Lucia Lanny - Fathers  Ice Cream shop was in Henderson Street

Lucia's wedding St Mary's Star of the Sea 1959.. Described by Connie Newman nee Lanni (Cousin)

Lucia and her husband GIuseppe Lanni and  her younger sister Benna (Bennedetta) with her husband Antonio Matrondola marrying in a double wedding.

Next to Benna & her husband is the middle sister Theresa who was the bridesmaid.  Behind Benna is Uncle Angelo (Mr Lanny).  Their mother was not there - she was something of an invalid.

On the left hand side (in the fur stole) is my mother, next to her is Toni, my sister & next to her (in the glasses) is Francis.  They were married the following week & of course Lucia was on her honeymoon by then so was not at the wedding.  Back row, left hand side, Rena & Eva Valente.

On the right hand side, behind Uncle Angelo, is Maria (I think it is the right sister, but it might be one of the others) Pacitti from the Bonnington Road shop.  In the middle, towards the back, is of course Anna Costanza Lanni, with the black fringe, the pink straw Breton Sailor hat & blue suit with pink scarf at the neck.

Peter Costa (Costas in Great Junction Street) with glasses was the Best Man for both of them.

Mr Lanny outside the shop, opened in 1924
Outside the Congregational Church halls in Duke Street,1922  Seen here is Mrs Fusaro whose ice cream shop was in Duke Street.

Lucia Lanny

I was born in 1927 to Carmela (nee Romano) and Angelo Lanny in 1927 and later followed by brother Giulio and sisters Benedetta and Teresa.

My parents came over separately to Scotland from Ravello and Casino near Montecasino in 1920.  Our ice cream shop in Henderson Street, Leith was opened by my father in 1924.

I attended in turn Yardheads Primary school that was later to become St Mary’s.  From here I then went on to St Anthony’s in Lochend Road.

Before eventually helping out in the shop I was employed in a clerical capacity by the company Scobie and Macintosh in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

A name I recall from that time was Jock Ollay.  Although my father owned a car, he couldn’t drive.  He got Jock to act as his chauffeur.

In 1959 I married Giuseppe Lanni, almost the same name as my family. I only had to drop the `y` and substitute it with the `i`.  My wedding was a double affair as my sister Benedetta married Antonio Matrondola alongside me.  This was in St Mary’s Star of the Sea.

We opened our own Ice Cream shop in Leith Walk just down from Manderston Street but later took over the former Evening News office on the corner.  This was in 1960.

Now widowed, I look upon those times as happy ones but mixed with sad occasions such as the beginning of the war and my father being interned and the shop being trashed by youths.  Funny, John Stewart mentions being present at this but as a child of only six years old, he was merely a spectator bemused by it all.

Added by John Stewart

I always remember, to my shame I may say, when Mr Lanny`s shop was attacked by a crowd
of youths and ransacked at the beginning of the War when Mussolini sided with the Germans.

I must have been six years old when I witnessed this.  Next thing I recall clearly was when a box
of chocolates was shoved into my hands by a lad whose name I remember to this day.

As I grew older, I really got to know how unfair this must have been, for Mr and Mrs Lanny and
their daughters, Bennedetta, Lucia, Theresa and son Julio proved to be true Leithers who were
well loved and respected.

Added by Ian Swanson

Praise be for the Scots-Italian.  Lannys in Henderson Street was our shelter from grim Sabbatarianism.  For six old pence, the price of a tall glass of hot orange squash, we were tolerated for hours.

Lannys was a bright, clean, cheerful place.  The Lanny girls were aloof, beautiful and impervious to our our feeble attempts to engage them. Their male relatives were friendly and welcoming.  There was much toleration.
Rina Valente and Lucia, 2010
St Marys, 1946            Names top to bottom
Back Row:
George McGill; George Young; Robert Meechan; David Wright; Billy Lothian; Rowland Reilly; Michael Doyle; Tony Minchella; John Doyle; Nicholas Valente; David Skivington.

2nd Row;
Mina Robertson; Bernadetta Lanny; Agnes Smith; Alice Oliver; Elizabeth Livingstone; Nessie Devlin; Margaret Hughes; Mary Cameron; Mary Brown; Mary Bartley; Cathie Reid.

3rd Row;
Michael Kane; Bernard Ramage; Billy Troup; Peggy Meaney; Lilian Farmer; Mary Bell; Margaret Scott; Robert Simpson; Billy Ferguson.

Front Row;
Tony Smith; George Grieve; Michael Egan; Billy Aitken; Hugh McGurn; James Healey; Francis Ruddon.
Julio and Lucia outside St Mary`s School
Lucia and Benedetta`s Silver Wedding, 1984
Back:  Theresa and Peter Costa the Best Man at the weddings
Front: Antonio, Benedetta, Lucia and Giuseppe
Parents, Angelo Lanny and Carmela Romano Wedding 1926
with Best man ???? and Bridesmaid, Jean Fusara.