.Also any family of "Nelson " Craig.Great teachers I recall at DK.school were Mr Naismith, Mr Todd, Miss Johnson )

Mrs Janette Kerr (nee Stewart)

Tonbridge, Kent

E-mail: jintykerr@aol.com

Date posted:  27th March 2009

Am looking for anyone who knew me as a youngster living at 24 Tennant Street - Left and moved to Granton area 1945/1946. Born 1940 at Simpsons Memorial Maternity Pavilion. My twin(Ian) and I were the youngest of a family of 6. Went to Bonnington Rd Primary for a short time before leaving for a house which had an inside toilet and bathroom !! I remember playing in Tennant Street and being able to get (due to rationing) 1oz of Tom Thumb sweeties believing if they were small I got more !! (True) Are there any Old Leithers in Tonbridge/Kent ?



E-mail:   blofeef@gmail.com

Date posted:  22/4/2009

Am looking for ELIZABETH ANNE BOGIE......She is around 53 yrs old and comes from Scotland, Possibly now in England. If you are ELIZABETH ANNE (nee)BOGIE, or know of her, please get in touch. No pressure, just want to find out if she is o.k.........

Fraser Lovatt

Toronto, Canada

E-mail: fraserlovatt@rogers.com

Date posted: April 26, 2009

Am looking for: Anyone who I grew up with on Bowling Green St. Born there in July 1956. Went to Bonnington Rd. school and started DK in 1968.

Sylvia ???


E-mail:  theyellowrose@sympatico.ca

Date posted:  April 28, 2009

Am looking for: Anthony Watson last known address Australia. Could have gone back to England. His Father was Bill Watson ( died after WW2) and his Mother was Mary Watson. His Father is buried at Lillies Cemetery on Hwy. 15 near Seeley's Bay. HIs Mother moved the family to Australia and I believe she remarried again over there. Tony has brothers and sisters. I believe she died there too.

Margaret Johnson (nee Lindsay):           


E-mail: Magnolias55@hotmail.com

Date posted: June 17th 2009

Am looking for: Any one who knew William, Harry, Elizabeth (Betty) or Nellie Lindsay. Lived in Sandport Street, Leith. Also looking for anyone who knew the Markeys - 14 Great Junction Street Leith. I am putting a family history together and would appreciate any photos or memories.

Marie Jones nee Blackie

Midlothian Scotland

E-mail:  malison_25@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 24 july 2009

Am looking for: Anyone who grew up with, went to school with my father Joseph Blackie. Dad was born at 10 Industry Lane Leith and the family moved frequently when he was growing up. Dad was the second son in a family of around 8 children. His parents were George Blackie and his mother was Jane Allison. nee Bowie.

I know dad went to several schools in Leith but don't know which ones. I think he might have gone to the secondry school in North Junction Street (DK). The family lived in the Craigmillar area before going to a house in Ferry Road Drive. Any help would be apreciated. Needless to say I am trying to build up my family history. Thanks Marie.

Helen Murphy

Darwin N.T. Australia

E-mail:  baldyheights@gmail.com

Date posted: 19th July 2009

Am looking for:  William Henry Churchard or Ann Nicol Clark Leith Scotland approx 1910

Magnus Ganson


E-mail:   m.ganson@sky.com

Date posted:   31/07/2009

Am looking for any information on my cousin Billy Hunter, formerly of George St, later known to have lived in Eyemouth.

Catherine Johnston

Auckland, New Zealand

E-mail: sassycat@xtra.co.nz

Date posted: 6 August 2009

Am looking for Gordon Tait, Jeanette Craig, Patricia Carlyon (think she moved to England) or Heather Bell who went to Fort Primary school with me in 1956..then David Kilpatrick secondary in 1962....would really like to make contact with them.

Betty Tose formerly Black

Hamilton Scotland

E-mail: bettytose@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 21 8 09

Am looking for Cathie Wishart who was in my class at Couper Street School 1944 then we moved to Leith Academy . We remained friends ,she was my best maid in 1958, but lost touch a few years later. Would love to hear anything about her.

Davy  ?????/


E-mail: RMB949@sky.com

Date posted: 4th September 09

Am looking for my Cousin Marian Mitchell daughter of Annie nee Dillert) and Robert Mitchell. My mother Ruby and Annie were sisters. Last known address in 1957 was 24 Tennant Street, Leith.

