T onwards List of Names
Robert (Rab) Wallace

Born at 69 Bangor Road in 1942.

My wife, Rosemary (nee Brown of 5 Graham Street, Leith)  and I emigrated to Canada in 1965.

Later we moved on to Tacoma, Washington in 1969.

I am the President and C.E.O. of a Civil Engineering Co. employing 150 persons.

We have three grown-children (2 boys and a girl). two of whom are married.  Logan is our grandson with another grandson due in mid August.

E-mail: rw3326@aol.com

Comment:   A great website.  We`ve already recognised many names of those signing in.  Great stories that bring back lots of memories of wonderful days at Bonnington Road Primary and Broughton Secondary Schools, and the 14th Leith Boys Brigade.  If you remember Rosemary or me then drop us an e-mail.

We will be in Leith from 19th July to 7th August, 2002
Alex Wallace

Born at No 1 Burlington Street in 1939.

Lived there until 1961 before moving to
Meaford, Ontario, Canada.

E-mail: brigodoon@sympatico.ca

Comment:   Bonnington Road Primary 1944-1951
David Kilpatrick 1951-1954
Served apprenticeship at Ferranti Ltd. 1954-1960.

I am returning home for a vacation, after 41 years, on Sept. 20th 2002.

Now happily retired, gardening, and landscape painting.
Wullie/Billy Wright

6 Argyle Street, Leith

Resided there from 1938 -1957

Now stay in Gracemount, Edinburgh

E-mail: salem@bernawi.freeserve.co.uk

Comment: Visited sunny Leith today (10/8/02).  Went to Bangor Road and shopped at Leith Mills.  Route taken-Leith Links, Duke Street, Junction Road and down Bonnington Road and into the Mills.
Michael John Tough

My old address was 116 Restalrig Road
from 1941 -1942

Now staying at 6/5 Hawkhill Court, 2 Restalrig Park.

E-mail: mtough@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment: We stayed with my mother`s sister and brother-in-law, Sarah (Sally) Baigrie (nee Macdonald) and Willie Baigrie, during the war years.  I was born in the Anderson Shelter at the back of 116 during the air raid warning 13/4/41.  We later moved to Wauchope Road, then Mountcastle Drive then eventually I moved back to Hawkhill overlooking the `cabbage patch` where I was reputably born!
John D Tait

Old Leith Address: 7 Crown Street - 1952

Am now resident in Canada.

E-mail: jdtait@telus.ca
Ian Taylor

Originally from Ferrier Street 1941 -1952
Pirniefield Bank 1952 - 1963
Leith Fort - 1963 -1968
Redhall, Edinburgh - 1968 -1971
Then moved to Kirkintilloch


Comment: I went to Lochend School 1946 -1953 then to Norton Park 1953 - 1956.  Was at sea with the Fishery cruisers and Salvesons 1956 - 1963 when Christine and I married (Chris Graham of Sandport St). She attended Dr Bells and David Kilpatricks.  We moved to Glasgow area then retired early and now live in the border town of Annan.  Great site!
Charles (Les) Tait

Originally from 7 Crown Street having stayed there for 24 years.

Now resident in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

E.mail: ccsl.tait@cogeco.ca

Comment:  Would like to hear from anyone from my past!
May Williamson (Mary Boyd)

Originally Parkvale Place from 1941 - 1960

Now staying in South Africa.

E-mail: maywill@yebo.ca.za

Comment:  Lots of Leith memories.  Any old chums out there?
Margaret Willet nee Bryce

Old street - 35 Duke Street 1946 to 1966

Now resident in Toronto, Canada.

E-mail: the_extreme_22@hotmail.com

Comments:  Attended Hermitage Park Primary and Norton Park Secondary.  Immigrated to Canada in 1968.
Janet Thomson (Married Ben Ramage)

Prospect Bank Gardens from 1937 - 1958
Admiralty Street 1958 - 1962
Clermiston 1962 - 1969.

Now in California.

E-mail: jjinty@dslextreme.com

Comments:  Went to Leith Academy 1942-1952.  My dad was the manager in Ferry Road garage for 55 years.  He was from Burns Street and Primrose Street.  Mother was from Lapicide.  Have been home 17 times.  Can`t stay away.  Love the old Leith stories.  Hope the other parts of Leith get the attention too so they can take away the new Kirkgate and put in some character.  Loved the old one on Christmas Eve, buying fruit with my dad.
Edward Thomson

Originally 30 Fraser Avenue, Wardie, now in Glamis Castle, Angus.

