Scrawl yir name here
The ither side
Get your name on
Gordon Stafford.

Present Location: Creetoon,Bonnie Gallowa`

Leith Location: 323 Leith Walk..


Comment   Lorne St Primary 42-45, Leith Academy 45-49, 10th Leith Scouts at Bonnington Road School. Fitba' for Leith Athletic. Apprentice at Bruce Peebles & son then John Gibson & son in Jamieson Place. HM Forces 55-92(yes 92!). Oh for an evening at the Assembly Rooms or the Eldorado-or Stewarts o' Abbeymount! "Are ye dancin'? Are ye askin'? Aye am askin'! Then am dancin'!"  Now in Gallowa' for the golf, the trout and the salmon!

Davina French

Present Location. Lochend, Edinburgh.

Leith Location. St.Andrew Street.
Comment I was born in St.Andrews St. in 1953. Moved to Piershill in 1958,I am now in Lochend. All my family came from Leith. Dad John French, Burlington St. Mum Davina French nee Meaney, St.Andrews Street. Still have family there. Looking for old pictures of Leith. If anyone can e.mail any to me i would be most greatful,especially any of St.Andrews St. Thanks

Johan Ward

Present Location..Fort William......

Leith Location...1 Bangor Lane, 33 Trafalger Lane

Comment  Could anybody help me I am trying to find anyone who knew Alexandar and Marion Allan. They were twins born in 1925 and stayed at number 33 Trafalgar Lane Leith. Marion married in 1950s to Donald Homer Frazer White and they later moved to Newcastle. Their mother's name was Jessie Allan and the father was James Russell Allan.

There was another daughter that was born in 1918 also named Jessie Allan. She worked in Leith bakery and married in 1942 to a James Brown.  Jessie Allan (mother) died in 1939 when the twins were 14 at 1 Bangor Road,
Leith, Edinburgh and her death was registered by a Robert Allan.

If anybody knows any of these people could they please contact me. We would love to her from anyone who could give us any information, no matter how small, it would be
greatly appreciated.

Marian Jones.

Present Location: Davyhulme Nr Manchester

Leith Location: Newhaven.


Comment: Came across this web page by accident I'm interested in tracing our family tree, and was starting my search in the Leith area. My dads family lived at 2/7 Corporation Buildings in 1931 the year my dad was born, the family name is Veitch. there was my Nana, Agnes (ne.Ferguson, at this time i dont know if she was married to her second husband Bob)she had six children, my dad being
one, Laurence Robertson, along with two more boys and three girls, as far as i  know his school, that would be around 1936/7. He was married to my mum, Joyce in 1952 at South Leith Church. They moved down to England around 1955/56,after having two children Peter and Marian (thats me!). I know its a long shot but if there is anyone out there who remembers the family i would be very interested to here from you, many thanks.

Louise Kidd (nee Orr).......................................

Present Location. Still here Leith.......................

Leith Location....Lorne Street........................

Comment Wondering if ayone remembers my
Mum, she was brought up at 36 West Bowling
Green Street, 1934-1958 when she married my
Dad & moved to Lorne Street, where I was
brought up.

I remember in West Bowling Green Street, the
railway line & the train going past.  My Gran was
the very last person in the whole street to be
re-housed that was a very anxious time for us.

I find Leith has changed so much I can imagine
how people feel coming from all over back to visit.

Brilliant site love reading all the stories wondering
if my Mum knew some of people.

John Wilson.

Present Location.   Lethbridge,Alberta, Canada.

Leith Location...Lived in Lorne Street,(1943-1950)
then moved to 21 Loaning Crescent.Craigentinny

E- mail

Comment : Attended Leith Academy Primary and Secondary 1948 -1959. Now living in Western

After looking at the present addresses of fellow students, I'm surprised there is anyone left in Scotland !! For those of you who stayed (including my own brother , Andrew .   I salute you !!  Anyone remember
Middleton School Camp Mar. 1954 ( it was snowing !! ?

Hazel   Marshall (nee LOGAN).

Present Location CANADA.

Leith Location19 Lindsay Road.


Comment I attended Leith Academy Secondary School 1944-47.  I live in British Columbia now. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Alan J Mackay

Present Location.County Durham

Leith Location.  East Thomas Street then 206 Easter Road


Went to Leith Walk primary in 60's then on to good old DK until 72.  Started apprenticeship as electrician with old school mate Peter Dunbar (PJ)
would be good to talk to him again...Left Leith for sunnier climates, Aberdeen, then travelled around a great deal

Living and working in County Durham now.  Still get back now and again to look the old place over and see my beloved Hibees. (not as much as I would like to though)

The waterfront has all changed now some good some bad.  Love to hear from old school friends again

Carol Ford (was Crerar).

Present Location..Carnoustie, Scotland......................

Leith Location...18 Bowling Green Street  1948 to 1958.


Went to Bonnington Road Primary. I remember the Salvation Army (The Sunshine Hour) in the Ebeneezer, which was more exciting than going to church! Playing bools and cowboys with the boys (tomboy).

Jackie McPherson where are you now? We went to the Cappy Club together and raced each other home on our
horses!  Miss my Grannie who lived in the same stair as us.  We moved to Muirhouse in 1958 - a new flat with a
REAL bathroom!

I gave up self employment recently and now help my husband run his landscape photography business part
time only.We lived in Livingston for 25 years but recently moved up here to Carnoustie. The folk here are
similar to Leith folk and I have settled in very quickly. Feel as though I belong somewhere again.

I would love to hear from anyone else who lived in Bowling Green St. while I was there. I would like to learn more about my Dad's family (Crerar) originally from the Tollcross area so if there are any out there - please get in touch..  Great website John.

JEAN MCFARLANE nee DURIE.....................................

Present Location. PAISLEY.......................

Leith Locatio57.RESTALRIG ROAD..........................

CommentI Found this site by chance and now I'm completely hooked. I was at Links Pl. School & Leith Academy 1937-45 did office work at Leith Co-op, Munrospun, Cowan-Ad. and Westfield Autos. before  moving, on marriage,to Paisley, in 1955.

We still visit my brothers, Eric and Ian and
their families and love a good old rake around Leith.
I think the only business  in Gt. Junction Street which
is still there from my time is McKenzie Miller, the
Undertakers!  The Wall has given me a trip down memory lane.  Thankyou.
Helen (Ella) Watson/Johnstone.

Present Location.Sutherland..

Leith Location Kirk Street.

Comment I was born in Leith in 1933, and lived in Kirk Street until I was 35. If anyone from that time would like to get in touch, I'd be pleased to hear from them.

Andrew Scott.

Present Location.   Lower Hutt.Wellington New Zealand..

Leith Location..20 Coatfand Lane.L

E-mail    Andrew
Joan Joyce.

Present Location.  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Leith Location.  10 Crown Street

Comment     Love to hear from pals o the past from near or far.  Enjoy the site

Elizabeth Sumpter.[nee Cooney]..

Present Location....Bury, Lancashire.

Leith Location....Cornhill Terrace.

Comment I was born 1947 at Simpson Memorial Hospital Edinburgh. I went to St Mary's Star of the Sea Primary School and then The Sacred Heart Convent School Craiglochart, Edinburgh. Moved to Lancashire in 1963. Often return to visit family.

Christene Richardson (Donaldson)

Present Location  Oakville, Ontario

Leith Location  Ballantyne Place


Comment  I lived in Ballantyne Place 1945-55. I attended Dr.Bells school until I moved to Telford Drive where I went to Flora Stevensons for 1 year then I went to Ainsley Park. I loved to walk down The Dean Village picnic in Princes Street Gardens my Grandmother lived at 2 Lochend Park she lived there for over 60 years. I can still smell the freshly
baked bread from Hawkhill bakers. I went to Junction Road Church and played badminton there for a few years. I would like to get in contact with George Christie who I knew at that time his last know address was West Pilton. I would love to hear from anyone who may know me or my family my brother John still lives in  Edinburgh. Thanks.

Keith Flockhart

Present Location;  Hamilton New Zealand

Leith Location  Bonnington Ave & Primrose St


My maternal side of family- Sproule traced back to many areas of Leith. laterly they lived in Bonnington Ave which apparently wrong side of Newhaven Road to be in Leith.

Father was from Primrose St - off Lochend Road.  I left Scotland when I was 11. Quite a hard then in many ways as it meant I never saw my Grand mothers again but life goes on.

You never know "What it might have been if you never moved" but moving to New Zealand has meant I got opportunities I possibly would not have got. I also have been married for 34 years and have 3 daughters and 3 grand children. I work in a Managerial position which allows me some of the luxuries in life my forebearers would never have had.

My daughter Kiwi born and Bred now lives in Portabello with my Scottish born Grandson so things have done a bit of a circle.

I returned two years ago for a holiday after 40 years and was amazed at how muchI could remember and still find my way around, in fact told my daughter a few times directions where to go to look up things such as the old school and wherewe lived. The thing that did strike me was how some things did appear smaller than I remembered, in particular the Water of Leith. I played there a lot as a boy and always thought it was a great big river so it was a surprise to see it as a pleasant stream.

The other thing I noticed with it was at Bonnington Avenue the edges were undisturbed, kids did not play there anymore. One other wonderful site with the Water of Leith was walking along it to Juniper Green, a wonderful walk but what topped it off was seeing a roe deer grazing and this in the middle of the city.

One thing which did not get smaller was Arthurs Seat and the climb to the top certainly cleared the lungs.  I think being an Scottish in another country is you do not loose your identity and still proud to be Scottish and proud of Scotland and things Scottish, and I am not sure if it is an Age thing but the bagpipes can bring tears to my eyes and I have a Scottish CD collection I love to listen to.

Donald Campbell Veale

Present Location:  Folkestone in the Garden of England,surviving earthquakes!!

Leith Location: Wardiburn Place Granton, and Laverock Bank Newhaven.


Comment: Born in Edinburgh not long after the family moved from Newhaven. Father killed in Leith Docks 1936 I was about three and my brother Tom one and my
sister Helen (Tookie) 13sh.  Evacuated to Pluscarden with brother for about 4 years. A 1900 time warp, no light or heat lots of snow in the winter and working
nearly every spare moment. 

Pluscarden had 28 pupils 4 classes to a room and two
Teachers in the school and the Coke stove.  Mother died during the war and the only one left to return to is my sister.  Not long after sister took ill and we were sent to the first of our childrens homes ending up at the Dean Orphanage.

Not many of us left from there and we were the last to leave when it closed. What relatives we did have Cousins etc just forgot about us not even a bag of
sweeties.  It was safer to tell the staff that they existed.

Joined the RN at 14 years and 6 months at Ganges and qualified as a radio operator. Discharged due to
runny ear and joind the Army some months later A1 medical fit, it dried up but the RN could not risk it.  Became a PTI and loved the five years of coaching
courses and running the gym. 

Coached in Civy street and on to management finishing as Director of Recreation. Still coaching the youngsters at Basketball and Tutoring their Teachers for coaching awards.  Get to join in now and then at the age of 73. 

