I, J, K & L List of Names
Eric Kerr

96 Duke Street - 1938-1953: 74 Pirniefield Place - 1955-1961

Have stayed in Canada since 1966, St Catherines, Ontario.

E-mail: a9sker63@mergetel.com

Comment: Born in 1932 in Fauchledean, Winchburgh, moved to Edinburgh in 1938.  National Service in R.E.M.E. 1953-1955.  Emigrated to Canada in 1966.
This is just a fantastic site, John, and getting better by the week.  Have been looking at it on and off for a few months now.
Mary Lee, nee Walker

St Andrew`s Street for 7 or 8 years.

Resident in Adelaide, South Australia.

E-mail: mistylee@iprimus.com.au

Comment: Started off in Craigentinny, then to Leith and then Australia.  Happy memories of the old days!
Margaret Jamieson

2 Murano Place

1938 to 1947

Now a resident of North Berwick

E-mail: mmjamieson@ntlworld.com

Comment:  Attended Leith Academy from 1943 to 1955.  I emigrated to the United States in 1960, and returned home to Scotland in 1998
Moira Kloos nee Smith

Originally from 3 George Street, 35 North Fort Street and C5 Fort House.

Resident now in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada since 1968.

E-mail: hkloos@admmail.u.waterloo.ca

Comment:  I dinnae mind being a keelie in fact I`m chuffed as can be tae add ma name to the Leithers` wa` hoping someone remembers me.  Went to North Fort Street primary and David Kilpatrick`s secondary
James (Jim) Laidlaw

Formerly of 195 Great Junction Street.  1929-1961

Now residing in Mt. Wellington, Auckland,
New Zealand.

E-mail: rubenjames@msn.com

Comment: Wisnae much good at writing on walls cause ah couldnae spell very well. I was more interested in climbing the wall to see what was on the other side.
David Laird

Originally from 4 and 9 Ferrier Street from 1939-1965

Now staying in Prince of Wales, New Brunswick, Canada.

E-mail: dlaird@nbnet.nb.ca

Comments:  Attended Lochend primary and Norton Park secondary.  Immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1969.  Moved to New Brunswick in 2000 where my wife, Ruby and I are now residing.
Once a Leither, always a Leither!
Robert Jamieson

Oldaddresses: 1 Bangor Lane 1928 -1937and 14 Great Junction Street.  1937-1943.

Now in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

E-mail: jamo.1@optusnet.com.au

Comments:   Attended Bonnington Road then leith Academy until 1943 when I joined HMS Brenda, later HMS Surprise then various merchant ships.  Leith was always my home port.  Moved to New Zealand in 1950 for 5 years.  Came to Australia in 1958.  Married in 1962 and have a son, two daugheters and seven grandchildren. Retired ex rigger now a gardener and homebrew bottler and unbottler.  Site was passed onto me by a friend.  Best thing he ever did as it sure has brought back many memories.  Sometimes my nickname was Jimmy.
Michael Lothian

Born in Tolbooth Wynd 1957 to 1962

Now staying In Ireland sice 1988

E-mail: mblothian@msn.com

Comments:  Was born in Leith and still have family living there.  I went to St Mary`s Primary School before moving to Clermiston and then to Ireland in 1988
Graeme Kerr                  Spain

Old addresses: First 18 Henderson Street (top flair 1962 - 1966, then 173 Leith Walk across from Fyffes bananas then 34 Kirk Street.

Working in Nigeria although residence in Canary Islands.

E-mail: graeme_kerr44@yahoo.com

Comments:  Attended Leith Academy primary and secondary 1962 1972.  Delivered milk for Leith Walk store (I still dinna ken how I pushed the barry).  Remember Maggie Slimons in Tennent Street for the toffee cups.  Still remember when the Shows came to Fyffes yard.

Joined the army in 1972 and got oot after 6 years and went into the oil industry.  Worked all over the world but still love to come back to Leith and hae a pint in the Central.  Characters I remember are Ally Kerr,  Garry Innes, Davy Innes, Malcolm Scott, Coco Drummond, Joe Harper, Joe 90, Alfie Goodfellow, Lizzie Ross, Ginty Miller,m Collete Cumming.  If anyone remebers me then I would be glad to hear from them.  Up the Jambos!
Ed King June 28 2004

Old streets  Portland and Graham.

Period of esidence 5 months.

Now stay in Rosyth.

E-mail: etk7@hotmail.com

Comments: Stayed with brother and sister-in-law, Henry Williamson (known as Guy or Luke) and Alexis Smith (Chamberlain)
James Keanie

Originally from 4 Waddell Place until 1947.