Roy Cummings

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

E-mail: Bowtowca@yahoo.ca

Date posted: September 14, 2009

Am looking for Margaret Noble and Jackie Dowell. Margaret lived in the Kirkgate and worked in a bookbinding shop when I was a compositor in a close-by shop. Jackie and I had a few dates when we were both quite young. Last knew of her when she lived at the bottom of Restalrig Road. Jackies's granny lived a few steps away from the Burns Statue in Bernard Street.

Ruth (McRobbie) McClounnan

Los Angeles, Ca. USA

E-mail:   leithlady@sbcglobal.net

Date posted: September 20, 2009

Am looking for relatives of my Great Grandfather Charles Winwick Smith, born Burrafirth, Unst Shetland, and my Great Grandmother Margaret Andrew born Dalkeith, she married a Robert Patterson from 9 Salamander ST, Leith.  Any help will be greatly appreciated........

Margaret Graham


E-mail:  acass1949@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted:  23 10 09

Am looking for Carol Carrie.  She lived at 5 Hawkhill Avenue, Lochend Edin until about 1966. Think she moved to Yorkshire


Up North

E-mail: kathyandthegirls@hotmail.com

Date posted: Dec 15 09

Am looking for: BRAD MITTON OF BARRIE ONT...Canada.

Doug Swan{born Allan Wilson}

Brussels, Belgium

E-mail:  doug.edina@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 20-12- 09

Am looking for information about George (surname unknown) who ran a pub/hotel in Leith area in 1940s/50s.My birth mother Maisie (Mary) Wilson worked for him. Long shot, but.......... I live in hope.

Margaret [Kerr] Savannah:


E-mail: mums22@hotmail.com

Date posted:Jan.13 2010

Am looking for:Davina Hamilton. We were best friends in the early 60s. Worked together at Littlewoods ,Princess St.  She married Martin??who was one of a set of twins.  We all hung out in Leith.in our early teens.  Anyone with info please get in touch.

Cathy  ????????

Winipeg, Manitoba Canada


Date posted:  January 16th 2010

Am looking for anyone who remembers the Lockyer Walker or Clark family from 45 Sandport Street

No name attached

Date posted:  January, 26th 2010

Trying  find my dad John Kerr birthday 16.6.67. Would like to meet him.

He last saw me when I was a baby.  Last known area Barry Vale, Glamorgan Wales.

I am now 21.

Stuart Watt

Still in Leith, Lorne St


Date posted:  5-2-10 

Am looking for: Burlington Street gang 1936 1950



E-mail:  sascha--ox@hotmail.co.uk

Date posted: FEB 2010



Christene Richardson(Donaldson)

Waterdown Ontario

E-mail: cmdrichardson@gmail.com

Date posted  May 01 2010

Am looking for who played badminton at Juction Road Church 1960's.  My sister Joyce also played( now deceased) was married to David Gunn.  I would love to hear from anyone who may recognise me Thank you Christene.

Margaret Headley (GRIEVE)

Where I am now:  Not stated

E-mail: mh@bonarmac.co.uk

Date posted:  14th June 2010

Am looking for anyone who knew the Grieve family from Lapicide place, especially George Grieve when he was a boy /young man or if anyone has photoes.

Dolores Clark

Where I am now: BC, Canada

E-mail: dmlc@shaw.ca

Date posted: June 14, 2010

Am looking for: Richard or Pat Flynn

Cathy Welch( Clark)

Where I am now:Vancouver BC

E-mail:  catherinehwelch@gmail.com

Date posted:June 25 2010

Am looking for Carol Swan  and Rena Anderson. Carol and I were friends. She moved to Greece and I moved to Canada and we lost touch. I worked with Rena in the wine cellar at JG THOMPSONS in 1965 would love to hear from them again.

Christine  ???

Where I am now:  I`m living in Scotland

E-mail:  lucylu.christine@gmail.com

Date posted: 16/08.2010

Am looking for: Mary Brown who used to live in Crawford Lanarkshire but has lived in Perth in Scotland since she was about 20 years old. I grew up with Mary from childhood and I want to be in contact with her as soon as possible.