Al Jolson at the State the Cowans Granny in Leith but most of all staying with my Aunt Nelly in Newhaven and making rafts with fish boxes.

I am ;now in South East Kent and recently met Magnus whom I took on my wee boat at Dover.  Always wanted to be called Skipper. Would move to North Berwick tomorrow but the price of a wee flat?

Thought this place was dear.  From Granton Keelie to retirement has been a long road.  Wish they had a memorial to all those who died from Leith Newhaven and Granton, I have yet to find it.

My 5 Two sons and 5 grandaughter think I`m a bit nuts but they just do not understand the Scots sense of humour. Donald.

Jim Legget

Present Location:  Oxley Park NSW Australia

Leith Location: 53 Restalrig Ave/35 Restalrig Square
Period of residence:4/9/1944 - 7/1/1969

Comments: Lived most of my life until 1969 around Restalrig, went to Leith Academy, Hermitage Park jnr schools, worked for Binns in the west end (now Frasers). Travelled around then came to Aus met my wife and settled down. Worked with Brighter Home Stores in the Kirkgate for a few years. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Margaret Headley (Nee Grieve)

Leith Location: Lapicide Place


Comments:    Does anyone remember the Grieve family from Lapicide Place Edinburgh?
My Gran & Grandad brought us up. There were 4 of us.   I went to st. Marys to start with then on to St. Anthonys.

We used to go down to the 2 shops at the bottom of the street.  There was John
the Butchers, and the greengrocers I think  was called Mackenzie's.  Before the school was built (opposite side to Lapicide) there used to be the old tenement flats, which had no bathrooms, but my gran had one and the old lady from across the road would come over.

It would be great to hear from anyone.


Doreen Forbes [Lumsden]

Leith Location:  Graham street,  West Bowling Green Street.

Period of residence:20yrs

Where you are now:Restalrig Road,


Comments: Had a lot of good times playing at the shepie, Bonnington Ave. Playing kick the can and tap door run also playing doon the dam meaning the Water of Leith.  Went to Bonnington Road school 1956 then onto DK.  Like to hear from sombody who knows me.
Sandra Cochrane (Johnson)

Your old Leith Street:  23 Market Street.

Period of residence:1944 - 1954

Where you are now: Ontario, Canada


Comments:  Just getting up and running on this internet and came across your site.  Was thrilled to see the name of my dear friend, Isabel French's wee sister Davina and will try and contact her when I get the hang of this.  Have thought of Isabel many times over the years and was so sorry to lose contact. Emigrated to Canada in 1954 with my parents, Betty (Love) who worked in the pawn shop on Market Street and whose family lived in Leith for several generations.  She had three brothers who some of you may know Johnny, Alex and Davey (unfortunatly all of them are gone now, and two sisters, Agnes who now lives in Stratford, Ontario and Mary, who lives in Texas.  My Dad John Johnson was a Shetlander who was in the merchant navy and then the Edinburgh Fire Department (Stockbridge and Fountainbridge) I believe.  I attended Dr. Bell's school and some of my classmates were: Rena Coyle, Elizabeth Murray, Tommy Troup, Margaret Wise, Jeanette Mac Donald, Gordon Cunningham, Freddy Dixon to name a few - some of these names might ring a bell.   Hope to succesfully get my name on the Wa'
Name..     Peter Donaldson

Present Location      Trinity

Leith Location...Born 1971,   9, Bangor Road.


Comment   Went to DR Bells nursery then to Bonnington Primary, thence to Trinity Acadamy.

Left school in 1987 got apprentice job in Leith Docks as a joiner with R T Merriman Joinery, Constitiution Place. Served my time there .Still love the docks. When we left Bangor Rd in 1980, we still had no hot water, no bath or shower, and no heating. As a family of four we lived in a room and kitchen,.  We were the last to be moved out of the stair . Fond memories of Christmas Eves at the Salvation Army , two doors down; and the Tulips in Taylor Grds.  Still remember the day Ii found out that Santa Claus was actually Peter the painter from ST Cuthberts,  Leith.

Its ironic that when ii stayed in Leith as a child, I felt embarassed to say where I lived.  Now I am as proud as any Leither of our heritage. , Long live togetherness! 

Married with one son, I own and run a joinery, and a property company in Edinburgh.
Name.   Hannah  Spence- Thom....

Present Location.   Wisconsin  USA.

Leith Location.109 Giles Street.

Comment  I was born 1942 went to Dr Bells School. In 1953. we moved to Gilmerton Dykes Drive.  I went to the Inch Secondary School.

I,m looking to find friend Francis Greer who lived on the same street & Kathleen Moor who lived next-door.  This is a wonderful site.  I had no ides it existed.

I was always called ANNA.  Anyone who knows me or would like to reminisce about old Leith, feel free to contact me.
I moved to the USA IN 1968.   We never forget our roots do we?   Thank-you for allowing me to use this web-site
Name:  Doreen Lumsden, Forbes

Present Location:  Restalrig Road

Leith Location; East Bowling Green St and Graham St.


Comments:  Had good times playing tap door, run rounders, kick the can, and going up to the sheepie also the water falls

Anyone out there that played in thesr streets get in touch.

Name:  Shona ?

Present Location:  Granton,

Leith Location: Linksview house, Tolbooth Wynd 1999-2002Leith


CommentsDoes anyone remember Jjames Hume Brown?  He was born Oct 1943.  He stayed at 48 Henderson Stree.  His dad was called Ronald, He was a lorry driver and his mum was called Agnes.  If anyone knew him as a child or is still in contact with him now please, please get in contact
This is a great site cheers.
Name: Moira Courtney nee Blair

Leith Location: Largo Place :1943-1962

Present Location: Greytown, New Zealand


Comments:  Born in Largo Place. Went to Couper Street School until it closed then onto Bonnington Road. Secondary at Leith Academy. Been in NZ since 1968. Love to hear from anyone from Largo or Ferry Road. PS my sister Chris also lives in NZ
Name:   Margaret Gilroy/Pottinger

Old Leith Street:l Lapicide,:1943/1963

New Location;  Hamburgh Place Leith


Comments:  Anyone who went to Fort School approx 1943 to 1950 d.k approx 1950 or 1951 Here are some names from D.K   I remember Charlotte Gray, Marion Mitchell, Connie Farmer, Margaret Bowers, Olive Wilson,. My name is Margaret Gilroy married name Pottinger. You can get in touch with me through my daughter`s web site. Love to hear from anyone (Margaret)
Name: John Brown

Leith Location: 29 Duke street 1967-1969

Present Location: Mansfield,England:


Comments:  Lived only for a short while whilst father found work.  Attended Leith Links  (remember a Mrs Burgess,cook)   Hung around with Charlie Sutherland and Eddie Ross. My first "girlfriend" was Maggie Welch, who moved to Kilmaurs.  I went to DK for a short while, before coming to Mansfield in 1969ish, I started an Apprenticeship for the NCB at the time and have just finished after 37 years (not the apprenticeship) lived all over Edinburgh 1955-1969.Still love to get up when I can, but, hasn't it changed? My father was the Manager of THE PROM BAR in Newhaven (been back don't like) Can still see the Old Leith in the back of my mind ,wish I could draw it !Love the site ,love the folk, LOVED the place. John
Name: George Watson

Old Leith Street:    Drum terrace off Easter Rd.

Period of residence:   1957/1972

Present Location:  Fyvie Aberdeenshire


Comments:   Hi everybody just found this site. Went to Mcdonold Rd primary then Norton Park (norty) secondary till 1966, then did an aprenticeship at the Great North Road garage Jocks Lodge.

Rode cycle speedway all over Edinburgh and further out and about.     Went to the real speedway at Old Meadowbank then Coatbridge. Used to ice skate and play some ice hockey at Murrayfield.  Just love to go back and see old pics on the walls of my old mates.  Just feel at home when I visit Leith.  Part of it will always be part of me.
Name: Janice Rough

Old Leith Street: n/a

Period of Residence:n/a

Present Location: Kirkliston


Comments: Love Leith
Name: Marjory Wallace(nee Paton).

Leith Location: Burns Street

Present Location: Leith


Comment:  Have just found the web site.great stuff! My dad attended Dr Bell's school and Leith Academy. as did his half brother William Paton who buried a time capsule in it's grounds. He advised workmen of it when they were working on the foundations in the 70's. The capsule and it's contents are now in the hands of the Edinburgh museum. Uncle Willie worked in Crabbies. Gt Junction Street and lived in Gt Junction Street all his life.
Name: Ian Mackay


Period of residence: 11 YEARS

Where you are now:  NOTTINGHAM

Name:   Cathy Morgan nee Drummond

Old Leith Street:  60 Tenant Street

Period of residence:

Where you are now: Ottawa Canada


Comments:   Came accross the website by chance.  I never lived in Leith, but my parents did. My dad Tommy Drummond and mum Ellen Coyle(Ella)lived at 60 Tenant Street until 1960 when they moved to Clermiston. They were married in South Leith church in 1953. My dad worked for William Thyne formally of Lochend and laterly Sighthill.  My dads 3 sisters also lived in Tenant Street, Nan, Jean and Marion (who married a GI after the war and went to California. Dads family were related to the Preston's on his mothers side, also from Leith. My Granda Drummond also Thomas and his brother John worked at Leith Docks. Dad went to DK's and my mum, from Lochend Gardens, went to Holy Cross. I live in Canada now but get back home regularly. Would love to hear from anyone who knew my family.
Name: Marion Crawford (nee Paget)

Your old Leith street: Ballantyne Road

Period of residence: 1925 to 1938

Where you are now: Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA


Comments: Great Website! Brought back a lot of memories, reading about some of the stories written on this wall.I lived on Ballantyne Road for 13 years, then moved to 6 Bonnington Avenue...attended Cooper street and David Kilpatrick Schools...joined the land army in 1942...was married after the war to Dennis Crawford...and moved to 4 Broomhouse Gardens East from 1950 to 1957 then immigrated to Canada in 1958. I now reside in Richmond, British Columbia. I love Canada, but Scotland has still a special place in my heart...I would love to hear from anyone who remembers these places...
Name: Douglas Lothian

Your old Leith street: Tolbooth Wynd

Period of residence:1950-1955

Where you are now: Ireland


Comments:Anybody who knows me would love to hear from them.
Name: Mina Greig (Cassie)

Your old Leith street: 16 Graham Street Moved to West Granton.

Where you are now: Fishmarket Square Newhaven


Comments:  My mother would like to hear from her friend Margaret Dinns they both went to Tennant street school margaret moved to New Zealand with her husband after they were married they both worked in the pamolive soap factory when they first moved over there.  My mother lived in Graham street she was one of 7 daughters.  If anyone can pass on any information about margaret dinns we would be most grateful.

Your old Leith Street: Iona St

Period of residence: 1934-1955

Where you are now: Leicester


Comments LORNE ST Primary 1939-1946 then LEITH ACADEMY 1946-1949 CLASS OF A3. Served time W&T AVERY,Then 2 years National Service RAF.Got married in 1955 to Una Dickson from Bonnington Rd whom I met at The Assembly Rooms. After demob moved to ENGLAND where we have been ever since.
Name: Graham Whyte

Old Leith StreetMadiera St before moving to Prince Regent St.

