G & H List of Names
Jimmy Hall

226 Leith Walk - 1933-1958

Have stayed in Canada since 1966.  Now retired,
we are resident in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

E-mail: jshall2@telus.net

Comment: Thanks again for the walk down
Memory Lane.  More of ourselves in the guestbook
Pearl Grant nee Meldrum

Lived at 2 Waddell Place 1939 - 1950

Now resident in Queensland, Australia.

E-mail:  happy2bpearl@yahoo.com

Comment:  Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me from Bonnington Road school or Carrickvale secondary, Saughton Mains.  Some names of the people in my class at primary are -Ethel Rogers, Billy Doig, Marion Smith, John Germany, Elizabeth Bertram, Greta Ramage, and my friend Frances Blaikie.
Philip Glancy

Stayed in 15 and 9 Burlington Street from 1945 to 1960.  Now residing in Craigentinny.

E-mail:  p.glancy@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment:  I remember playing in the old saw mill/flour mill.  Ventured as far as Newhaven only to catch spratts, but a big adventure as a child.  Swimming at the Granton beach and the Tally Toor and also at the 1930 club at the Vickys.  Was a member of the Block B card school.  Anyone out there who was ever at the Bonnington Castings summer outings or the Christmas parties?  Worked at the Bridge garage in Manderston Street from 1961 serving my time as a mechanic.
George Greig

Born at 71 Bangor Road in 1936, moved to Lochend Avenue in 1945.

Went to Bonnington Road Primary 1941/48 then onto DK 1948/51.  Lived in Windsor, Canada 1954/57 and returned to marry Cathie McKenzie in St Thomas`s Church, Mill Lane in 1958.

E-mail: ggreig@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment: We lived in Wilkie Place then Bowling Green St., and Granton.

After studying art in Aberdeen, 1970/76, I taught Art and Design at Tynecastle School 1977/79, then Hazlehead Academy, Aberdeen 1979/92.

Now both retired, Cathie and I reside in Edinburgh but still near to Leith.  I think your website is superb, and I hope to make some contributions in the future.
Clyne Grant

Old address was Cables Wynd House from 1965 until 1977.

I am now in South Queensferry.

E-mail: clynegrant@hotmail.com

Comment: I went to Dr Bells Primary School (Mr Cossar), and Leith Academy Secondary.  I was a member of the 2nd Leith Boys Brigade.
Magnus Ganson

Old street was Main Street, Newhaven from 1941/1952.

Now stay in Kent, England.

E-mail:  M.GANSON@sky.com

Comment: All these sites I`m..............Speechless!
Scott Henderson

Old Street - Union Street/Kirk Street

Now resident in Shropshire

E-mail: scottthejock@tiscali.co.uk

Comments:  Lived with me gran for three years at 195 Great Junction Street - Peggy Laidlaw  - best three years of me life - came in at anytime - hot meal ready. How did she do this?  Went to Leithy primary then Broughton later.  I moved south then blow me, my son moved north!  Albion Road!  Still, he`s near the holy ground!  Whether it was the Hibs or a woman, I don`t know.
John Honeyman (Honey)

Old address - 9 Bangor Road 1939 - 1957

Now stay in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

E-mail: weecat46@aol.com

Comment: Schools -Bonnington Road and Leith Academy.  Was a milkboy.  Jimmie was my brother.  Pastimes = snooker in State, Palace, Alhambra. Lost wages as milkboy. Athletics.  Fitba at Bonnington.  Hated nickname Honey.  Would love to hear from all.

Alas,  John now deceased in December 2005.
John Helliwell

Used to live in 9 Bangor Road from 1942 - 1955.
Then 8 Parkgrove Crescent, Clermiston 1955 - 1959.

Now in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ont. Canada.

E-mail: scotty@golden.net

Comments:  When I catch my breath I will write something
Angus (Gus) Hume

Born Newhaven.  Still there!

E-mail: angel@solent.com

Comments:  Wonderful site.  Perhaps a bit long in the teeth (`ave still got maist o` ma ain) for all the electronic whiz kids, but pleased to readof the general interest.