Now in Toronto, Canada.

E-mail: jkeanie@rogers.com

Comments:  I went to Bonnington Road School from 1931 then David Kilpatricks from 1937. I go back every year to visit my sister in Sighthill.
Alex Laurenson

Old address was Baltic Street from 1952 till 1964.

Now In Livingston, West Lothian.

E-mail: alexlea30@aol.com

Comments: If you are a real Leither then you are a person of your word.     Good old Leith, will you no come back again?
Brian Lockwood

Lived over the border in Rossie Place but all my mates came from Leith.  I was a Carlton boy.  Remenber them?  The Tiptons, Ian Raynor, Tam Robertson, Dumbo Craig, Billy Rae, Ronnie Cameron,  Tam Ballantyne, Jackie (Teasy) Bailey, Ally Duncan.
1936 - 60.

I now stay in Fremantle, West Australia.

E-mail: briannel@westnet.com.au

Comments:   Went to Broughton High School.  Big brother was Mick Lockwood who went to Norton Park.  Spent two years in Malaya, 1955-57.  National Service with the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Married an Aussie.  Daughter in Australian army (15 years), son in London (10 years).  Came to Australia in 1960.  Retired at 57 in 1993. Come home quite often, in fact will be there in Jan. 2005.  Give me a call if you remember me.  All my crowd went to Canada.
Jake ????

Present Location...Toronto Canada.

Leith Location......Primrose Street Granton Medway


Comment     What a great time I`ve had, reading all your memories, just to hear some of those street names conjures up all kinds of pictures in my mind, Was home in Aug05 with the family, 24 off us, kids  grand kids, and greatgrandkids, we all had a ball even took in the Walk for Wallace In London, pity there was not more
Scotsmen willing to show a wee bit more patriatism, and remember our great heritage!!  Anyhoo, great site keep it up!  Jake.
Marian Jones.

Present Location: Davyhulme Nr Manchester

Leith Location: Newhaven.

E-mail marianjones@tesco.net.

Comment: Came across this web page by accident I'm interested in tracing our family tree, and was starting my search in the Leith area. My dads family lived at 2/7 Corporation Buildings in 1931 the year my dad was born, the family name is Veitch. there was my Nana, Agnes (ne.Ferguson, at this time i dont know if she was married to her second husband Bob)she had six children, my dad being
one, Laurence Robertson, along with two more boys and three girls, as far as i  know his school, that would be around 1936/7. He was married to my mum, Joyce in 1952 at South Leith Church. They moved down to England around 1955/56,after having two children Peter and Marian (thats me!). I know its a long shot but if there is anyone out there who remembers the family i would be very interested to here from you, many thanks.
Louise Kidd (nee Orr).......................................

Present Location. Still here Leith.......................

Leith Location....Lorne Street........................


Comment Wondering if ayone remembers my
Mum, she was brought up at 36 West Bowling
Green Street, 1934-1958 when she married my
Dad & moved to Lorne Street, where I was
brought up.

I remember in West Bowling Green Street, the
railway line & the train going past.  My Gran was
the very last person in the whole street to be
re-housed that was a very anxious time for us.

I find Leith has changed so much I can imagine
how people feel coming from all over back to visit.

Brilliant site love reading all the stories wondering
if my Mum knew some of people.

Joan Joyce.

Present Location.  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Leith Location.  10 Crown Street


Comment     Love to hear from pals o the past from near or far.  Enjoy the site
Jim Legget

Present Location:  Oxley Park NSW Australia

Leith Location: 53 Restalrig Ave/ 35 Restalrig Square

Period of residence:4/9/1944 - 7/1/1969

E-mail: leggets@gmail.com..

Comments: Lived most of my life until 1969 around Restalrig, went to Leith Academy, Hermitage Park jnr schools, worked for Binns in the west end (now Frasers). Travelled around then came to Aus met my wife and settled down. Worked with Brighter Home Stores in the Kirkgate for a few years. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Doreen Lumsden, Forbes

Present Location:  Restalrig Road

Leith Location; East Bowling Green St and Graham St.

E-mail: Forbdore@aol.com

Comments:  Had good times playing tap door, run rounders, kick the can, and going up to the sheepie also the water falls

Anyone out there that played in thesr streets get in touch.
Douglas Lothian

Your old Leith street: Tolbooth Wynd

Period of residence:1950-1955

Where you are now: Ireland

E-mail:   trina-abs2@hotmail.com

Comments:Anybody who knows me would love to hear from them.
Jimmy Jordan

Your old Leith street:  30 Thorntree Street

Period of residence:1958-1994.