Period of residence:1952-1969

Where you are now:  Harrogate


Comments:   First school, Fort St.Primary. Second school David Kilpatrick.   Managed to leave there aged 14 1/2 Got a job packing Uncle Bens Rice in Cadiz St ( I think). then they realised I left school too early. Aged 15 started work at Provvy bakery. Still to date one of the best jobs I have ever had.  Signed up for 3 years with the R.A.F. Met the present wife.Moved to her home town where we still live. My over-riding comment about this site is. Once started,You're hooked.
Name: Margaret Allan (nee Mackenzie)

Your old Leith street:   2/2 Corporation Buildings

Period of residence: 1936

Where you are now:  Northfield, Edinburgh


Comments:  I am trying to get in touch with Marian Jones as I believe we may be related. I believe my Granny living 2/2 is the sister of Agnes who lived in 2/7 (corporation bulidings,Leith). There were also other members of our family living in the 'copie' buildings.  My Great Grandmother also stayed there, she was Granny Fergson and her maiden name was Cairns.

Granny Ferguson was originally from Galashiels. You asked if Agnes married Bob Baton but I am unsure. What I do know is that they moved to Newhaven and Mary (your dad's sister) died there recently. I would love to hear from you Marian and share stories, please contact me via email at (Got my email via the Talk 107 Radio show!)
Name.Laureen Neal (nee Traynor).

Present Location.Laurieton, NSW., Australia.

Leith Location..4 Springfield St, Leith.

Comment:  Looking for my family.  Lived at 4 Springfield st from 1947 (in and out of convents); Immigrated to Australia in 1967. Does anyone know the whereabouts of James Traynor, Patrica Traynor, Maureen Traynor, Peter Mason, Eileen Traynor, Katherine Traynor?  Father, James Traynor lived 4 Springfield St until 1968; Wine merchant's assistant in the 40's.
Name:   Tom Hamilton

Old Leith street:  65 Lorne Street

Period of residence:  1944-1969

Where you are now: Freelton Ontario, Canada


Comments: Went to Lorne St primary then on to Leith Academy Secondary. Member of the 4th Leith Boys Brigade. Served apprenticeship at Brown Brothers then 4 years as engineer in Merchant Navy(New Zealand Shipping Co. & Canadian Pacific Steamships)

Married Liz Rennie(Crichton Place)in 1969 and emigrated to Canada a week later. Lots of good memories from Leith
Name:  Elayne Young

Your old Leith street: Kirgate House and St clair Ave

Period of residence: Kirkgate-1967-1973, St Clair Ave-1973-86

Where you are now: Burntisland Fife


Comments: Still spend as much times as I can in Leith and Edinburgh, My grown up daughter lives in Edinburgh and I`m at Uni there, Miss Leith even though I`m only over the pond.

Present Location. SOUTH EAST KENT...



Comment:   Have my best photo of Newhaven to send but need an e mail address ivy something? Donald
Name: Bill Craig

Your old Leith street: 23 Cumberland

Period of residence: 1943- 1953

Where you are now: Michigan U.S.

Comments:Great site, although not from Leith I recall the area and the many great times there, Warriston, Portobello etc! Again, love the blogs.
Your name;   John Waugh

Present Location:  US.

Leith Location: Bonnington Road


Comment; Attended Edinburgh University, returned to U.S. "drafted", Army Ranger Vietnam still working with poor, MD. Go Leith Athletic.

Name:   Jessie Newlands nee Berry   (Deceased)

Leith Location:  294  Easter Road

Period of residence: 6 years

Where you are now: B.C. Canada.


Comments:  Although have been submitting postings and reading this site for several years now, it was until today that I finally got around to putting in my information. I worked in Leith Division of the Edinburgh City Police for 8 years and can honestly say I loved Leith (and the Leith folk).

These were some of the best years of my life. I loved every day I spent there. Have always been hoping some former members of the 'Polis" would join in on the site too but so far no luck.Anyway it is still my favourite site and I read what's new on it several times a day. Recently it has been SO quiet!
Name: Ruth (McRobbie) McClounnan

Your old Leith street: Born Coburg St., lived at 19/10 Johnston St.

Period of residence:1938-1947

Where you are now: Los Angeles, California USA

Comments:Attended Leith Academy Primary - 1942-1947 My pals in the stair were, Margaret Shepherd, Jeannie Anderson, and Moira Robertson, would like to hear from you..
Name:   Jeff and Mary Newman

Present Location:   Boksburg,South Africa

Leith Location:  The Fort.

Comment:  Living just outside Johannesburg. Two grown up daughters, one Granddaughter and another little one on the way, all good Hibbies.
Name.     Elizabeth Ainslie (now Flintoff).

Present Location.      Cleveland, England.

Leith Location;    Halmyre Street, 1943 - 1968  then moved to England. Went to Lochend Rd school, then Lorne Street and Norton Park.  Worked in Constitution St in Shipping office.


Comment: Great site, a friend in San Diego told me about it, love to read all the "stories"
Name: Maureen Logue

Your old Leith street:  88 Newhaven Road

Period of residence:20 years

Where you are now:  Ontario, Canada


Comments:  Went to Leith Academy primary and secondary. Came to Canada 1958....often wonder what happened to all the people I played with as a child.  I remember Rosemary Brown #5 Graham Street. She was a good bit younger than me but I remember her two older brothers.Thought of all the things we did. Back green concerts in the summer holidays. Playing down the Dam.... Names I remember Irene and Margaret McKay #7 Graham Street. June Watson #9. My Mother was born in #5 ground floor. Eva and her younger brother Charlie Murray at #8 her Gran lived across the street at #13.... We made our own fun then days no T.V. or computers.We played outside till dark.
Name;        Ann  (No surname supplied)

Your old Leith street:   East Thomas Street

Period of residence: 40s/50s

Where you are now:  Northern Ireland


Comments:  Anybody out there remember Grace Howarth (Wicklow ); children: Irene, Margaret, Frank and Michael, also deceased baby Grace?  Used to live at No 5.  Believed emigrated Canada sometime in the 50s.    Any info or pics would be really welcome. Daughter lost touch and would love her grandkids to know the rest of the family. Thanks in advance .
Name: Donna M Lewis (nee Wilcox)

Present Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Leith Location; Easter Road


Comment: Lived in Leith from 1967 to 2006. Then married and moved to Seattle. I went to Leith Links Primary, then on to Leith Academy Secondary School. You can take the girl out of Leith...
Name:  Isobel Taylor nee Webster

Your old Leith street:  19 Dock St

Period of residence: 1942-1957

Where you are now: Sydney, Australia


Comments:  This is a great site. I went to Couper St and Dr Bell's primary schools then Leith Academy. I had a few stints in Middleton House at Gorebridge (OK time) and once in Humby childrens village (pretty horrible experience).

I remember playing in the citadel a lot and watching the smiddie shoeing horses. A treat in the summer holidays was roaming all day to such like places as the puddocky on the water of Leith and up to Arthurs seat and Duddingston loch.

Portobello was another adventure where a big thrill ensued when the wave machine machine was switched on in the pool. I remember my older sister and pals using up entire sugar rations making tablet. My family emigrated in 1957.

I get back fairly regularly to visit my son who was born and grew up in Sydney but has lived in Scotland for 10 years. I'm visiting again in September and as always will take time to walk around the old haunts (what are left anyway) and check out the family plot in Seafield cemetery.
Name: Diane Glendinning (Bryant)

Old Leith street: Cadiz Street,

Period of residence: 1965-1973

Where you are now: Restalrig


Comments: My husband Davie was brought up in the old Kirkgate.  His back windows overlooked Yorkies yard. He went to Links primary then DK.  We met when he was "serving" his time with Gibsons Heirs in Elbe Street. I was at Norton Park then and was brought up in Lochend.  We went to the 7penny seats in the Palace during the week and the balconies in the State on Saturdays 2/6.   As we got older our Saturday nights were spent in the Dockers Club with Davies mum Ina (Willis) and dad Alex {Fish,fruit and flittins).  He often spoke of Puddicky and the Tallytoor. Our best man was Vic Haldane who moved to Australia, Hibby mad,if you visit his site. Vic I took your advice I'm "on the net",  Our bestmaid was Cathy Quinn who later married Billy (Piece) Reid from Burlington Street. Sadly Davie died very suddenly in 2004 but it would be lovely to hear from anyone who knew us from our Leith days.
Name: June Fergus nee Hunter

Old Leith Street: 102 Kirkgate Leith

Period of residence: 1940 - 1960

Where you are now: Ontario Canada


Comments:  I just found this site and was surprised to see so many people proud of being a Leither. I attended Leith Academy Primary in 1945 and went on to the High School until 1956. I got married in 1962 and have moved around Scotland and England before I finally landed in Canada in 1977. My cousin Ruth McRobbie (McClounnan) in is this list also. If anyone cares to get in touch I would be really happy about that.
Name. Irene Davies

Present Location..Australia.

Leith Location..44 Newhaven Rd Leith...1927-1956


Comments.   I am trying to find my mother's family. She lived in the house near the Tannery, her father John McLeod was the caretaker of the Tannery from 1926 to 1942 you may remember him. My mother was Elizabeth McLeod everyone called her Betty.She had a sister Margret and brother John. Her mother's maiden name was Margret Irvine, but she died in 1941.  She lived in Leith all her life and was very well known. After her mother died her father moved on to 16 Pitt St. and my mother joined the Air Force. Does anyone remember the Family? My mother came to Australia in 1957
Name:  John Stewart (sconey )

Present Location.  Wales

Leith Location.  Seafield Road


Comment:  Was born in the Eastern General Oct 1951 Attended Leith Links.  Played for the school team & won the Mackie Shield.  My dad was so proud.  Was also in the 14th Leith BB,s.  Remember going to the Capitol on Saturday morning to see latest films, then if i was good, my dad used to take me to the Salon on Sunday.  Also spent a lot of time cheering on the Monarchs at Meadowbank.  When I left school I worked in the docks for a while,then joined the Merchant Navy.  Came back to Leith after a couple of years and went to work in the Adelphi Hotel as a trainee chef.  I now live in a small village about 30 mins from Cardiff.  I`ve been here nearly 36 years now but im still a Leither.  Currently working for Network Rail ( 30 years this year ).  Anyone who remembers me please get in touch.  It would be nice to hear from you.  This is a brill site. It brings back so many memories.  If anyone has any old pics of Links p/s now St Marys I would love to see them.
Name: John Myles.

Present Location: .Dromana, Victoria,  Australia.