E-mail: edward.thomson@btopenworld.com

Comments:  Anyone who remembers Trinity Academy 1941-1945?  We had a hell of an education during wartime.  Do you remember the bombs falling on Junction Bridge and David Kilpatricks, Leith railway station or the AA battery at Crewe Toll?  Remember the building of part of the Mulberry Harbour at Newhaven and throwing stones through Gisertiri`s windows when Italy entered the War?

We used to go down to Mason`s bakery for pies at lunchtime from Trinity if we were not in for a fight with Holy Cross pupils.  I left school in April 1945 and went to work as an apprentice in Bonnington Castings.

Ellen Steed, Margaret Borthwick and Mary Eadie, are you still around?  I left to join the army (R.E.M.E.)n 1948 and became a sergeant before joining BOAC and travelling the world for 30 years.  Retired, I now live in Glamis, Angus.
Annette Wilson nee Moncur

Formerly 312 Leith Walk, 1939-1949, now in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada.

E-mail: gwthe2nd@rogers.com

Comments:  Attended Bonnington Road Primary School.  I have very fond memories of Leith
Betty Tose nee Black

Used to live at 21 Admiralty Street.  1938-1975.

Now stay in Hamilton Lanarkshire.

E-mail: et0098@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments:  I am glad to see that so many old Leithers feel the same way as I do about Leith.  I left to go to Australia in 1975 and stayed for 10 years but was glad to get back.

No matter how much Leith changes, the people never will and will get on anywhere.

I am desperate to find Cathie Wishart who lived in North Junction Street.  Can anyone help?

I only found this site two days ago and think it is great as I have read about two of my cousins, Tom and Alex Wallace whom I have not met for years.  I am going to try and get in touch.

I would like to know if Leith is having a pageant this year, if so, what dates?
Jim White (June 27 2004)

Born at 75 Bangor Road and lived there from 1952 to 1965.

Lived in Coatfield Lane from 1965 to 1970.

Married Catherine Deegan in 1970 and lived in Dalry and Bothwell Street.  Emigrated to Canada in 1975 to Surrey, British Columbia..

E-mail: jwhite@deltasd.bc.ca

Comments:  Went ot Bonnington Road the DK.  Apprentice electrician with William Allen Smith.  Still have a family in Leith.  Still remember fitba in the school, mending the ba with a red hot poker.  Redbraes and the big rope swing over the Water of Leith at the avvie.

First milk boy at the new banana flats.

Love to hear from anyone from our past.  Cheers for now.
David Valentine

Originally from Morton Street and Gladstone Place.

Now stay in East Trinity Road.

E-mail:  valentine@leithporthole.fsnet.co.uk

Comments:  Have lived in Leith for 73 years.  Brought up in Morton Street, four years in Kenya after marrying in St James`s .  Involved in Leith affairs for many years.  Now writing a book on Leith that should be out in seven or eight weeks.  Leith Academy primary in 1936 then Royal High School.  Cricket for Leith Franklin.
Johan Ward

Present Location..Fort William......

Leith Location...1 Bangor Lane, 33 Trafalger Lane


Comment  Could anybody help me I am trying to find anyone who knew Alexandar and Marion Allan. They were twins born in 1925 and stayed at number 33 Trafalgar Lane Leith. Marion married in 1950s to Donald Homer Frazer White and they later moved to Newcastle. Their mother's name was Jessie Allan and the father was James Russell Allan.

There was another daughter that was born in 1918 also named Jessie Allan. She worked in Leith bakery and married in 1942 to a James Brown.  Jessie Allan (mother) died in 1939 when the twins were 14 at 1 Bangor Road,
Leith, Edinburgh and her death was registered by a Robert Allan.

If anybody knows any of these people could they please contact me. We would love to her from anyone who could give us any information, no matter how small, it would be
greatly appreciated.
John Wilson.

Present Location.   Lethbridge,Alberta, Canada.

Leith Location...Lived in Lorne Street,(1943-1950)
then moved to 21 Loaning Crescent.Craigentinny

E- mail   .johnwilsonfiver@hotmail.com.

Comment : Attended Leith Academy Primary and Secondary 1948 -1959. Now living in Western

After looking at the present addresses of fellow students, I'm surprised there is anyone left in Scotland !! For those of you who stayed (including my own brother , Andrew .   I salute you !!  Anyone remember
Middleton School Camp Mar. 1954? ( it was snowing.)
Helen (Ella) Watson/Johnstone.

Present Location.Sutherland..

Leith Location Kirk Street.