Special memories - Mason`s hot pies on a Saturday morning, rounded off with a vanilla cake, or midweek, a plate o` real tripe and onions, nane o yer blanched rubbish, with plenty of rodicon.  Ye dinna ken the hauf o` it. Cheers.
Margaret C Haggerty nee Ollay

4 Ballantyne Road then on to Great Junction Street.
1928 to  1938.

Now in Shilo, Manitoba, Canada.

E-mail: cdhgerty@mb.sympatico.ca

Comments:  Married Canadian soldier after the War.  Came to Canada as a war bride in 1946.  member of the Manitoba War Brides Association
Gilbert Andrew Gilbertson (Gibby)

Lived in Burlington Street from 1936 -1955.  Now in Edinburgh.

E-mail: gilbert.gilbertson@btinternet.com

Comments:  I attended Bonnington Road Primary then went to Leith Academy.  After a spell in Henry Robbs, I was an apprentice brass moulder in McMillans coppersmiths at Shrubhill.  After National ServiceI joined the fire brigade.  Now retired and playing bowls and golf.
Isabel Hendry

Formerly of Stories Alley but now stay in Edinburgh. 1947

E-mail: connieo101@hotmail.com

Comments: I am estimating the year as it was my mother-in-law who lived there.  Now demolished, I wonder if anyone remembered her or her brother Wullie who lived there.  I don`t even know what Stories Alley looked like. I just find it interesting.

Please help. Connie.
Glen Gillies  (June 28 2004)

Born at 7 Bridge Street in 1939 then moved in 1956 to a new Corporation hoose at Magadalen, Porty.

Came to Canada in 1970 and live in Brampton, Ontario.

E-mail:  ggillies@idirect.com

Comments:  Its nice to see some old names and old street names.  I had forgotten so many.  Memories!!!!.
Alexander Gunn

My old street was 30 Hawthornvale from 1945 to 1961.

Now stay in Melbourne, Australia.

E-mail: gunn_alexander@hotmail.com

Comments:  Was born in Leith in 1936 and lived with my aunty during the war as both my mother and father worked in Henry Robbs.  Went to Newhaven school then Leith Academy.,hen did a apprenticeship with J.B.Mckenzie  Was a member of the 2nd Leith BB.  Moved to Australia in 1961 after 2 years in the RAF in Kenya.   Alex

Margaret Gilroy/Pottinger

Old Leith Street:l Lapicide,:1943/1963

New Location;  Hamburgh Place Leith

E-mail: pamelakendall@btinternet.com

Comments:  Anyone who went to Fort School approx 1943 to 1950 d.k approx 1950 or 1951 Here are some names from D.K   I remember Charlotte Gray, Marion Mitchell, Connie Farmer, Margaret Bowers, Olive Wilson,. My name is Margaret Gilroy married name Pottinger. You can get in touch with me through my daughter`s web site. Love to hear from anyone (Margaret)
Margaret Headley (Nee Grieve)

Leith Location: Lapicide Place

E-mail: mh@bonarmac.co.uk

Comments:    Does anyone remember the Grieve family from Lapicide Place Edinburgh?
My Gran & Grandad brought us up. There were 4 of us.   I went to st. Marys to start with then on to St. Anthonys.

We used to go down to the 2 shops at the bottom of the street.  There was John
the Butchers, and the greengrocers I think  was called Mackenzie's.  Before the school was built (opposite side to Lapicide) there used to be the old tenement flats, which had no bathrooms, but my gran had one and the old lady from across the road would come over.

It would be great to hear from anyone.

Mina Greig (Cassie)

Your old Leith street: 16 Graham Street Moved to West Granton.