Leith Location:  George St/North Fort St


Comment: Saw a good few names I know from Leith. What a place. Keep it going.
Name: Frances Glover

Your old Leith street:  70 Lochend Road

Period of residence:1955 -1984

Where you are now:  Sydney Australia


Comments: My grannie Payne lived in Market Street Leith. My mums name is Annie Payne and she had 3 sisters, Mary, Sarah, Frances and 2 brother Charlie and Robert and my dad is Walter Glover.  We lived in Brickworks Close in the Kirkgate for a few years then moved to Lochend Road. I went to St Marys Star of the Sea primary school and St Anthonys Secondary.  I have a brother Walter and a sister Diana. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me !!
Name: Helen Patton (nee Dick)

Your old Leith street: 19 Dock Street

Period of residence: 1939-1954

Where you are now:  2 Prospect Bank Terrace, Leith


Comments:  I went to Couper Street Primary School 1940-1946 then David Kilpatrick Secondary 1940-50. Has anyone any old school photos?
Name:  Billy McPhillips

Your old Leith street:  26 Baltic Street

Period of residence: 1940 - 1956

Where you are now:  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Comments:  Lived Baltic Street. Went to Saint Mary's School in Yards Heads and Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 1945- 52 and St Anthony's 52 - 55.  Moved to Bingham Broadway 1956. Worked in Hill Thomson Frederick Street, then transferred to Hill Thomsom in Maritime Street Leith.

Went to work Melrose Drovers, Leith. Migrated to Manly near Sydney in Australia, in 1963.  Worked in Capitol Wires as supevisor,until moving to Queensland in 1972.  Worked with South East Queensland Electricity, later SEQEB, until Retiring in 2003.  Still living on the Gold Coast. Mother Cathie McGreavy, Dad also Billy McPhillips. Been back to Leith about a Dozen times. I still love Leith. Billy McP
Name: Jimmy Jordan

Your old Leith street:  30 Thorntree Street

Period of residence:1958-1994.

Where you are now:  Selkirk


Comments: Trinity Primary & Secondary from 1963-1976. 1st job Brownlees Timber Co bottom of Easter Road. Attended 4th Leith BB's, played for Links Boys Club. Best mate Gary Bremner (Beezer). Still waiting for Hibs to win Scottish Cup.
Name: Susan Spence (nee Lynch)

Old Leith street: 3/4 Ccrporation Buildings

Period of residence: 1943-1955

Where you are now: Bowling Green


Comments: I went to Dr Bells then DK schools. From there I went to Hill Thompsons Bond, then married and had 4 kids. Still going strong. Trying to find any news on Dot Christie who worked with me in the bond.  Married a gent called Bob who played in a band in the Rob Roy pub, and had 2 kids (boy called Scott and girl called Debbie) and moved to Canada in the late 60s.  Still proud to be a Leither
Name: No name supplied

Old Leith street: Lochend Park

Period of residence: ??

Where you are now:  ??


Comments:  This is a search. I would just like to hear from anyone who remembers the Kimmets from Leith
Name: Frank Ferri

Present Location:  Newhaven Edinburgh Scotland

Leith Location: Formerly of Ballantyne Road 1945 to 1958


Comment:  Attended St Mary's Star of the Sea School & St Anthony's
Name:  Colin Bingham

Present Location: Bathgate.

Leith Location. Pirie Street


Comment:  Lived in Leith from 1946 to when I married in 1976. My father worked as a shipwright/carpenter with Menzies and then Robbs. I worked with Currie Line in Bernard Street from 1961 - 1967
Name:  Paul Wilson

Present Location:  Musselburgh

Leith Location:    Prince Regent Street


Comment:  Lived in above street for 36 years before moving to Musselburgh
Name: Andrew Scott.

Present Location:    .Lochend

Leith Location: 46 Cables Wynd House.

Comment:  Lived in the banana flats from 1972 to 1984 then to Industry Lane untill 1996 when i got married and moved to Lochend. Theres only one Leith and Leithers can feel it in there bones and blood.
Name: Thomas (Tam)Ganson

Your old Leith street: Newhaven Main Street

Period of residence: 1939...1955

Where you are now:  Grimsby


Comments: Born Newhaven,1939, Victoria school, D.K. then moved down south.  Anybody remembers me please get in touch.
Name: Tommy Gourlay

Present Location.  Bristol England.

Leith Location..Primrose St.


Comment.. Went to Lochend School and Hermitage Park in the fifties.  When we moved from Ayr old man sailed out of Granton on the trawlers. Best time of my life
Name: Paul Wilson.

Present Location:  Falkirk

Leith Location. West Bowling Street.


Comment:    I am looking for an Alistair Sutherland who was born in 1950-51 and stayed in West Bowling Street, and knew a Rhona Brooksbank around 1968. Please get in touch.
Name. Richard (Dickie )Black

Present Location. Dalgety Bay and Torremuelle Spain

Leith Location  107 Old Kirkgate (Kinnairds Building) and 8 Junction Place (Fire Brigade Street)

Comment.  Born and brought up in the old Kirkgate until 1962 then moved to Junction Place, went to DK. 
Worked in John Temples as a Saturday Salesman (to make up my apprenticeship pay) on the corner now McKenzie and Millers.  My mother used to work there as a cashier there, she is still in Leith at the Cables Wynd ( Old Nurses Home ). She is called Ella Black married to my Dad Dick who is now desceased. My mother was a Courtney, my Grandad was Paddy Courtney who was a great man also at the Whaling in the 50s and 60s.  They were from the Citadel, big family. Now living between Dalgety Bay and Spain, working in the Oil Industry. Still come into Leith to see my Mother, also come in with George Mercer who used to live in Morton Street just off Duke Street for a couple of pints.

Present Location.  LIVINGSTON.

Leith Location. BALTIC STREET.


Name: Robert Traynor

Your old Leith street: 138 FFerry Road

Period of residence:1960-1979

Where you are now: 23 Edinhall Bank Musselburgh


Comments: Many memories at this school and I hope to hear from any of yous soon greetings from Rab

Old Leith street: 56 West Bowling Green St.

Period of residence:1947 to 1961

Where you are now: Kitchener Ontario Canada


Comments:  Went to Bonnington Rd. from 1947 to 1953 then Broughton Secondary till 1957. Saw Rab Wallace on the "wall" he was in my class at Bonnington and Broughton, have e-mailed him, hope to hear from him and any other old friends or schoolmates from that time. My best pal was Charlie Murray from Graham St. Still get Christmas cards every year ( been in Canada since 1968, only came for two years, still here !) Tommy Stewart from West Bowling green and George Hunter from Ferry Rd. were my other buddies, this is a great site, brought back many memories !!
Name: Anne Peacock (now Josiah)

Old Leith street: Born in Ann street 1950

Period of residence: 5 years

Where you are now: Brisbane Australia


Comments: Attended Saint Anthony's lived most of my young life in Craigentinny. Best times in the summer at the Portobello swimming pool and the 'wave machine' Portobello baths in the winter was another treat. Loved as a young girl going shopping around the Kirkgate shops and I used to work in Leith Provident store. Would go to the old Regent theatre or the George picture house on a Saturday. I remember as a young child being taken to the Gaiety theatre in Leith by my parents.  Happy childhood. Emigrated as a young woman to Australia. I have returned on a number of occasions and loved taking a walk down memory lane, also going to Piershill cemetary to pay my respects to family.
Name: Carol Duff

Old Leith street:106 Cables Wynd House/Banana Flats

Period of residence:1965-1982

Where you are now:New Zealand


Comments:Had some great times in Leith. All the kids used to play in the flats, tap door, run or kick the can, bullrush! We played in the the little concrete blocks that could be a bus or a plane or anything you wanted for hours. I do remember Helen, Donna and Kaye Meldrum who lived next door.
Name: Murdoch Stewart

Old Leith street:  24 Tennant Street


Where you are now: Longniddry East Lothian

Comments:  My wife read out your web site to me. As a very old Leither I enjoyed going through things. I started primary school (Bonnington Road) 1929. I played for the 1st eleven football team.  I also went on to be head prefect before going to Bellvue Secondary. I left school at 13 as WW ll  was about to begin.  Along with my 2 pals Harry White and George Shields we joined the home guard at Seafield.  Harry and I both joined the Royal Navy and George the RAF. I am a Leither and proud of it.  Murdoch
Name: Peter Clarke.

Present Location:       Dartford Kent

Leith Location:       6 Graham Street


Comment:    Born in Graham street 1947 moved to Gracemount 1957 then London 1964.  In the process of moving back to Edinburgh came across this site for the first time 10-12-08
Name; Jessie Lovell

Old Leith address: West Cromwell Street

Where you are now:  Tolbooth Wynd, Leith

E-mail :

Comment: Hi John I  have just found your site.  Found it very interesting as I`m a Leither through and through. I went to Couper st School and Fort St School primaries then David Kilpatricks Secondary.  I worked at Mckenzie and Storries printing.
Name: Norma Ross (nee Dorward)

Your old Leith street: Lorne Street

Period of residence: 1945 - 80

Where you are now: Argyll, Scotland


Comments:  I tell a lie - I actually only lived at 64 Lorne Street for the first few months of my life but visited my grandparents (Doward) there at least once a week for the next 13 years and then probably once a month until my aunt left in 1980. What happy memories of "The Store", St Cuthberts Co-op, where my aunt worked all her days and St Pauls church where my dad went to BBs, I was christened and was my aunt's bridesmaid. Of the athletics track behind the Hawkhill bakery where I competed in the high jump in 1957 (spirit still willing but flesh is weak!) and the allotments along St Clair on the way to Easter Road. Reading the names of all the places like the Vicky baths and Dr Bells is like listening to my dad talking to me. Thanks to all who contribute.
Name: John Clark

Your old Leith street: Argyle St.

Period of residence: 8 years

Where you are now: Cheshire England


Comments: Born Leith Hospital 1949. Went to Fort Street school until I was 8yrs old then moved toTelfor Rd at Crewe Toll.  Attended Ainsley Park till 15
Name:  Alex. Dickson.

Present Location: .Scotland.

Leith Location.. Easter Road..


Comment: Anyone know anything about what happened to the Andersons who lived in Sandport Street? He was a bus driver, she was a jolly, always smiling lady. Two daughters, Rena and Greta, who will be, hopefully, in their early seventies now. Lovely family.
Malcolm Scott [Scotty]

Old Leith street:  Morton St/Kirkgate Hse

Period of residence:1956/1976

Where you are now:Living in Edinburgh


Comments:  Have some great memories of my formative yrs.  Best Place In The World To Grow Up Fae the Marksman Bar to The Jungle[Kings Wark] 70on Brill  Names I Remember Donnie Sommerville, all fae that end o Leith or Tam Scott fae the other end or anyone in between  If You Remember Me Email Me I will always Reply
Dorothy Sinclair (Beechman).

Present Location..Limefield Gilmerton.

Leith Location.3 Bathfield Road.


Comment  Just found your site and have forwarded it on to my sister in Canada.  We lived at Bathfield Road from 1949 until 1965 when we moved to Ferry Road Avenue, then Dalry School house, as my dad was the Janitor there. Went to Fort Street school and then David Kilpatricks. My sisters names are Jessie, Frances and brother Jimmy, finding the site brings back lots of memories.
Jim McCaskell

Present Location..Portobello , Edinburgh

Leith Location. Brought up in Drum Terrace, Easter Road.