Comment I was born in Leith in 1933, and lived in Kirk Street until I was 35. If anyone from that time would like to get in touch, I'd be pleased to hear from them.
Donald Campbell Veale

Present Location: Folkestone in the Garden of England,surviving earthquakes!!

Leith Location: Wardiburn Place Granton, and Laverock Bank Newhaven.

E-mail:   DnldCVL@aol.com

Comment: Born in Edinburgh not long after the family moved from Newhaven. Father killed in Leith Docks 1936 I was about three and my brother Tom one and my
sister Helen (Tookie) 13sh.  Evacuated to Pluscarden with brother for about 4 years. A 1900 time warp, no light or heat lots of snow in the winter and working
nearly every spare moment.

Pluscarden had 28 pupils 4 classes to a room and two
Teachers in the school and the Coke stove.  Mother died during the war and the only one left to return to is my sister.  Not long after sister took ill and we were sent to the first of our childrens homes ending up at the Dean Orphanage.

Not many of us left from there and we were the last to leave when it closed. What relatives we did have Cousins etc just forgot about us not even a bag of
sweeties.  It was safer to tell the staff that they existed.

Joined the RN at 14 years and 6 months at Ganges and qualified as a radio operator. Discharged due to
runny ear and joind the Army some months later A1 medical fit, it dried up but the RN could not risk it.  Became a PTI and loved the five years of coaching
courses and running the gym.

Coached in Civy street and on to management finishing as Director of Recreation. Still coaching the youngsters at Basketball and Tutoring their Teachers for coaching awards.  Get to join in now and then at the age of 73.

Al Jolson at the State the Cowans Granny in Leith but most of all staying with my Aunt Nelly in Newhaven and making rafts with fish boxes.

I am ;now in South East Kent and recently met Magnus whom I took on my wee boat at Dover.  Always wanted to be called Skipper. Would move to North Berwick tomorrow but the price of a wee flat?

Thought this place was dear.  From Granton Keelie to retirement has been a long road.  Wish they had a memorial to all those who died from Leith Newhaven and Granton, I have yet to find it.

My 5 Two sons and 5 grandaughter think I`m a bit nuts but they just do not understand the Scots sense of humour. Donald.
George Watson

Old Leith Street:    Drum terrace off Easter Rd.

Period of residence:   1957/1972

Present Location:  Fyvie Aberdeenshire

E-mail:  george@dode.f2s.com

Comments:   Hi everybody just found this site. Went to Mcdonold Rd primary then Norton Park (norty) secondary till 1966, then did an aprenticeship at the Great North Road garage Jocks Lodge.

Rode cycle speedway all over Edinburgh and further out and about.     Went to the real speedway at Old Meadowbank then Coatbridge. Used to ice skate and play some ice hockey at Murrayfield.  Just love to go back and see old pics on the walls of my old mates.  Just feel at home when I visit Leith.  Part of it will always be part of me.
Graham Whyte

Old Leith Street:  Madiera St before moving to Prince Regent St.

Period of residence:1952-1969

Where you are now:  Harrogate

E-mail: whyte.g@hotmail.com

Comments:   First school, Fort St.Primary. Second school David Kilpatrick.   Managed to leave there aged 14 1/2 Got a job packing Uncle Bens Rice in Cadiz St ( I think). then they realised I left school too early. Aged 15 started work at Provvy bakery. Still to date one of the best jobs I have ever had.  Signed up for 3 years with the R.A.F. Met the present wife.Moved to her home town where we still live. My over-riding comment about this site is. Once started,You're hooked.
Elayne Young

Your old Leith street: Kirkgate House and St Clair Ave

Period of residence: Kirkgate-1967-1973, St Clair Ave-1973-86

Where you are now: Burntisland Fife

E-mail: elaynensqueek@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: Still spend as much times as I can in Leith and Edinburgh, My grown up daughter lives in Edinburgh and I`m at Uni there, Miss Leith even though I`m only over the pond.
John Waugh

Present Location:  US.

Leith Location: Bonnington Road

E-mail:  john_waugh@hotmail.com

Comment; Attended Edinburgh University, returned to U.S. "drafted", Army Ranger Vietnam still working with poor, MD. Go Leith Athletic..
Isobel Taylor nee Webster

Your old Leith street:  19 Dock St

Period of residence: 1942-1957

Where you are now: Sydney, Australia

E-mail:  isotay@optusnet.com.au

Comments:  This is a great site. I went to Couper St and Dr Bell's primary schools then Leith Academy. I had a few stints in Middleton House at Gorebridge (OK time) and once in Humby childrens village (pretty horrible experience).

