Rina Valente

Parents Alfonso Valente .... Frances Scappaticci
L to R Lina (Madelene's cousin) Joe & Marcia Valente, Emila
Scappiticci family inside same shop.

Uncle Joe Scapiticci, must be the elder, Rena said He had some sort of health/fitness club
Rena and Lucia Lanny, 2010
Paccitto.. Rena Valente's side of family

Front Gabriella DePlacido m Andrea Pacitto; Tony Capaldi m Felina Pacitto.
The Scapiticcis outsiside their Restaurant  on corner of
Henderson Street and Coalhill
Waiting for customers

My parents were Francis Scapiticci and Adolfo Valente. My mother was born here after her parents moved from Sant Antonio.  My father came from Casino.

Alas, my father was one of those who died when the SS Arandora Star was sunk in 1940.  He had originall been taken from home and was interned in Donaldson`s  Hospital, Edinburgh that had been converted into a detainment centre before the internees were sent off to permanent camps.

My mother and us children went out to Donaldsons to bid our goodbyes but were prevented from seeing him.  We never saw him again.

Before this, my father ran an ice cream shop in Duke Street.  My uncle Dominic Scapiticci worked in the restaurant at the bottom of Henderson Street that is now the Raj Restaurant.

As the above photo shows, my other uncle, Joe Scapiticci was a fitness enthusiast.

We as a family moved into our house near the Links, Leith and I am still there alongwith my sister Vera.

I attended St Marys Primary school before going on to Holy Cross Academy.

After schooldays I had several jobs; first working as a sewing apprentice in Darlings of Princes Street.  I later moved to Aikin and Nivens at the West End.  I eventually finished up in Peter Allans.
Other photos of me and my sister can be seen in Connie Newman`s story on site.