Comment. Brought up in Drum Terrace, Easter Road..1948 to 1966, moving then to Findlay Gardens, Lochend before being married. Joined Police Cadets on leaving School in 1964 and served as a Police Officer in Edinburgh, mainly in 'D' Division, Leith, until retirement in 1993. Not normally a Graffiti artist in view of my old profesion, but as this is a special wall...who cares!!!  Kind regards to all,Jim
Name:  Victor Haldane..

Present Location.  Melbourne Vic. Australia.

Leith Location. St Anthonys L ane close to St Marys school

E-mail  brocal au

Went to Dr Bells primary then on to D K secondary
Dianne Simpson (nee SMIBERT)

Old Leith street:  Hawthorne Vale

Period of residence: 1955

Where you are now:  Bradford, Ontario, Canada


Comments: My Dad Charlie Smibert was born and lived in Leith from birth 1931 - 55 before going to the Borders, He had a Pub at the time that was called the "Kings Arms" It is now someones house., I wonder if they new it once was a pub! He also went to Leith Academy. His Mother was Margaret (she ran the pub before her death ), Sister May and brother Harry., Does anyone remember him or my Gandmother? It would be great as I dont even have a picture of her and know nothing about her..Dianne Simpson (SMIBERT)

Old Leith street: Queens Street just off Tolbooth Wynd then Morton Street

Period of residence: 1949 (when born) to 1997

Where you are now: still in Edinburgh Gilmerton area


Comments: Brought up in Queen Street in a room and kitchen, played in Tolbooth Wynd with Joyce Wood (there is a bg family of them still see Joyce sometimes).  Nana lived in Tolbooth Wynd above Harold Browns - moved to Morton Street beside of the the names I have read on this wall, George Mercer and Jessie and Malcom Scott (he's my neighbour now) Robert Cairns, Norma Muir - went to Leith Link Primary 1955- 1961 then DK 1961 - 1966 - Didn't get around much form the age of 13 to about 18 as I was a swimmer and did a lot of training - My picture was in Leith baths for years along with Dot Henderson.  She was at DK too - when I stopped swimming then boy did I enjoy the Leith life - Do you know me get in touch - my best friend was Linda Brown at Primary and I would really like to get in touch with her she lived in Dock Place down the bottom and round the corner and the first stair - her dad was rich he had a car ?????.  My hsuband, Billy Calder (2 Waddell Place) is also a Leither along with my sons Lee (Big Lee or Buddy) and Murray and proud of it
James and John Sutherland

Old Leith street: 3/21 Corporation Street Buildings, 12 Restalrig Circus

Period of residence:1932-1952

Where you are now:Fresno, California


Comments:  I served apprenticeship with Henry Robb. I went to Hermitage Park and Bellview. My brother, John, went to Norton Park. He was a merchant seaman with Salvesen. We now live in California, but we visit Scotland often.
Name:  Murdo Stewart.

Present Location: Longniddry..

Leith Location: Tennant Street 1925 1946

E-mail.    mstewart22222223@toucansurf,com

Comment Anyone alive of my old pals?
Ellen Wood

Old Leith street: 14 East Thomas Street Edinburgh

Period of residence:  1958/59

Where you are now: Edinburgh


Comments: Does anyone have any recollection of this address?  Wondering if number 14 did exist and what family lived there during this time. Doing a geneology and this address came up, anybody out there who can help would appreciate it.
Name:   Pauline Welsh

Old Leith street: 103 Albany/Portland St.

Period of residence:  1956-1982

Where you are now: Gananoque, Ont. Canada


Comments:  Great site. Glad I found it. Keep up the good work!
Name: Marion McKay

Present Location: Aberdeenshire

Leith Location:    198 Bonnington Rd

E-mail: (my daughter)

Comment Would like to trace a couple of old friends. Moira Smith who lived in Stanwell street. Worked as a secretary at Leith hospital. She married John Banks then moved to the corner of Madeira St/ Ferry Rd. John Munro who lived at 42 North Fort Street. He was an apprentice joiner, great swimmer and piper with 1st Leith BB's and Leith Dockers. John's sister Mary was married at Seaton Hall, Newhaven. I also went to school with Joan Hall. We all attended David Kirkpatrick school 1947 - 1951.Haven't seen or heard from them in nearly 56 years and would like any information on how they are. Please reply to my daughter's email. Thanks Marion
Carole Stephen..

Present Location. Palm Desert, California.

Leith Location.he Tannery 44 Newhaven Road


Comment;  Want to hear from anyone who went to Trinity Academy from 1952-1964
Name:  Murdo Stewart

Old Leith street: 24 Tennant Street

Period of residence: 21 years

Where you are now:  Longniddry


Name: Carole Stephen

Old Leith street: 44 Newhaven Road, Bonnington         Tannery House

Period of residence: from 1948 -1964

here you are now: Palm Springs California


Comments: Wow what a great site. I went to Trinity Academy Primary school. My friends were Shirley Robinson, Sandra Wightman, Margo Burns, Anne Bell, Jennifer Frew, Kristin Lasman, Alan Peden, Ian Bracken ( deceased) John Bell, Roger Gibson, Alaistair Strackland, Donald McSween.

I live in California and own a Travel Company. I have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren. I danced in Jean Carnie`s Ladies Troupe for many years--somebody-anybody send me an email. Thanks
Name:  George Laurenson

Your old Leith street: 13 Fort Place

Period of residence: 1938-1959

Where you are now: Corsham, Wiltshire


Comments: I attended Trinity Academy for my school years. Served my time as a marine engineer in Menzes, then joined the RAF.  Married and came back to live in Ferrier Street. Stayed around until 1983 then moved south. Still miss Leith. I was also in the 2nd company Boys Brigade. Hope to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Name: Jennifer Layley nee Peters

Your old Leith street: St Clair Rd, Elmwood Ter. Links Gdns

Period of residence: 1946 -1967

Where you are now:  Newbury, Berkshire


Comments:   What a fab site, must tell my brothers Alex born 1929 and James born 1937. We all went to Leithie secondary, I went to the primary they went to Lochend Rd. Anyone remember the Cappie club on a Saturday morning?


Period of residence:1944:1965



Name: Graeme Eadie

Street Name: Rose Vale Terrace

Where you are now: Kirk Street


Comments:I moved to Leith in 1987.  Been here for 22 years now.
Name: June Roberts (Bill)

Old Leith street: 8 Argyle Street

Period of residence:1934 - 1955

Where you are now: Hamilton, New Zealand


Comments: I attended North Fort Street School, which I hated then D K which I loved. We used to dance in the Eldorado ballroom, and the Assembly rooms, magical days. Although we have lived in N.Z. for many years I still get homesick regularly. Each time I have been home I have still felt the same sense of belonging.I can see I am not the only one. A few names have sounded familiar, Billy Wright, Billy McCrae (MacCrae )to mention two I recognised. Best Wishes June Roberts.
Name: Betty and Ian Orchieson

Your old Leith street: 183,Gt Junction Street

Period of residence:1957-1967

Where you are now: Clackmannanshire


Comments: Ian & I were born and bred in Hawthornvale, Newhaven. Went to Newhaven school then David Kilpatrick's. I went on to work in the Leith Provident Fashions dept.  Ian worked in the Leith Provident Joiners Dept. My son Fraser came upon this web site and it has brought back lots of memories of people and times gone by. Betty Orchieson.Nee Oliver.
Name:William bulky Muir

Your old Leith Street: 14 Coburg Street Leith

Period of residence:1940

Where you are now: Portobello


Comments:like to know any old Leithers especially DK school or Henry Robbs shipyards that knew me

Old Leith street: 11 Bothwell Street

Period of residence: 1946-1955

Where you are now: Livingston, West Lothian


Comments: I was brought up in Bothwell Street and moved with the family to Telford Drive in 1955 when I was 9. Attended Leith Walk Primary School until 1955. I had a friend called Rose - can't remember last name who stayed in Brunswick Street. I attended Brownies at St.Pauls in Lorne Street, my aunt was Brown Owl (Miss McMurray). My older brother Bill was in 4th Leith BB's. My grandparents stayed 263 Leith Walk (McMurray), my dad was a trawlerman sailing out of Newhaven / Granton. My young brother James (Jimmy) was only a toddler when we moved in 1955.Anyone who thinks they remember either me or my family pse get in touch.
Name:  Lesley Collins

Present Location: Corstorphine.

Leith Location:...Giles Steet.

E-mail........Not supplied.

Comment:  Born in 1964 in Hawthornvale, moved to the 'brand new' flats in Giles Street, Leith when I was two. I'm now 44 and still look back on my childhood with great fondness. Leith was the best place to grow up. We had a magic time. Lots of kids all the same age and we all played together, rain or shine. I remember the Queen's silver jubilee, we had a huge street party that went on from morning til night, disco music blaring into the wee small hours, adults steaming and kids just high on the fun of the day. Brilliant. I remember the Leith parades, standing on Leith Walk watching all the lorries, the place buzzing. Leith community centre was a good place to go as well, took part in numerous talent competitions dancing to the latest hits which you listened to on a Sunday, doing the dishes after the sunday dinner. I remember going to the Band of Hope at the top of the street as well and singing my cups full and running over!! I could go on all night but I'll cut it there, I'm proud to be a Leither and I don't think it ever leaves feel priveliged. .
Name:  Jim Wallace..

Present Location: Hamilton Ontario.

Leith Location: .5 Assembly Street..

Comment: Attended Links School 1932-1939 David Kilpartick's 1939-1941. Lived at Assembly Street from 1927 until I got married in 1946, and got a house on Broomhouse Street North, (It was nice living there then) I was a cabbie in Edinburgh from 1952-1967 a member of City Cabs. until emigrating to Canada. We return for a visit quite frequently and are pleased to see Leith hasn't changed too much, except for the poor old Kirkgate. Glad to see 5 Assembly street still stands looking great after being sand blasted. The Eldorado Dance Hall was our favourite haunt, met the wife there. She was a worker at Crawford's Biscuits on Elbe Street. Her name then was Betty Baxter
Name: Kathryn James (now Henry)

Old Leith street:106 Bonnington Road

Period of residence:1949 (birth)-1959

Now:Penicuik, Midlothian


Comments:  Great site. I attended St Mary's Star of the Sea from 1954-1961 and went to St Thomas of Aquins from 1961-1965. I had 2 brothers, Michael and Sandy, who went to Holy Cross primary and Holy Cross secondary and one sister, Linda, who went to Holy Cross primary and St Thomas of Aquins secondary. My parents also came from Leith. My father John James was in the Merchant Navy, and I think lived in Henderson Street, and my mother Catherine (Cathie) Lamb from the Lamb family (Jean, Cathie, Betty, Margaret, Pat, Jimmy and Molly) who lived in Corunna Place. If anyone remembers me or my family please get in touch.
Name: Richard Taylor

Old Leith street: Ferrier street

Period of residence: 1963 1967

Now: Edinburgh


Comments:  I lived there for a number of years, with a whole load of us sharing the one house. It was my granny's house i think. Liz Stoneham was her name, probably the best one out the whole family.
Name: Bob Sneddon

Your old Leith street: 105 Giles Street ,Leith

Period of residence:1946 to 1951

Where you are now: Dunfermline

Comments:  Went to Dr Bells School and my teacher was a Mr.Corbett,a horrible wee man.Used to go to the Band of Hope for a free bun and a cup of tea,and was saved every week after the lantern show.
Name: John Banks (Skinny)

Old Leith Street:  West Bowling Green street 1959-61; Kirkgate House 1961-82

Still here in Sunny Leith


Comments:   Was married, have 1 boy 23yrs old, Was at Bonnington, Dr Bells, DK then Trinity. Left school (eventually) served my time as a Caulker/Burner in Henry Robbs shipyard, left Robb's when it closed worked in the SAI for a year as a labourer then went into Shiprepair, was a tiler for a year then delivery driver for Hewden hire.