Where you are now:  Selkirk

E-mail: hibeesdog1@googlemail.co.uk

Comments: Trinity Primary & Secondary from 1963-1976. 1st job Brownlees Timber Co bottom of Easter Road. Attended 4th Leith BB's, played for Links Boys Club. Best mate Gary Bremner (Beezer). Still waiting for Hibs to win Scottish Cup.

Present Location.  LIVINGSTON.

Leith Location. BALTIC STREET.


Jessie Lovell

Old Leith address: West Cromwell Street

Where you are now:  Tolbooth Wynd, Leith

E-mail :  jessandfred@hotmail.co.uk

Comment: Hi John I  have just found your site.  Found it very interesting as I`m a Leither through and through. I went to Couper st School and Fort St School primaries then David Kilpatricks Secondary.  I worked at Mckenzie and Storries printing.
George Laurenson

Your old Leith street: 13 Fort Place

Period of residence: 1938-1959

Where you are now: Corsham, Wiltshire

E-mail: www.jockanddanny@hotmail.com

Comments: I attended Trinity Academy for my school years. Served my time as a marine engineer in Menzes, then joined the RAF.  Married and came back to live in Ferrier Street. Stayed around until 1983 then moved south. Still miss Leith. I was also in the 2nd company Boys Brigade. Hope to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Kathryn James (now Henry)

Old Leith street:106 Bonnington Road

Period of residence:1949 (birth)-1959

Now:Penicuik, Midlothian

E-mail: klh23adh@googlemail.com

Comments:  Great site. I attended St Mary's Star of the Sea from 1954-1961 and went to St Thomas of Aquins from 1961-1965. I had 2 brothers, Michael and Sandy, who went to Holy Cross primary and Holy Cross secondary and one sister, Linda, who went to Holy Cross primary and St Thomas of Aquins secondary. My parents also came from Leith. My father John James was in the Merchant Navy, and I think lived in Henderson Street, and my mother Catherine (Cathie) Lamb from the Lamb family (Jean, Cathie, Betty, Margaret, Pat, Jimmy and Molly) who lived in Corunna Place. If anyone remembers me or my family please get in touch.
Jean Johnstone

Old Leith street: Other side.(GREENSIDE)1 CUDDY LANE.

Period of residence:1942-1954


E-mail: nanajean@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:  Hi would love to hear from anyone from Greenside very fond memories of my roots never forgot where i was born-bred, so if anyone would like to email me that would be really great hope to hear soon .Jean Johnstone.
Name: Doreen Ingebrigtsen (Nee Gillespie)

Your old Leith street: 50 Albion Road

Period of residence: through 1967

Where you are now: Minnesota, USA

E-mail: ingebrigtsendoreen@yahoocom

Comments: Went to Leith Walk Primary before immigrating to Australia in 1967 when I was 11 years old, now in the USA. I'd love to make contact with any of my old classmates!! Valerie Meachan, Sylvia Campbell, David Plastow, James McLaughlin, Carol Slater, Moira Wilson!!!!
Fiona Lyall.

Present Location.  Leith.

Leith Location..Hermitage Park Primary School.

E-mail.  Fiona.Lyall@hermitagepark.edin.sch.uk

Comment   2010 is the centenary year for Hermitage Park and we are looking for old class photographs and past pupils memories of their time here.
Lynn Lloyd was Mcgurk nee Murray.

Present Location.Bletchley Buckinghamshire

Leith Location.Ballantyne Road.


Comment: I was so pleased to find this site. I lived at 3/12 Ballantyne Road between1951 and 1965. There was a big squad of us used to play in the square and also down the piggery.

People who lived there then were Bonita Ferri, Lizzie,Heather and Gordon Campbell,Katie Boyle, Lizzie Burns and all her siblings; Kenny, Robbie, Rosemary, Violet, Ian, George, Sandra, Willie and Brian. Also on the top floor was Joyce Tullock and Mamie West.

Over on the other side were Katy Lundgren, Dot Mcgaw, Lorraine ?, Sylvia Rankeillor, Yvonne Rae. Most of the boys we knew came from Bowling Green St, although one mate called Yvonne Marshall lived there, The lads were Ian Williamson, John and Robert Telford, Willie Ross and others whose names escape me at the moment.

I went to Bonnington Road School then DK for my sins lol. Would love to hear from anybody from those days. We are all getting older now and it would be nice to catch up..
Name: Patrick Markey Lindsay

Present Location: Perth Western Australia.

Leith Location: 15 Logie Green Gardens, 1951 to 1957

.E-mail patrick2@iinet.net.au.             

