This page is dedicated to the memory of former regulars to
A memory of other Leithers who were not visitors can also be included here.

John Honeyman who passed away in December 2005.

John scrawled on The Wall:

John Honeyman (Honey)

Old address - 9 Bangor Road 1939 - 1957

Now stay in Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Comments: Schools -Bonnington Road and Leith Academy.  Was a milkboy.  Jimmie was my brother.  Pastimes = snooker in State, Palace, Alhambra. Lost wages as milkboy. Athletics.  Fitba at Bonnington.  Hated nickname Honey.  Would love to hear from all.
Alas,  John now deceased in December 2005

Jessie (Berry) Newlands who passed away in January 2010

Jessie`s scrawl:                                
Jessie Newlands nee Berry 

Leith Location:  294  Easter Road

Period of residence: 6 years

Where you are now: B.C. Canada.


Comments:  Although have been submitting postings and reading this site for several years now, it was until today that I finally got around to putting in my information. I worked in Leith Division of the Edinburgh City Police for 8 years and can honestly say I loved Leith (and the Leith folk).

These were some of the best years of my life. I loved every day I spent there. Have always been hoping some former members of the 'Polis" would join in on the site too but so far no luck. Anyway it is still my favourite site and I read what's new on it several times a day. Recently it has been SO quiet!
Margaret Syme (nee Bowes)

Old Leith address: 64 Hawthornvale from
1935 - 1959.

Now stay in Escondido, California.


Comment:  Married in 1960 to Maury Syme and lived at 12 Pilrig Street for a couple of years, then on to Warriston Drive.  Left there and emigrated to San Diego in 1965.  Maury just passed away on September 1, 2004.  Love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Maurice Syme who departed in September, 2004

Wife Margaret wrote
John on left with Reuben Fyffe in Canada,
June, 2004.  Both now departed.
Jessie and Malcolm in the early 1960s.
Maurice accepting cup in Letham Park, 1950
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Martin O`Connor, passed away in 2008
Elizabeth wrote
My husband and I spent most of our courting days going to the pictures - the State and the Palace in particular and dancing twice a week at the Assembly Rooms.  We also danced to Joe Loss and Ted Heath at the Eldorado.
Paul Reynolds, passed away in August 2010

John Stewart, Webmaster wrote

Paul and his wife Edith moved to Allanton, Lanarkshire in the early 2000s having resided in Livingston before that.  It was during their tenure in Livingston that I got to know them.

We met for the first time in the Rugby Club and they became regular table companions with my friend, also called Edith, and me on the occasional Sunday evenings.

During one of our nights together we got to talking about Leith.  Paul immediately said he had Leith connections.  It turned out that his grandfather had owned and ran the second hand shop in Tolbooth Wynd; I knew it then as just `Reynolds`.

We occasionally visited each others homes.

However, after the passing away of my friend Edith in 2005, we lost contact although Paul regularly visited the Oldleither website.

On occasions I would ask of him from a mutual friend.  It was this friend who contacted me to say that Paul had passed away at the early age of 50.

I phoned Edith to give my condolences and for permission to include this epistle here.

Olive M Stewart, died on 10th June, 1998
John Stewart wrote

                           On the 10th day of June, 1998 I lost my wife and pal, Olive who passed away at the age of                             63 after enduring 9 months of a debilitating illness.

                          Olive was a Leither like myself . She was a Registered General
                          Nurse eventually becoming a Ward Sister.

                          We married on November 30, 1957 and became parents of three

                          It was with her passing that I began a biography of her life for the
                          benefit of our children.   With this completed I started on my own
                          life`s story, committing it to a website to view it in print.   This
                          somehow got out and soon the site developed into what it is
                          today -   Yes Olive, you must take credit for it all.

Elizabeth (Betty) Johnson, departed September 28, 2005

Advised by: Daughter, Sandra

                          Elizabeth (Betty) Johnson nee Love. If my mother, Betty Johnson (Love) had known about                               this site she would definitely have been a regular contributor, so in her honour I would                                  like to add her name.