Where you are now: Fishmarket Square Newhaven

E-mail: Brandclan@supanet.com

Comments:  My mother would like to hear from her friend Margaret Dinns they both went to Tennant street school margaret moved to New Zealand with her husband after they were married they both worked in the pamolive soap factory when they first moved over there.  My mother lived in Graham street she was one of 7 daughters.  If anyone can pass on any information about margaret dinns we would be most grateful.t.
Tom Hamilton

Old Leith street: 65 Lorne Street

Period of residence:  1944-1969

Where you are now: Freelton Ontario, Canada

E-mail: thamilton7@cogeco.ca

Comments: Went to Lorne St primary then on to Leith Academy Secondary. Member of the 4th Leith Boys Brigade. Served apprenticeship at Brown Brothers then 4 years as engineer in Merchant Navy(New Zealand Shipping Co. & Canadian Pacific Steamships)

Married Liz Rennie(Crichton Place)in 1969 and emigrated to Canada a week later. Lots of good memories from Leith
Diane Glendinning (Bryant)

Old Leith street: Cadiz Street,

Period of residence: 1965-1973

Where you are now: Restalrig

E-mail: dianeglen@talktalk.net

Comments: My husband Davie was brought up in the old Kirkgate.  His back windows overlooked Yorkies yard. He went to Links primary then DK.  We met when he was "serving" his time with Gibsons Heirs in Elbe Street. I was at Norton Park then and was brought up in Lochend.  We went to the 7penny seats in the Palace during the week and the balconies in the State on Saturdays 2/6.   As we got older our Saturday nights were spent in the Dockers Club with Davies mum Ina (Willis) and dad Alex {Fish,fruit and flittins).  He often spoke of Puddicky and the Tallytoor. Our best man was Vic Haldane who moved to Australia, Hibby mad,if you visit his site. Vic I took your advice I'm "on the net",  Our bestmaid was Cathy Quinn who later married Billy (Piece) Reid from Burlington Street. Sadly Davie died very suddenly in 2004 but it would be lovely to hear from anyone who knew us from our Leith days.
Frances Glover

Your old Leith street:  70 Lochend Road

Period of residence:1955 -1984

Where you are now:  Sydney Australia

E-mail:  fran.spears@anz.ccamatil.com

Comments: My grannie Payne lived in Market Street Leith. My mums name is Annie Payne and she had 3 sisters, Mary, Sarah, Frances and 2 brother Charlie and Robert and my dad is Walter Glover.  We lived in Brickworks Close in the Kirkgate for a few years then moved to Lochend Road. I went to St Marys Star of the Sea primary school and St Anthonys Secondary.  I have a brother Walter and a sister Diana. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me !!
Thomas (Tam) Ganson

Your old Leith street: Newhaven Main Street

Period of residence: 1939...1955

Where you are now:  Grimsby

E-mail:  thomas.ganson@sky.com

Comments: Born Newhaven,1939, Victoria school, D.K. then moved down south.  Anybody remembers me please get in touch.
Tommy Gourlay

Present Location.  Bristol England.

Leith Location..Primrose St.

E-mail.. gourlay_1@msn.com

Comment.. Went to Lochend School and Hermitage Park in the fifties.  When we moved from Ayr old man sailed out of Granton on the trawlers. Best time of my life
Victor Haldane..

Present Location.  Melbourne Vic. Australia.

Leith Location. St Anthonys Lane close to St Marys school

E-mail  brocal @optusnet.com au

Went to Dr Bells primary then on to D K secondary

Old Leith street: Queens Street just off Tolbooth Wynd then Morton Street

Period of residence: 1949 (when born) to 1997

Where you are now: still in Edinburgh Gilmerton area

E-mail:  maureen.joyce@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments: Brought up in Queen Street in a room and kitchen, played in Tolbooth Wynd with Joyce Wood (there is a bg family of them still see Joyce sometimes).  Nana lived in Tolbooth Wynd above Harold Browns - moved to Morton Street beside of the the names I have read on this wall, George Mercer and Jessie and Malcom Scott (he's my neighbour now) Robert Cairns, Norma Muir - went to Leith Link Primary 1955- 1961 then DK 1961 - 1966 - Didn't get around much form the age of 13 to about 18 as I was a swimmer and did a lot of training - My picture was in Leith baths for years along with Dot Henderson.  She was at DK too - when I stopped swimming then boy did I enjoy the Leith life - Do you know me get in touch - my best friend was Linda Brown at Primary and I would really like to get in touch with her she lived in Dock Place down the bottom and round the corner and the first stair - her dad was rich he had a car ?????.  My hsuband, Billy Calder (2 Waddell Place) is also a Leither along with my sons Lee (Big Lee or Buddy) and Murray and proud of it .
Helen Gibson (nee Mackie)