She has a son Michael about 19 yrs and a daughter Emma who is 16.  Mary is 47 years old.  If she could email me or tell me so we can meet up soon. Her partner is called Brian or if she could give me a quick call that would be delightful.  Her partner has got a joinery and double glazimg business. I don`t know his surname but Mary is not married to him.  Ilook forward to a reply soon. My tel no is 07847444017

Doreen Baxter:

Where I am now: Stirlingshire

E-mail:  dorbax@tesco.net

Date posted:  29 August 2010

Am looking for:any of the HARKES family in Leith. My mother was Jane Harkes (born in Jane Street, Leith in 1901)and had 2 brothers - James and Willie.I have contact with Willie's family, but would love to find James's descendants.

Audrey Laurie (nee Glen)

Where I am now: Balerno

E-mail: audreylaurie@yahoo.co.uk

Date posted: 6/10/2010

Am looking for: My old best friend Jean Stevenson, we both lived in Newhaven in the 50s-60's.  We lost contact soon after I left the area. I would dearly love to hear from her. She had a sister Mary and a brother Jackie ( I think )amongst other sisters and brothers. She will be 56 now her birthday is March 17th and I still think of her often.

Mary Lee (BROWN

Where I am now:  Adelaide South Australia


Date posted:  9/10/10

Am looking for: May Gilchrist or Brian Thompson.  We all lived in Craigentinny. May emigrated to Canada, not sure where Brian is.  I would live to catch up.

Linda Shearer

Where I am now:  Blyth, Northumberland

E-mail:  helenmellon4@hotmail. co uk

Date posted:  2/12/10

Am looking for Sandra Mackie maiden name McCue.  Lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Where I am now: Louisiana, USA

E-mail: jdavis7448@aol.com

Date posted: 1-9-11

Am looking for: The mother (Joan Lillian Bernie) (should be around 81 years old) had twin girls in 1946 (should be around 65 years old) in Auckland New Zealand.... am looking for the twin girls....don't know if she gave them the last name of Goree or Bernie., Birnie, Bernier? ? ? Helping my Uncle look for the girls.

Russell Milne

Where I am now: Frome, Somerset

E-mail: milnerussell@btinternet.com

Date posted:13.01.11

Am looking for: Margaret Mackay Ex Leith Academy & Heart of Midlothian Swimming Club. Aged a young 75ish.

Lily Burke nee Cavanagh

Where I am now:Foulden,Norfolk

E-mail: lilyburke1@aol.com

Date posted:12/1/11

Am looking for:Jessie Grant nee Beverley we went to Royston school Granton1942/49. We both married, remained friends. Lost touch in 1964 when Jessie moved to Sighthill & I lived in Leith with my husband, son & daughter. I would love to get in touch with Jessie or her family,

James Osborne

Where I am now: KZN< South Africa


Date posted:17/03/2011

Am looking for:Linda Robertson (nee)

I have been searching for years now. Linda used to stay in Brooklyn then Sea Point in Cape Town, SA. Age now 55/56.

Marion Johnston(langa)

Where I am now: Penicuik

E-mail: marionjohnston@live.co.uk

Date posted: 3/4/2011

Looking for relatives of Langa family going back to early 1930 maybe from Bonnington Rd emigrated from abroad. Also anyone who remembers me, my sister Frances and brother Robert. Robert now deceased

James Liddell

Where I am now:Edinburgh

E-mail: james.liddell54@gmail.com

Date posted:04/05/2011

Am looking for anyone from a1&b1 classes @ dk from 1964 to1967

Anita Rhodes nee Levinson

Where I am now: London

E-mail:  aandarhodes@gmail.com

Date posted:  03/06/2011

Am looking for Andrea Robertson  Isabelle Flockart Jean Muir and any other class mates from Leith Academy

Barbara  ????

Where I am now: ????

E-mail:  Leithlass@aol.com

Date posted: 28/06/11

Am looking for descendents of George & Rachel Burnett maiden name Lewis - Andrew P.B. and Agnes M.L. Hepburn maiden name Stavert also David Scott Bell and wife Christina Hepburn or Burnett - they all were born 1880s in Leith and later lived in the Royston Mains area and died in the 1960s - if you know them or their children I would love to hear from you.  Barbara -

Robert Findlay on behalf of Samoyra Shane Jenner

Where I am now:  Tasmania, Australia

E-mail: jetbobradin@bigpond.com

Date posted:  01/07/2911

Am looking for: Ian Crawford I have information regarding your daughter Samoyra Shane Jenner,  She wishes to make contact with her dad.  Left UK around 1963/4 for Australia with her mum.  Ian would be in his seventies approx, and may have a son/brother/nephew named Duncan and from the little information we have is related to the Crawford biscuit people.  Even a contact will help. If anyone can show some light it would be appreciated immensly.  Regards Bob

Bill Owens (Willie)

Where I am now: Germany


Date posted:1/7/2011

Am looking for:Patrcia Johnston(e) (or Johnson) of 13 Bowling Green street from back in the 60's she worked as a telex operator with Salveson in Bernhard street, Brother called Colin.. she moved to England in 1969 to marry a Naval guy called Nick or Rick.