                                                           Spent most of her life in Market Street, Leith up until our immigration                                                              to Canada in 1954, other than a brief period in Gourock during WW2.

                                                          Attended Yardheads, then later moved to Dr. Bell's and then on to                                                                   D.K.  Worked for a time at the start of the War in Scot Lyons, then after                                                            her marriage to my Dad, John Johnson, she moved on to the Fire                                                                    Services in Gourock in the early years of the war.

                                                         Always wanted to be a fashion designer - she was a great seamstress.
                                                         I think she was always homesick for her home town of Leith and kept                                                              the memories alive in me. She is sadly missed by all her family.
Samuel Joseph McCluskie,  August 8th 1932 to September 1995

Added by Frank Ferri

Educated at St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary Leith and Holy Cross Academy
Secondary , Saam was Treasurer to the Labour Party 1984 to 1992: General
Secretary, National Union of Seamen / NUR 1986 to 1990.

Loved a dram or two in his local pub the Black Swan. A genuine friend of
unquestionable integrity and generosity, a dedicated fighter for equality,
fairness and improved conditions on behalf of the working classes .

Leith and the world is an emptier place without him, sadly missed.

Advised by: Tom McLuskey, no relation

This a belated memorium to a man that I knew very well. I had my share of fights with him when he was General Secretary of the MN. but no one could ever doubt his love and care for us in the MN. You Sam were one of the best, rest in peace knowing that although people had their differences with you, your heart was in the right place

Tom McLuskey MN.
SS Arandora Star ,  July 2nd 1940

Added by Frank Ferri.  

"To all the souls of the Italians lost by the sinking of the SS Arandora Star on this
"day July 2nd 1940. You are not forgotten.... Che Dio Benedica Tutti voi"
Eddie Turnbull  12 April 1923 – 30 April 2011

Eddie passed away on Saturday 30th April.  He was due to attend our Oldleither
gathering on May 6th.  According to fellow ex Hibee, Tommy Preston, Eddie was
looking forward to it.  So were we, Eddie.

At least, he goes with a record that cannot be beaten.

He was the first British player to score a goal in European club competition when
Hibs were invited to play in the inaugural European Cup in the 1955-56 season, the
goal coming in a 4-0 away win at Rot-Weiss Essen.

As part of the `Famous Five` my personal memory is of him when he scored the third goal against Rangers in 1951 in the Scottish Cup second round at Ibrox.  Hibs won 3-2 against the defence that was known as the `Iron Curtain`.

Fond memories Eddie.                                                                                                               John Stewart

John D`Arcy   18 March 1952 - 28 March, 2012

                                                                             I have just been informed by Bob Moffatt of the passing away off                                                                                John in the Marie Curie Hospice after a long illness.

                                                                            As Bob relates, John stayed at Hawthorn Bank and was at one                                                                                      point head choirboy at Holy Cross Church, Ferry Road.  He                                                                                            married Margaret on 10 June, 1978 and moved to Mayfield,                                                                                           Dalkeith. Both became proud parents and grandparents in time.

                                                                            A keen photographer, Oldleither has much to thank him for his                                                                                    kind permission to publish many of his pictures taken of Leith in                                                                                 the late 1960s and early 1970s.  These show much of the areas                                                                                     before redevelopment.

I take this opportunity of expressing my/our sincere condolences to Margaret, his family and friends at this sad time.

Shaun Edward Campbell McLuskey  17 June, 2012

Advised by: Tom, Wilma and Rayanne McLuskey, his parents
and his daughter

Shaun left us a way way too early at the age of thirty eight
years old, a tragic accident took his life.

He is gone now but he will never be forgotten by his family
and his many, many  friends who knew him and loved him.

RIP Dear Son, we will meet again.

                                                                                                                                       Wilma, Shaun and Rayanne