Old Leith street: 30 Prince Regent Street

Period of residence: 1947-1968

Where you are now: Melbourne, Australia

E-mail:   rlghhg@ozemail.com.au

Comments: Lived in Prince Regent Street until married (Ron Gibson, Granton) in 1968 and lived in Stockbridge until we moved to Australia in 1969. Been back several times, but sadly no family left in Leith now. My dad, Alec Mackie, owned the Barber's shop at 6 Bonnington Road (next to Ard's radioa and TV shop) until he sold it to Ard's due to ill health in 1964 or 1965. Our last visit to Leith was 2009.
John Gibb

Your old Leith street: 54 Lorne St

Period of residence  1955 to 1967

Where you are now: Florida but live in Canada

E-mail:  jhngbb@yahoo.ca

Comments: Spent all my childhood running around these streets and have fond memories
Michelle Hardy

Your old Leith street: 37 Bowling Green Street Leith Edinburgh

Period of residence: Grandfather Donald Allan lived there up to 1940's

Where you are now: Worksop Notts

E-mail: paulkknight1965@o2.co.uk

Comments:   I am looking for information about Donald Allan (born approx 1916) or Margaret Allan whose parents were Jessie Allan and James Russell Allan.
Scott Hughson

Present Location:  .Toronto Canada

Leith Location: Great Junction Street

E-mail:  Scotthughson@rogers.com

Freddy Henderson.

Present Location. Leith

Leith Location 10 Charlotte Street

E-mail freddy.henderson@yahoo.co.uk.

Comment Lived in Charlotte street from july 1949. Went to Leith Links Primary then DK I was a meber of Leith Swimming Club for many Years. It would be nice to hear from old School friends or others who can remember me.

Sandra Hay, nee Marr

Date submitted:10/10/10

Your old Leith street:Arthur Street

Period of residence:1961/73

Where you are now:Dalkeith


Comments: Born in 1961, lived in Arthur Street, went to Bonnington primary school, remember some of the teachers, Mrs Richardson, Miss Ramsay, Mr Tuck the janny! Miss Ovenstone and Mr Small. Dr.Bells.  attended brownies and guides at St.Pauls, Lorne St...    Sunday school at St.Andrews mission hall, at the end of Arthur Street. sister Evelyn(now deceased) and brothers Syd, and the youngest Calum.  remember great fun playing in the street getting up to allsorts, raiding the fruit merchants yard, Weirs the egg merchant,  plundering Katie Beardys pear tree.  and collecting for the bonny, which always got rifled by the Buchanan Street gang!!!!  those were the days!
Hughie Gray

Date 25 Oct 2010

Your old street: 31 Granton Medway

Period of residence: 1942 1960

Where you are now:  Brisbane Australia

E-mail: hugh.gray@bigpond.com

Comments: I was Born  at 31 Granton Medway    The top house  just over from the Anchor Inn.
My dad  worked with Gas works and then Redpath Brown up Easter  Road.  I Went to Royston school  and then to Whittinghame  House school in East Lothian.  Been back to Edinburgh a few times

As a kid  I played down Granton harbour;  did  landings on the trawlers for pocket money. My mum was an Edmonstone from 5 Mulberry Place opposite Pitt Street Leith.

The Love of my life Morna Turnbull who is  now seventy odd
also lived in Pitt Street.

I have a son in Edinburgh Somewhere  That I have now lost touch with since  he last moved house.  His name is Alistair Turnbull  and I believe he now owns and drives a Taxi. If anybody  knows him please  give him my e Mail address, it would be nice to make contact again.
Name.: Frances Gaughan, now Goldie.