Comment St Mary's SOS 52 to 57. Great memories of the Kirkgate with some shops you stepped down on entry and the high walled long lane starting on the RHS passing under a building (tunnel?) to emerge at the wall into St Mary's church front yard. The lane is all gone now of course.

Does anyone remember the many CO2 pressurised Vantas drinks machines, I wonder if one survives in a museum? My only work in the Leith area was at Browns on the ship stabilisers/steering gears 71 to 75.

My grandfather P Markey a bookie lived at 14 Gt J Street and at 227 Ferry Rd (now BB HQ), (betting shop in Trafalgar Lane). His only surviving Daughter Margaret my mum lives here in Perth. I believe also my GF knew Wm Merrilees quite well!

My dad William Lindsay lived in Sandport Street (Henry Robbs rivetting then the Army).Spt Street - really rough tenement in 1916 with outside toilet and sink but probably the same as many others!I would love to hear from anyone who knew the families
:D Lamber

Your old Leith Street :Steads Place

Period of residence:1949 to 1969

Where you are now: Pirniefield Terrace Edinburgh

E-mail: esso.blue@hotmail.com
Anne Laird

Your old Leith street: Ferrier St then moved to MUIRHOUSE

Period of residence: 1956-1967

Where you are now: Toronto Canada

E-mail: lairdleithanne@yahoo.ca

Left Scotland when I was 12 but am very proud of my heritage and would love to connect with anyone that remembers me and my family.
Ann Laverick

Your old Leith street: Balfour Street   No 29

Period of residence: 11 years

Where you are now: Yorkshire, England

E-mail: annelaverick@talktalk.net

Born 06-03- 53  in Penicuik. Lived in Balfour Street, Leith

Went to St Mary  Star of the Sea

Parents names    Jimmy and Mary

Am moving back home after 35 year in England. Please contact me and re kindle what I am trying to re kindle moving home after so long.Thank yiou  Anne
Douglas Lawson

Present Location. Inverleith

Leith Location. 11 Graham Street


Comment  Hi, i lived in Pitt street for a few years in what would be called a basement now but it was a single end to my mum and dad !, moved to Graham street where i remember Allan Paterson , Billy Lindsay and Robert Grant to name but a few. Went to bonnington road primary in 55. Mr pryde was the headie and my main teacher was the battleaxe Mrs Stewart. failed my 11 plus and went to D k where i had Ned Barney and big Bill Read as teachers, i had a milk round at george street store which was basically slave labour ! i remember the old Wilkie place with the lavs in the stair and the 6-30 start and all that for fifteen bob a week !. I left school to work in Redpath brown then to Robbs which i remember was like something out of a Dickens novel !. Made my escape to Telford College which was much more to my liking and lasted nearly 30 years and now retired to running after my two daughters !, it would be good to hear from anyone from the old days.
Susan Lynch (Spence)

Old Leith Street:  Corporation Buildings

Present Location. Bowling Green Leith


Comment Hi everyone who lived at the Coppie Buildings,and who went to Dr Bells & DK.
Anne Josiah (nee Peacock)

Present Location.Brisbane Australia.

Leith Location.St Anthony's school  1963 1965


Comment Hoping to catch up with old pals... Many happy memories of Leith, was born in Ann Street Leith, family then lived in Little France, Bingham, Loganlea and finally Craigentinny; emigrated to Australia in 1970. Would love to catch up and share fond memories and happy times.
Ian Lewis

Present Location Edinburgh southside

Leith Location.Prince Regent Street 1949- 60

E-mail.ianlewis  27@hotmail.com                

Comment Came to Leith from Wales aged 7.Went to Fort Primary then Heriots.In 1st Leith Life Boys and BBs from 1950 -1961.Banged the big drum in the pipe band and rang the church bell at North Leith for 3 years-paid £10 a year quarterly in arrears-as my starting salary in Bank of Scotland in 1959 was £200 a year the extra £10 was welcome!Moved to Trinity in 1960 where my mum aged nearly 99 still lives in her own flat
.Andrew Liston

Present Location...Inveresk, Musselburgh.

Leith Location...210 Bonnington Road


Bonnington Road Primary, Trinity Acad Secondary
Bonnington Road from 1938 to 1963, then Shandon. Musselburgh, Inveresk
Would like to contact Andrew Shand, (Links Area) and John Low, (Pirniefield I think) also Jim Turnbull( Bon.Road Primary)
Eric Lee.

Present Location.  Bearii Victoria Australia.

Leith Location..7 Pirrie Street.

E-mail.    ej.48@hotmail.com              

Went to Bonnington Road primary school.
Emigrated to Australia 1960 as an 11 year old.