``Welcome to the the home of the Leither be he or she at home or abroad.  We might yearn for our past times but not necessarily for the housing without basics we take for granted now.

``Gaslight, communal toilets, no running hotwater, no baths.  Kitchens that doubled up as bedrooms,  No central heating, no refrigerators, no gardens, aye, no private cars.  As you will say, `what we didn`t have, we didn`t miss``

``Would you still have your mother raking out the coal fire on a cold frosty morning before getting you ready for school?  Getting washed at the sink from a basin of cold water topped up by hot water from the kettle, heated on the coals or gas ring.  Remember no electricity no electric kettle.

``You all may come and go but I am still here.  I have seen the changes and must admit they have been for the best.  Mind you, I miss the Kirkgate of old.  I never ventured into it for an obvious reason  but knew it was a popular place.  I have viewed all that you have got up to over the years as you gathered around me.   Sometimes I am not amused.

``From Salvation Army meetings, dockers strike calls,  political rallies, victory celebrations, aye even the old yins with their caps and pipes in their mouths passing the time of day, solving the world`s problems.  Still waiting for the Hib`s supporters celebrating winning the cup.  Leith will always be alive and kicking as long as Leithers keep it in mind.``

Official opening of the site by her late Majesty, Queen Victoria