Present Location: Edinburgh

Leith Location.6 Graham St.

E-mail:  franbrid1@yahoo.co.uk             

Comment: I lived in Graham St from 1955 until 1979.I went to St Marys Star of the Sea from 1960 to 1967 and then St Thomas of Aquinsfrom 1967 to 1970.If There is anyone who remembers me,it would be great to hear from you
Helen Hamilton..

Present Location....San Diego Ca

Leith Location. 16 Baltic St


Comment  Glad to see folks like me survived Baltic St. Family was from 15 Tolbooth Wynd, Winton. Went back Oct 2010. Had  first meal of fish & chips Glad to see some things had not changed. Would be nice to hear from anyone from neck of woods
Mark Hunter.

Present Location: .Livingston, West Lothian.

Leith Location...Bonnington Rd, Cables Wynd House, Gladstone Place

E-mail..  Markandjohnny@hotmail.co.uk.

Comment: Born in 1965 in Bonningston Rd, moved to Cables Wynd  House when it was first built, then moved to Gladstone Place. Left there in 1974 and went to the west side of Edinburgh and now live in Livingston, West Lothian.
Margaret Hunter (Farman).

Present Location.  Edinburgh.

Leith Location..Spiers Place.


Comment  A message to Sandra Johnson it was lovely that Mark got in contact with you after all these years, it seems like yesterday when you told me you were going to Canada send me an email I am still living in Edinburgh, no place like it for me tried other places keep coming back.
Iain Grant

Your old Leith street:West Cromwell Street

Period of residence:1950 to 1960

Where you are now:Corstorphine,Edinburgh.


Comments:Born in the Elsie Inglis in 1950,lived in West Cromwell Street,went to the "Toy School" in the Leith Citadel,run by a Ms Hunter and Ms Leslie,..went to Trinity Academy Primary in Bangholm..then when everyone was moved out of Leith we moved to Clermiston ..

I then attended Drumbrae Primary before going to Ainslie Park Sec...served my apprenticeship in Motor Engineering at Moir and Baxter Comely Bank....married in 1976.....now semi retired....
William Green

Present Location..Bathgate

Leith Location..Docks

E-mail.  lesleyedgar123@gmail.com                 

Comment:  Looking for david innes, last saw him in 1954, saw his picture in the Edinburgh Evening News.  Would like to contact him again.
Helen Henderson.

Present Location.Springs South Africa

Leith Location..Charlotte Street.

E-mail.thistle supplies@absamail.co.za

Comment   Born 12 Nov 1944, Primary school, leith Links, Seconary: David Kilpatrick. Have Sister: Dorothy who now lives in England and a Brother Freddy who still lives in Sunny Leith. Mother: Margaret Henderson, sadly passed away last year,Father: Willie (Sodger) Henderson: passed away Would love to hear from ols school mates and friends
Andrew Gibson (Gibi).

Present Location. Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

Leith Location..45 Bangor Road.

E-mail.    gibithehibi1@hotmail.com               

Stayed in Bangor Road until the building was too dangerous to stay in. Moved to Clermiston in April 1962(age 11) Went to Bonnington Road school even when staying in Clermiston then went to Tynecastle school, good fun waving my Hibs scarf from the top windows when the jambos were out training, suffered the belt a few times in a good cause.

I used to play in Ballantyne Place, friends were Wullie Ross, Charlie Wren, John Telford, Ian Williamson, Bob Bathgate, Gordon Campbell, Gilbert West. The lassies I can remember were Lorraine Gardiner, Lizzie and Heather Campbell, Bonita Ferri, Katherine Lundgren and  Joyce Tulloch.

Served an appreticeship at Granton then joined the merchant navy in 1971. I am still going to sea now but only in the north sea and Atlantic.

Hope some of my old pals read this and remember me.
Sheila Herriot (nee Brown )

Present Location .Edinburgh

Leith Location.16 Wilkie Place

E-mail sheilaherriot@hotmail.co.uk

Comment Found this site which i think is great.I was born in Wilkie Place in 1944.I was 4years when i moved to West Pilton Circus.I use to go about newhaven a lot.I also worked in the wire works in Granton.