I now work offshore as a Rigger/Welder on ships and I am soaking it up like a sponge. While at school I deliverd papers in Leith hospital,delivered milk down Bonnington road as far up as Anderson place, worked for Rodgers the chemist washing out old medicine bottles and dusting down shelves, and worked for Methvens fish shop putting unsold fish back in freezer and scrubbing down the slabs and shop with bleachy water. Now that's enough about work. I love holidays, I have seen quite a bit of this small planet above and below the sea,

I do Scub diving as a hobby and I would dive in a muddy puddle if it was deep enough. I see my self as a social binge drinker, I go out once a week and drink as much as I like and try and meet as many old and new freinds as I can, as I don't have a local I just move from pub to pub. One of my biggest gripes is, it is bad enough putting up with our home grown beggars but now someone is importing them into our Leith from all over Europe.  Love On Ya's Leithers. Take Care.
Name: Wilma Tatnell nee Arundel

Old Leith street: 9 Graham Street

Period of residence:1947 - 1968

Where you are now: Portland, Victoria, Australia

Comments:   Lived at Graham Street until emigrating to Australia in 1968. My mum was Cathy she worked at E.Chalmers & Co. in Newhaven Road. My dad was Alex or Sandy and he was a docker. I have two older sisters Betty and Margaret who are both still in Scotland. I attended Bonnington Road and then Leith Academy Secondary. If anyone remembers me or my family please get in touch.
Name: Norma Clouston nee Munro

Old Leith street:  Restalrig Kemps Corne

Period of residence :1943- 1954

Where you are now:still in Edinburgh


Comments: Our playground was in front of Munrospun great for roller skates I delivered papers to the "Squatters House" and visited the stable there with Margaret Walkinshaw, Andrie Thompson grandaughter he kept his horse and cart thereI went to Leith Academy 1953-1956.3c1My first job S.C.W.S Links Place as an office junior.Left school on the Friday and stared work on the Monday aged 15.One of the juniors job was to deliver invoices for orders to the huge wharehouse favourite was the chocolate house The banana room was on the top floor.Left two years later to go to the Dean College
Name: :  John Duff

Your old Leith street:

Period of residence:

Where you are now: Cleveland


Comment: Trying to find Jonathan Duff.  His father is Jack Duff,  mother Carol Duff
Name:   J Ward

Old Leith street:37 Bowling Green Street

Period of residence:

Where you are now:Highlands


Comments: Hi, Can anyone remember Jessie Allan who stayed at 37 Bowling Green Street in 1942.She married James Brown in the same year. Jessie worked in the Rope factory back then. It would be great to find one of you leithers who can remember her.
Name: Don Munro.

Present Location..Australia

Leith Location


Comment: A grand Aunt of mine, Catherine (Katie) Helliwell was killed in the first bombing raid in Leith. I wondered if anyone could tell me where I could find information about this. I thought I might have hit the jackpot when I came across John Helliwell from Canada on this site but he must have changed his address from that shown, so if you read this John, could you email me.Regards, Don
Name: George Thomas.

Old Leith street: Graham Street

Period of residence:1946 to 1967

Where you are now: Mid calder West Lothian


Comments: Came across this site by accident. There a few names I recognise.G00d to see that Leithers do not forget where they come from.
Name: Norrie Bain

Present Location: Worcs

Leith Location: Hamilton Street


Comment:  Happy Memories, Great wee place Leith
Name  Clark Murray

Present Location. Newhaven.

Leith Location.Lapicide place..


Comment:  Great site keep it up. if anyone remembers me please e mail
Name; Margaret Manson.

Present Location. Warwick

Leith Location.Bangor Road.


Comment:  Went to Bonnington Road School in 1930 . Lived in Bangor Road then moved to Granton in 1934. Went to Granton School.  Lived in Wardieburn Street west then on to Bellevue. Worked in the wire works and Bruce Peebles. Went to the old Picardy Dance Hall and to Fairlies at the top of Leith Street.  Those were the days my friend so if any one remembers me would they please get in touch.
Name: Jean Johnstone

Old Leith street: Other side.(GREENSIDE)1 CUDDY LANE.

Period of residence:1942-1954



Comments:  Hi would love to hear from anyone from Greenside very fond memories of my roots never forgot where i was born-bred, so if anyone would like to email me that would be really great hope to hear soon .Jean Johnstone.
Name:  Lucy Arnold/ Edwards

Old Leith street:  Kirkgate

Where you are now:East Lothian


Comments:  I am looking for anyone who knew Brian Edwards(b.1956/d.1996) his mother Margaret Gilroy/Edwards/Lund(b.1926/d.1985) or father Albert Edwards(b.1930/d.1985) of Redbraes Place . All three were born and bred in Leith. I am Brians daughter and I am trying to trace my family tree, If anyone knows anything that may help me please get in touch. Thanks Lucy
Name: Doreen Ingebrigtsen (Nee Gillespie)

Your old Leith street: 50 Albion Road

Period of residence: through 1967

Where you are now: Minnesota, USA

E-mail: ingebrigtsendoreen@yahoocom

Comments: Went to Leith Walk Primary before immigrating to Australia in 1967 when I was 11 years old, now in the USA. I'd love to make contact with any of my old classmates!! Valerie Meachan, Sylvia Campbell, David Plastow, James McLaughlin, Carol Slater, Moira Wilson!!!!
Name.Fiona Lyall.

Present Location.  Leith.

Leith Location..Hermitage Park Primary School.


Comment   2010 is the centenary year for Hermitage Park and we are looking for old class photographs and past pupils memories of their time here.
Name: Helen Gibson (nee Mackie)

Old Leith street: 30 Prince Regent Street

Period of residence: 1947-1968

Where you are now: Melbourne, Australia


Comments: Lived in Prince Regent Street until married (Ron Gibson, Granton) in 1968 and lived in Stockbridge until we moved to Australia in 1969. Been back several times, but sadly no family left in Leith now. My dad, Alec Mackie, owned the Barber's shop at 6 Bonnington Road (next to Ard's radioa and TV shop) until he sold it to Ard's due to ill health in 1964 or 1965. Our last visit to Leith was 2009
Name: Albion Road Youth Club

Your old Leith street: East Thomas Street

Comments: Any "old" members still around?


Period of residence: 1962 TO 1983

Where you are now: NORWICH / ENGLAND

Comments:  Lived at Pirniefield Bank for all of my childhood, dad had Seafield Coachwork's use to open up for him ever spare minute I had   Use to love playing football in the links against the big boys, as we use to call them, went to Leith Links Primary school & then Leith Academy secondary school, played football for Edina Hibs went to the USA in 1974, and played at the Aztecs ground.  Met the great Pele there, got all our names put in lights after the game.  We beat them 3-0.

Hibs are in town the board said. So many friends at Pirniefield Bank it would be good to see them again one day. I know a lot of them are all over the world & even some are dead, Christ we are only in our 50's.

Also had so many years going to see the great hi-bees, you know your not born a hibby, your born with the green blood running through your veins. Please drop me a e-mail at cheers David.



Comment: I was born in 1952 at 24 Prince Regent St. I lived there until 1966.The family remained in Leith until the 90's, the latter part being in Academy St.

My father George Neill lives in Joppa now, whilst my brother George moved back to Leith from London 10 years ago. Our good neighbours in Prince Regent St. were the Sommervilles, Granny Baxter,Mrs Drury, the Andersons, the Cunninghams and the Thompsons. Does anyone remember us.
Name: John Gibb

Your old Leith street: 54 Lorne St

Period of residence  1955 to 1967

Where you are now: Florida but live in Canada


Comments: Spent all my childhood running around these streets and have fond memories
Name;  Stuart Watt.

Present Location..Lorne Street

Leith Location. 18 Burlington Street


Comment:  What a good site, nice to see so many of the old block B surviving.  I well remember the old sawmill 2 policemen Percy and darky Johnson Mrs Keggie`s shop and good old Bonnington school.  MISS ANDERSON as well as down PETRIES basement during the air raids.  I done Bangor Road run with the store milk. I bet you can all remember your mums store number
Name: B Miller

Your old Leith street:Lapicide Place

Period of residence:1955/1978

Where you are now: Bonnyrigg Midlothian

E-mail: In complete

Comments:  None supplied
Name; Michelle Hardy

Your old Leith street: 37 Bowling Green Street Leith Edinburgh

Period of residence: Grandfather Donald Allan lived there up to 1940's

Where you are now: Worksop Notts


Comments:   I am looking for information about Donald Allan (born approx 1916) or Margaret Allan whose parents were Jessie Allan and James Russell Allan.
Name:  Lorna Paterson (nee Duncan)

Your old Leith street:18 Hawthornvale

Period of residence:from 1946-1963

Where you are now: Northamptonshire


Comments:   This is a wonderful site and makes me happy and sad at the same time. The memories come flooding back every time I read the comments on Newhaven and Leith. I attended Trinity Primary and Secondary. I lived with my mum (who was widowed when I was 2 years of age) and grandparents Isaac and Margaret Gray.

I married John in 1968 and have two sons Iain 38 and Ross 37, both married - Ross has two children. I get back to Leith almost every year and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me..
Name: Margaret Woolsey nee Raeburn, no Leith St. Address.

Mother is buried in Seafield Cemetery Leith ( that's how I found this site)


Comment:  Was born in Edinburgh 1925 District of Dalry. Lived Portobello during war years, Worked at Bruntons Musselburgh. also Victory Cinema Portobello, Piershill  Cinema, then joined the WAAF 1949 which after 6 months became Women's Royal Air Force.. 5 1/2 years.

2 years in middle east. 107 MU Kasfareet Suez Canal Zone Egypt 14 months then 10 months RAF Habbanyia Iraq..

Came to Canada 1956.. Then in between years were in Chinnor Oxfordshire, worked at Hordern and Richmond,,,I made the first panels for the Sidney Allard Special Fiber Glass 3 wheeler car. I still get choked up when I hear the Pipes.or the flings. Thank you so much..
Name: Alex Farquhar

Old address: 94 Craigmillar Castle Avenue Edinburgh

Period of residence:a good15 years

Still in Edinburgh


Comments:I am tryingto find out about the Musselburgh Giants cycle speedway for whom I rode for a wee while just for starters

Present Location:  LIVINGSTON.