I used to sail out of Leith on the Gibson Rankine line and Chr.Salveson
the ships names are..Dryburgh. Lanrick. Yarrow. Laksa. Soutra..

Bruce Partington

Where I am now: England

E-mail: brucie81@sky.com

Date posted: 04.07.2011

Am looking for: Anybody that worked in Henry Robbs between 1962 and 1972. If you knew anyone in that time span, can you let me know, deceased or still living, I need to know.

Margaret Cooper nee Gaughan

Where I am now: Shropshire

E-mail: cookiesperks@hotmail.com

Date posted:  8/8/11

Am looking for: Anyone who went to St. Mary's (1955-62) or St. Anthony's(1962-65) In particular, Anne Green or Lucille Graham. Also Marion Nicholls from Bowling Green St. who went to Bonnington Rd. These were my friends and I haven't heard anything about them since I left school. I went to live in West Linton as a nanny and lost touch with everyone. Would be so grateful if anyone can help.  Thank you.

Andrew Mitchell

Where I am now: Broxburn West Lothian

E-mail:  aphmitchell1938@gmail.com

Date posted:  7/12/2011

I was born in 1 Cables Wynd on 11/6/1938.  My great grandmother was Kate Grant who lived at 2/3 Corporation Buildings.  As you probably realise I am now well retired. My main hobby is genealogy.  I`m ashamed to say I don`t remember anyone from the days I lived in 1 Cables Wynd that is from my birth until we moved to 5 Pilton Drive North, around 1947/1948.   Any help would be fantastic.

Reply from John Stewart, Webmaster.  Livingston, West Lothian

Date posted:  9-12-11

E-mail: livvyboy32@hotmail.co.uk

Hi Andrew, don`t you remember me?  We lived next door to each other.  I stayed with my granma and granda  Patterson.  I was ages with your brother Pat. This was from 1939 until 1948.

Ms Naylor

Where I am now:  UK

E-mail:   rena.naylor@gmail.com

Date posted:    01-02-12

Am looking for: A Ms Mary Walters (nee Naylor) born 1925 in Jersey or her daughter Catherine Anne Kilpatrick (nee Walters) born+- 1959 in Melbourne Australia. My husband needs the final puzzle in our Naylor family tree and they are the 'missing link'. Any info will be appreciated.

Bill Carruthers

Where I am now:  North West Scotland

E-mail: tighur88@aol.com

Date posted:30 April 2012

Am looking for:School mates (Norton Park)from 1T1y till 3T1y 1950-53John (Jock) Byrne served his time as a tarrasoer lived at Loganlea Gardens or Ronald Scollie from Jock's Lodge area

Ricky Venters

Dalry Edinburgh:



Roberta Weddle for my mother Norma Venters mn Hartley.Roberta (Bobby) was from Sloan street in the 50s. Also any class mates of my mother who attended Lorne Street Primary and Norton Park secondary school.

Craig Kellington

New Zealand


I am researching my family tree along with my aunt. I remember my great gran very well (Jean Fusaro/Ramage) who stayed at cochrane place down on the links. My aunt remembers her grand parents ( Guiseppe & Rosa Fusaro) who used to own an ice cream shop on duke st and were friends with the Lanny family. We have heaps of old photographs dating back to early 1900's of all these people. I was wondering if you could put the word out on your site or know of any further information on the Fusaro's.

Look forward to hear from you.

Many thanks

Craig Kellington

Janet Watt aged 89


Am looking for: relatives of Agnes Baldry married name Watt. formerly Broughton Road.  Husbands name John

Jill Edith

Where I am now: Living in Dorset


Date posted:26-11-2012

Am looking for: Anyone who has connections to the Laidlaw family who lived in grove St in the 19-20th century. Also anyone who knew a John Rae who lived I think in Cooper St he was there on the 1901 censes with parents John and Mary.
  Look forward to any information. Thanks,  Jill