MY dad`s name was Robert mum`s name was Annie.I have a brother Robert who is the oldest (82), sister Nan(75), George deceased 62 when he passed then Margaret (70), Christine (68)then me the bairn(66) just a youngster lol.

My dad worked for Henry Robbs I think his nick name was peelie broon. My dad also came from Henderson Street I think the number was 56.

I also remember going to the Peacock Hotel on a Saturday for a singalong it was great. Another wee pub was called Maggie McFadgens think for a wee singalong again.With finding this site it has brought back a lot of great memories for me in fact I still go down to Leith and enjoy every moment. What I can remember is there was a shop on the corner of Wilkie Place called Duncans I can mind of getting a 1 penny vantas it was a drink.

There used to be a butchers a long the road called Gardeners the butcher, his butcher meat was lovely. Even when we moved to Pilton my mum sent us to that butchers on a Saturday without fail.I also remember the Shortils, the Richardsons, Aikenheads Edmonsons.

I also went about with a guy from I think it was Hamilton Place; his name was Danny Cameron. His Pals were named Listie Carnie, Billy Murray, Harry Aikenhead. That is the names that stick in my head. Danny went to live in Canada many years ago always wandered how life treated him over there and if he has any family etc.. Well I could sit here all night talking about the good auld days.

If anyone reading this remembers me why not give me an e-mail and we could maybe go down memory lane.Take care all you great Leithers where ever you are With the kindest regards Sheila xxxx
Paul Graham

Present Location..Edinburgh.

Leith Location..17 'Banana Flats' / 70/8 Henderson Street.


Stayed in flats 1965-1977 (anyone else ever play football on the roof?!!!)Moved to new flats opposite Bay Horse, stayed until 'fleeing the nest' at 17 (1982). Never left Edinburgh (though lived in numerous parts of it) but amazed how many Leithers are now overseas or down south. Noticed a few posts form Oakville, Ontario where I myself have relatives (visited in 2004) - Uncle emigrated to Canada in 70's and ended up in Burton Avenue, Oakville until returning to Auld reekie last year to spend his retirement. His two sons still live in Toronto.

Very seldom in Leith nowadays but frequently recall what a terrific place it was to spend a childhood (I don't suppose that's quite the case today?). Leith Links, Pilrig Park, the Docks, Portobello, Water of Leith, Banana Flats & its underground lock-ups,Leith Venchie, Kirkgate, Lochend Park, Junction Street, Taylor Gardens, Vicky Baths, Vernon's Snooker Hall, Eldorado, the State, Boys' Brigade (2nd Leith) Jim's Boys Club, the list goes on.......what a magnificent adventure playground!!! I don't think we were ever truly bored. If it wasn't a school day (Bonnington Primary/Dr Bell's/Lochend Rd annexe/Trinity Academy)you'd be out all day and never need any real money, just a ba' or a bike or tennis racquet/cricket bat etc. and a bottle of Globe or Barr's and you had all you needed for entertainment. Changed days or what?

First job was milk/paper run for Liston's shop next to Bay Horse (anyone remember Bobby Barr,the inveterate fire raising butcher next door to pub?).The job was 7 mornings a week, EARLY starts, ALL weathers, ALL seasons for a princely return of something in the region of £2.50 a week! Ended up helping in the shop too after school- used to enjoy a great banter with the regulars, not to mention a few surreptitious 'extras' when the boss wisnae lookin! Always remember the back shop was a Health and Safety horror story. Hot rolls and other food prepared on an filthy gas hob next to all the totally disorganised stock, food and water facilities for the resident mouser and a Cludgie modelled on Steptoe and Son's. Great memories!

Found this site by accident - it's a great piece of work, keep it up and Hi to anyone who remembers me (fondly or otherwise!!) or some of the things I mention.