Leith Location:   5 STANWELL STREET


Comment: Stayed 5 stanwell street 1962 1974. sighthill 1974 1987 livingston 1987 still here.
Name: Sandra Cooper

Your old Leith street: Ferrier Street.

Period of residence:   Born there in 1958 not sure how long my parents were there.

Where you are now: Kelso. Scottish Borders. (Hoping to live in Spain soon)


Comments:  I was born at 8 Ferrier Street on 6th February 1958. Mum Marjorie Fergie Proudfoot. ( She worked in a shoe shop somewhere nearby). Dad Douglas Johnston Cooper ( Worked on the railway at St Margarets).

Unfortunately in September 1958 when I was only 7 months old my Mum died in the house, she was on her own that day with me and wasn`t found for about 3 hours. (I think my Dad was at work) Does anyone who lived at this address,  I assume it was a tenement remember this incident?

I have been told that there was a few Proudfoots living in Ferrier Street at this time. If anyone has any info please get in touch. I would like to know what life was like in Ferrier Street was there any shops or businesses.? I have heard that there was a pawn shop that was very busy!!

Not long after my Mums death My Dad and I went to live with his Mum and Dad at the Leith Walk end of McDonald Road. Will be glad to hear from anyone who might have known my family.

Webmaster:  This is so sad Sandra.  I do hope you get a response to your plea.  I wish you well in your proposed move to Spain.  You can always keep in touch with Oldleither.

Present Location..EDINBURGH

Leith Location...BALLANTYNE ROAD.

Name: Moira Boyd Reid)

Old Leith street::  4 Burlington Street (wee dykie)

Period of residence:1943-1976

Where you are now: Restalrig


Comments:  My Mum, myself and my son George were the last to leave the wee dykie because we held on to try and get Leith but it wasn`t to be. mum got Pilrig and I got Restalrig. Have been in my present house 34 yrs yesterday.
Name: John Brady

Present Location   England

Leith Location..Tennant Street


Comment:  I lived in Tennant Street in the 1960s I was born 1954, My parents were Mary Brady nee Sneddon. My father John Augustas Brady who died in 1961.  I would like to know if anyone remembered my mum and dad. My oldest brother was Forbes, then Joe, Tom, Scot, Any info would be great.
Name:   Michele Cooper.

Location. Fountainbridge.

Leith Location.  Ballantyne Place, Elbe St, Bangor Rd, Springfield Street, Bowling green st

Name: Paul Paterson

Present Location: Australia

Leith Location: 9 Graham Street


Comment:  I lived in Graham Street until I was five. My Grand parents were Jean and Jock Paterson - Love to hear from anyone who remembers them?
Name:   Lorraine Mclelland

Old Leith street: Stanwell Street

Period of residence:11 years

Where you are now: Livingston


Comments:Stayed in Stanwell Street till part way through Secondary School Bonnington Primary then Trinity Academy.Got brother Kevin and sister Sarahanne. Still best friends with Lesley Maughan who lived round the corner in Bonnington Road. Working now in St John's Hospital have two daughters one grandchild Amy. Like to hear from anybody who remembers us.
Name: Kevin Mclelland

Old Leith street: Stanwell Street

Period of residence: 1962 to 1974

Where you are now: Livingston

Name;  Cathy Welch nee Clark

Present Location:Canada

Leith Location: Sandport Street


Comment:  We lived at 45 Sandport Street went to Couper St School and DK for a time I stayed at 5 london row also anyone out there remember our family I have two sisters Anne and Dolores.  Great Site John
Name: Dolores Clark

Old Leith street: 45 Sandport Street;  5 London Row

Period of residence: 1948-1957, 1962-1967

Where you are now: British Columbia, Canada


Comments: I love reading through all the stories posted on the wall. My how people have travelled. My family moved to Canada when I was nine and then back again to Scotland as my mum (Betty Clark) missed her family. I returned to Canada on my own when I was 18 and within the next couple of years the rest of my immediate family followed. I still have many lovely relatives in Scotland and will always consider it my "home".I attended Dr Bell's as well as DK. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Name:  William Wallace.

Present Location.Leith.

Leith Location:   Academy Park


Comment: Born & brought up in East Cromwell Street from 1945-1959.Would like to hear from anyone who thinks they know me. A lot of people may remember The Wallaces!! big family,there were Robert,George,Janette,Agnes,Elizabeth and Thomas I think everyone knew the Walaces then. So if there is anyone who still remembers me it would be great to hear from you.WaWa (that was my nick name)
Name:  Jane Norrey (formerly Towler)

Your old Leith street: 38 Seafield Road, Leith

Period of residence: n/a

Where you are now: Northampton, England


Comments: PLEASE READ:Bit of a cheat as I have never actually lived in Edinburgh but I am desperately trying to trace someone who did? Came across this site by accident and am hoping someone may be able to assist in this search which has been ongoing for such a long time now?

My father's mother, Margaret MacGregor or Towler, had a little girl called Elizabeth MacGregor on 20th July 1938 at Western General Hospital, the usual residence (according to the birth certificate) was given as 38 Seafield Road, Leith. Margaret was married at the time to a James MacGregor but it seems Elizabeth was not his child.

Does anyone recall anything that may help me discover what happened to Elizabeth - as her mother Margaret returned to Aberdeen around 1945ish without her daughter!

In the early 1950's my father stayed at this address with a friend of his mothers but cannot remember her name, it was on the top third floor and looked out over the Forth Bridge though? At this he was unaware of Elizabeth's existence at this time, unfortunately.

My father is now almost 80 years old and we would dearly like to find out the truth, please contact me if any of these names mean anything to you.Many thanks in advance and for taking the time to read this plea.  Regards  Jane
Name: Sheila Wallace nee Steedman.

Your old Leith street:Granton Medway,Bowling Green Street.

Period of residence:18 years Granton Medway 7years Bowling Green Street

Where you are now: Academy Park


Comments: I was born in Granton Medway in 1941. Ihad 4 brothers James,Edward,Stanley  Walker who was half brother then Davie Walker who was a step brother.

James and Edward had a band called the "Jaguears"(they were very good)this was in the late fifties and early sixties. Edward had the nick name Big Steedie. I met a guy from East Cromwell Street 45 year ago got married; had two kids now have two grand kids. So if there is anyone out there who may have known my brothers or know Willie (Wee Wa Wa)or myself we would love to hear from you.

Your old Leith street: Brickworks Close, Market Street, Lochend Road

Period of residence: Born 1953 - 1984

Where you are now:Sydney, Australia


Comments: Went to St Marys primary then St Anthonys - Grannie Payne lived in Market Street. Granny Glover lived in Brickworks Close - used to do silverstripping in St Marys Church hall.  Also played overhead ball (never met anyone else who played) on the roof of the church hall.

Remember Tollbooth Wynd ice cream shop and Mr Hill the toy shop. Jeffries in Market Street - Mum (Annie Payne) is 90 and Dad Walter Glover is 88. They live here in Sydney both well. I have a sister Diana (Sydney) and Walter (Musselburgh )will be visiting Scotland in Sept 2010 Never been back for 12 years.  Catching up with a few old school friends from St Anthonys Georgina Lynch and Margaret Methven also Kate Gormley. I remember Hobbins selling newspapers at the fit o the walk.
Name; Sandra Muir nee Ramage

Your old Leith street:  4 Fort Place Market Street

Period of residence: 1944-1957

Where you are now: Loanhead outside Edinburgh


Comments: I am always proud to say I came from Leith and have happy memories of playing in Tolbooth Wynd with the Woods and Margaret Reid. If anyone remembers me I would be glad to hear from them.
Name: Sandra Brown nee French

Your old Leith street:  88StAndrew Street

Period of residence:1 945-1958

Where you are now:Salford Manchester England

Comments:I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Leith.I went to Dr.Bells from 1950 to1956.
Name: Alex Smith

Your old Leith street:  96 Duke St

Period of residence:1952 to 1959

Where you are now:  Republic of Ireland

Comments: I went to St Marys Star of the Sea school from 1955 to1959 then moved to Gilmerton Dykes Drive.

My father was Alexander Smith born Lochend my mother was Emily born Blackfriers St Edinburgh. My father worked on the railway at St Margarets.  Sadly both passed away. Some names I remember from Duke St. Mary Davidson, dad was a lory driver for the railway, Franky Glashen, John Henderson who had 2 sisters.  The Hendersons moved to Austrailia around 1955/56 I remember fondly Johnies chip shop. Would like to hear from anyone that knows me or anyone that has any class pics from those years, the best years of my life God bless Leith

Your old Leith street: 125 RESTALRIG RD SOUTH

Period of residence: 1950-1970

Where you are now:  LEITH


Name: Davy Ronald

Present Location: Winchburgh, West Lothian.

Leith Location...Duke Street, Fit o the Walk

Comment:  Born at 100 Duke Street then moved to 96.  I recognise a couple of names on the Wall, Bobby Emlay and Eric Kerr.  Wonder if they remember playing in the big backgreen which stretched the full length of the tenement I was married to Cathie in 1953 in the church halls right across from my entry. Remarried in 1883 after moving to Winchburgh for my work.
Name. Neil Nisbet.

Present Location: Phoenix AZ. USA.

Leith Location. Wilkie Place


Comment: Found this great site by accident, Lived in Leith from 1941-1951 across from old Leith Fort. Great memories Fort Street school DK's secondary. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Name: Gordon Smith

Present Location...Perth WA.

Leith Location. Above Munrospun on Loganlea Rd, then 143 Restalrig Road and then 141 Leith Walk

Comment: I remember walking down Restalrig road to get to school and was glad when we moved to Leith walk! My Grandad, Val Smith, lived at 12 Sleigh Drive and always took me to meet his cronies at the foot of the walk. My Dad, also Val, worked for the Post Office and seemed to know everyone! I went to Leith Academy and loved the school so much I decided to become a teacher! Now teaching in WA but still a Leither
Name. Lynn Lloyd was Mcgurk nee Murray.

Present Location.Bletchley Buckinghamshire

Leith Location.Ballantyne Road.

Comment: I was so pleased to find this site. I lived at 3/12 Ballantyne Road between1951 and 1965. There was a big squad of us used to play in the square and also down the piggery.

People who lived there then were Bonita Ferri, Lizzie,Heather and Gordon Campbell,Katie Boyle, Lizzie Burns and all her siblings; Kenny, Robbie, Rosemary, Violet, Ian, George, Sandra, Willie and Brian. Also on the top floor was Joyce Tullock and Mamie West.

Over on the other side were Katy Lundgren, Dot Mcgaw, Lorraine ?, Sylvia Rankeillor, Yvonne Rae. Most of the boys we knew came from Bowling Green St, although one mate called Yvonne Marshall lived there, The lads were Ian Williamson, John and Robert Telford, Willie Ross and others whose names escape me at the moment.