Sunny Leith sur Mer!
George Greig

Your old Leith street:Jameson Place

Period of residence:30years

Where you are now:Springfield Leith

E-mail:   ggreig@blueyonder.co.uk

Born jameson Place 16 Sept 1945 Went to Lorne street school then David Kilpatrick worked in Crawfords biscuit factory as electrician then worked for a company in Edinburgh now retired.

Andrew Gibson.

Present Location.....Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

Leith Location..45 Bangor Road. 1951 - 1962



Moved to Clermiston when our building was condemned (now the site of the new Ebeneezer church). Used to go to the sally ann and the ebeneezer with my cousinsSheena, John and Jimmy McHendry (Bowling Green Street) every sunday.Was at Bonnington road school 1956 - 1963, last teacher was Mr Lindores (linen drawers).Secondary school was Tynecastle - purgatory for a HibbyServed my time at Granton as an engineer with Carnie & Croan, went deep sea for 12 years before working on ships in the North sea for 28 years Best regards to anyone who knows me and reads this. You can take the boy out of Leith but you can't take Leith out of the boy, even have the Leith coat of arms tattooed on my arm
Isabel Howden (Nee Dickson)

Your old Leith street:28 Sleigh Drive Lochend

Period of residence:1937-1961

Where you are now:Toronto Canada


Comments:Went to Hermitage Park then Norton Park. Also my sisters went to the same schools, Betty, Jean, Eileen & Janet. I left school at 15. Went to work in the Cheque Office in Leith Provident in Bangor Road in 1952.Married Robert Howden from 4 Loaning Road Craigentinny in Lochend Parish Church in 1958. If anyone remembers us please email we will be glad to hear from you.Just discovered this site. It is great. Keep up the good work
Moira Hodgson (nee Waugh)

Your old Leith street:Findlay Gardens

Period of residence:6 years

Where you are now:Turkey


Comments:Attended Leith Academy Secondary School. Left there (with not, I'm ashamed to say, the most salubrious of grades), but life has gone on, regardless and now, at the grand old age of 71, I'm living in Turkey, but hoping to return to the U.K., within the next few months.
Patrica Hardie (nee Leach)

8 Salamander street Leith

Northwich, Cheshire


My Grandmother Emily Hardie lived at 8 Salamander st Leith...she had 3 boys George Wilson Hardie ..Davy Hardie who married Elsie & they had 2 children Jackie & Jeanette, who would be around the ages of 70-75 yrs...the last time I saw Jeanette & Jackie was when I went to stay with my grandmothers, around 1959-61 with my partner Len...my stepfather was George Hardie who married my mother Flo Leach...as far as I can remember Jackie & Jeanette lived at East Cromwell St Leith Walks ...if anyone knows of there whereabouts please contact my daughter on the above email address i would love to hear from them again ...


Period of residence:1950S-1963

Where you are now:NORTHWICH CHESHIRE


Further Comments:
looking for lost family...my grandmother was EMILY HARDIE of 8 Salamander street Leith ..she had two sons that i know of..one was GEORGE WILSON HARDIE who married my mother fLORRIE LEACH  and moved to cheshier..I understand that my dad had been married before & divorced....His brother was DAVY HARDIE i remember his wife was named ELSIE..they had two children a boy called JACKIE HARDIE & a Girl called JEANETTE HARDIE...I last saw jacki & jeanette  around 1959-1961 when staying at my grandmothers with my partner LEN..they would be around the ages of late 60,s early 70,s... they lived in the leith walk area....anyone with any information on my family please E.mail tracybuckley48@yahoo.co.uk thank-you.
Nita Huth now Milner [Natasha]

Your old Leith street:Hill Thomsons Whisky Bond

Period of residence:1959 to 1960

Where you are now:Jamestown Ca. USA



I worked at the bond a short time and met lot of nice girls.  I still have the photo of them they took me out for my 21st  birthday.

Janet,Agnes,Cathy,Mary,Jeany,Nan,Irene. I also would  like to get in touch Dorothy Christie I still have a photo of her too she stood next to me wiping the whisky bottles,her boyfriend played in a band at the Rob Roy Pub I would love to hear from you Dot or anyone who remembers me I have a lot of
fun memories with you.