I went to Bonnington Road School then DK for my sins lol. Would love to hear from anybody from those days. We are all getting older now and it would be nice to catch up.
Name.Jim White.

Present Location. Stafford, Staffs,England..

Leith Location. 18,Henderson Gdns..


Comment Lived in the Gdns from 1940 to 1955. Attended Dr Bells then Leith Academy. Enlisted in the RAF Boys Service then signed on till 1980. Now living in Stafford
Name: Frances Cory nee Brooksbank

Your old Leith street: 91 St Andrews Street

Period of residence:1939-1950

Where you are now: Cheyenne Wyoming


Comments: I just found this site and was so happy but now I dont think anyone is using it if anyone reads this please send me an email just so I know someone is still using this site thanks Fran
Name: Dorothy Pitts nee Bennett

Old Leith street: Coburg Street

Period of residence:1946-1951

Where you are now: Northampton UK


Comments: Born at Sleigh Drive. Mother Anne Bennett. Taken into care and childrens home about 1951.
Name: Joe Brooksbank.

Present Location: .South Wales, UK.

Leith Location:.St Andrews Street..

Comment:  Born at 91, St. Andrews Street 27th February 1942 to 1953, Joined the Army, travelled, eventually settled in South Wales.
Name: John Young

Your old Leith street: :20 (also9) Lapicide Place

Period of residence: ADAMS family from 199 up 70 1970s

Where you are now: Hampshire


Comments: Looking for info on Thomas Adam (1853-c1915) his wife Ophelia Adams (1858-1915) and daughter Emma (b 1879 Leith). My mother was in correspondence with 20 Lapicide up to the 1970s or later. I am trying to find out who lived at this address. I guess it must have been Emma and/or her child. I would be grateful for any information on ADAMS family at Lapicide Place. Many Thanks.
Name: Mary Wiles (nee Love)

Present Location.  Texas USA.

Leith Location.  23 Market Street.


Comment   I was born in the top flat of 23 Market Street (1943); my Mum and Dad were Elizabeth and Alexander Love (nicknames Jeannie and Eckie); moved to Southhouse Broadway, then onto 3 Restalrig Crescent.

My Dad worked at Leith Docks for many years, actually until he died when we lived on Restalrig. My Mum used to be called "sunshine" I have lost track of my parents' family and would love to know if anyone remembers them.

Had brothers Alex (rigger at Leith Docks) and Johnnie Love, Davey Love and sisters Betty and Agnes. Went to school at Dr. Bell's (favourite teacher there was Mr. Aitken)then on to "Daft Kids" for my secondary. Now live in Texas.

My Mum had lots of brothers and sisters whose names I can't quite recall. Any information would be just grand. My Dad had a brother who lived in Lochend (Willie) and another John McConachie (Red Braes).

By the way I've been told that there never was a Market Street in Leith, but my niece Sandra and I are here to tell you in person that there was definitely a Market Street.

Johnny a'things, on Henderson Street was great fun. Jeffreys had a building across from the hoose and my niece Sandy and I watched the Queen's coronation at the Veteran's Hall. Kingdom Hall where my Mum served tea and biscuits, as was the Band o' Hope, the Brokie Buildings where Sandy and I spent lots of great times playing shops wi' broken glass and stones.
Name:  Jimmy Forbes

Your old Leith street:  37 Bowling Green St

Period of residence: 1932 1956

Where you are now: 5/1 Kingsknowe Court, Edinburgh

Comments: Sisters Nancy Ruthie Madgie brothers David Alex John
Name: Bill Aldred.

Present Location:  Kirkcaldy, Fife 

Leith Location:  No.7 Hamilton Street


Comment:  Lived in Hamilton Street from 1941-1949 then moved to Granton. Went to North Fort Street Primary, Remember the old slate noteboards?

Visit Leith occasionally to see old haunts but a lot now are a distant memory.If anyone remembers me drop me a line...Always a Leithy at Heart.
Name: Moira Smith(Cunningham)

Present Location: .Ferry Road

Leith Location...36 West Bowling Green Street


Comment:  Stayed at West Bowling Green 1950-53 then moved to 185 Broughton Road(Redbraes)until 1972 - attended Stanwell Street Nursery until 1955 and can remember Bonnington Road full of shops like Ewarts the jewellers,bakers opposite, chemist and sweetie shops. Also Barry's the rag store where you used to get a balloon if you had any rags! I used to get my scraps from Bobby's bookshop in the Kirkgate and spent many an hour sitting on the stairs or pavement changing scraps. Can anyone remember the fishwife with her barrow at the top of Bangour Road and the penny savings bank in Leith Provident Store in Bangour Road. Leith was a good shopping area back then with the big Leith Provident and Allans in Junction Street where you used to get your school blazers and shoes! All these memories are flooding back . My brother's name is Alex Wilson who went to Bonnington Road School and Bellevue Secondary. My mum and dad both worked in Brown Brothers.
Name:   Scott Hughson

Present Location:  .Toronto Canada

Leith Location: Great Junction Street

Added from August 2007
Added from June 2010
Added from August 2008
Added from August 2007
Added from August 2009
Name:  Dorothy Christie Rowan

Leith Location:  Albert Street Street.

New Location since 1967: Portland, Ontario.


Comment: Worked in Hill Thomsons Whisky Bond

Comment:  Married to Robert (Bob) Rowan from Marionville Drive, Edinburgh.

Webmaster Comment.  I was in Billy Rowan`s class at Leith Academy 1946/49.  Get your e-mail address on please if you want people to contact you.  As well as this, the Roll Call.
Name: Bill Baxter.

Present Location...Hastings, Minnesota  USA.

Leith Location...11 Albert Place,


Comment;   I went to Scotland from Canada in 1939 Worked at Henry Robbs;  Jamaica Rubber and Wm Brydons boiler shop. I shure miss old Leith..
Name: Willie Bell

Born Elsie Inglis 1944.

Present Location.  Ladywell Livingston.1971 -  Present.

Leith Location; 8 Fort Pl 1944 - 1965, 60 Tennant St 1965 - 1971 


Comment   Went to Fort Street Primary 1949-56 Leith Academy 1956 59.  Only discovered this site recently, utterly amazing. Made contact through website with school chum had not seen for 50 years. Keep up the great work John

Date submitted:6th October 2010

Your old Leith street:  64 Hawthornvale

Period of residence:1957 until 1969

Where you are now: Liberton, Edinburgh


Comments:  Went to Trinity Academy Primary (1962-1969) and George Watson's Ladies' College (1969-1975.   My father Thomas Robertson lived in Bangor Road and my mother Bertha Cochrane lived at 50 North Junction Street.  I have an older sister Irene.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of us.  I am married with a son 29 and a daughter 26.
Name: Sandra Hay, nee Marr

Date submitted:10/10/10

Your old Leith street:Arthur Street

Period of residence:1961/73

Where you are now:Dalkeith

Comments: Born in 1961, lived in Arthur Street, went to Bonnington primary school, remember some of the teachers, Mrs Richardson, Miss Ramsay, Mr Tuck the janny! Miss Ovenstone and Mr Small. Dr.Bells.  attended brownies and guides at St.Pauls, Lorne St...    Sunday school at St.Andrews mission hall, at the end of Arthur Street. sister Evelyn(now deceased) and brothers Syd, and the youngest Calum.  remember great fun playing in the street getting up to allsorts, raiding the fruit merchants yard, Weirs the egg merchant,  plundering Katie Beardys pear tree.  and collecting for the bonny, which always got rifled by the Buchanan Street gang!!!!  those were the days!
Name;  Rae Beatson:

Date submitted: 22 October 2010

Your old Leith street: 9 Kirk Street

Period of residence:Born 1942 till 1966

Where you are now: Dalkeith


Went to Dr Bells then DK then Torphichen Commercial College.
Name: Hughie Gray

Date 25 Oct 2010

Your old street: 31 Granton Medway

Period of residence: 1942 1960

Where you are now:  Brisbane Australia


Comments: I was Born  at 31 Granton Medway    The top house  just over from the Anchor Inn.
My dad  worked with Gas works and then Redpath Brown up Easter  Road.  I Went to Royston school  and then to Whittinghame  House school in East Lothian.  Been back to Edinburgh a few times

As a kid  I played down Granton harbour;  did  landings on the trawlers for pocket money. My mum was an Edmonstone from 5 Mulberry Place opposite Pitt Street Leith.

The Love of my life Morna Turnbull who is  now seventy odd
also lived in Pitt Street.

I have a son in Edinburgh Somewhere  That I have now lost touch with since  he last moved house.  His name is Alistair Turnbull  and I believe he now owns and drives a Taxi. If anybody  knows him please  give him my e Mail address, it would be nice to make contact again.

I am a writer / Novelist  and  I am sure I could write a book,  about some of the places I knew in Leith  and Granton.  Great place to be born  and great People.  Pity about the weather,  I cant stand the cold   This is  a good wee site.   I hope everyone will  have a good day from Sunny Brisbane, Australia,
Name: Bill Aldred

Present Location..Kirkcaldy.

Leith Location:Hamilton Street


I was born in Leith Hospital 1941, Lived in 7 Hamilton St ,Leith from 1941-1949.
Went to North Fort Street School.
Anyone can contact me.
Name: Jim Carr

Date submitted:  Nov

Your old Leith street:  294 Easter Road

Period of residence:1943 1954

Where you are now: Corstorphine Edinburgh


Went to Lorne St school - 4th Lifeboys - St Pauls church- played football for school Hawkhill- Collected beer bottles at Easter Road stadium for pocket money from Wisharts pub - Lived in Pilton and joined post office as a telegram boy. I worked for 44 years in post office and BT d..Still working when not on the golf course....
Name; Andrew W W Scott

Present Location: Whangarei New Zealand

Leith Location:   20 Coatfield Lane



Born at Western General Hospital October 1943
Lived at 3 Albert St for 3 years then we moved to 20 Coatfield Lane from 1946 till 1962.

I now live in New Zealand and have done for most of my working life.

Enjoy my 3 yearly visits to Scotland, especially Leith..

Leith has changed a great deal especially the Kirkgate.

Can anyone tell me what happened to Stewart Brothers Wool Merchant, Constitution St? .
Name: George (Dode) Muir

Date submitted: Nov 2010

Your old Leith street : Easter Road/Rossie Place

Period of residence:  1946-1965

Where you are now: Newhaven



Was at Leith Academy secondary 1957-1961.
Worked at Edinburgh/Kuwait Airports/Alicante and Madrid for numbers of years. -These days Director/presenter on Leith fm radio station +

Guitarist lead singer with 'The Last Trees' Folk-rock band.

Lots of good times: memories growing up in Leith - 145th BB's company/pipe band - Harrys tuck shop Duke St- Busy docks- Saturday morns at the Capitol cinema kids club, shouting for the 'goodies'at the screen! Helping deliver milk from the Co-op horse drawn cart down Easter Road! Slipping through wee gaps in a fence to see the Hibs- Victoria baths etc.

Leith, a great place to grow up in and be around!
Great site - keep up the good work !