I remember playing in the citadel a lot and watching the smiddie shoeing horses. A treat in the summer holidays was roaming all day to such like places as the puddocky on the water of Leith and up to Arthurs seat and Duddingston loch.

Portobello was another adventure where a big thrill ensued when the wave machine machine was switched on in the pool. I remember my older sister and pals using up entire sugar rations making tablet. My family emigrated in 1957.

I get back fairly regularly to visit my son who was born and grew up in Sydney but has lived in Scotland for 10 years. I'm visiting again in September and as always will take time to walk around the old haunts (what are left anyway) and check out the family plot in Seafield cemetery
Paul Wilson.

Present Location:  Falkirk

Leith Location. West Bowling Street.

E-mail.  paul.wilson.1969@hotmail.co.uk

Comment:    I am looking for an Alistair Sutherland who was born in 1950-51 and stayed in West Bowling Street, and knew a Rhona Brooksbank around 1968. Please get in touch.
Robert Traynor

Your old Leith street: 138 Ferry Road

Period of residence:1960-1979

Where you are now: 23 Edinhall Bank Musselburgh

E-mail: Traynorphones@btinternet.com

Comments: Many memories at this school and I hope to hear from any of yous soon greetings from Rab
Ellen Wood

Old Leith street: 14 East Thomas Street Edinburgh

Period of residence:  1958/59

Where you are now: Edinburgh

E-mail: fanctuary@sky.com

Comments: Does anyone have any recollection of this address?  Wondering if number 14 did exist and what family lived there during this time. Doing a geneology and this address came up, anybody out there who can help would appreciate it.
Pauline Welsh

Old Leith street: 103 Albany/Portland St.

Period of residence:  1956-1982

Where you are now: Gananoque, Ont. Canada

E-mail:  welshingan@hotmail.com

Comments:  Great site. Glad I found it. Keep up the good work!
Jim Wallace..

Present Location: Hamilton Ontario.

Leith Location: .5 Assembly Street..


Comment: Attended Links School 1932-1939 David Kilpartick's 1939-1941. Lived at Assembly Street from 1927 until I got married in 1946, and got a house on Broomhouse Street North, (It was nice living there then) I was a cabbie in Edinburgh from 1952-1967 a member of City Cabs. until emigrating to Canada. We return for a visit quite frequently and are pleased to see Leith hasn't changed too much, except for the poor old Kirkgate. Glad to see 5 Assembly street still stands looking great after being sand blasted. The Eldorado Dance Hall was our favourite haunt, met the wife there. She was a worker at Crawford's Biscuits on Elbe Street. Her name then was Betty Baxter
Richard Taylor

Old Leith street: Ferrier Street

Period of residence: 1963 1967

Now: Edinburgh

E-mail: mrt63@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:  I lived there for a number of years, with a whole load of us sharing the one house. It was my granny's house i think. Liz Stoneham was her name, probably the best one out the whole family.
Wilma Tatnell nee Arundel

Old Leith street: 9 Graham Street

Period of residence:1947 - 1968

Where you are now: Portland, Victoria, Australia


Comments:   Lived at Graham Street until emigrating to Australia in 1968. My mum was Cathy she worked at E.Chalmers & Co. in Newhaven Road. My dad was Alex or Sandy and he was a docker. I have two older sisters Betty and Margaret who are both still in Scotland. I attended Bonnington Road and then Leith Academy Secondary. If anyone remembers me or my family please get in touch.
J Ward

Old Leith street:37 Bowling Green Street

Period of residence:

Where you are now:Highlands

E-mail: j.ward909@btinternet.com

Comments: Hi, Can anyone remember Jessie Allan who stayed at 37 Bowling Green Street in 1942.She married James Brown in the same year. Jessie worked in the Rope factory back then. It would be great to find one of you leithers who can remember her.
George Thomas.

Old Leith street: Graham Street

Period of residence:1946 to 1967

Where you are now: Mid calder West Lothian

E-mail:    gsthomasclan@talktalk.net

Comments: Came across this site by accident. There a few names I recognise.G00d to see that Leithers do not forget where they come from.
Stuart Watt.

Present Location..Lorne Street

Leith Location. 18 Burlington Street

E-mail. .swattt9@googlemail.com

Comment:  What a good site, nice to see so many of the old block B surviving.  I well remember the old sawmill 2 policemen Percy and darky Johnson Mrs Keggie`s shop and good old Bonnington school.  MISS ANDERSON as well as down PETRIES basement during the air raids.  I done Bangor Road run with the store milk. I bet you can all remember your mums store number
Margaret Woolsey nee Raeburn, no Leith St. Address.

Mother is buried in Seafield Cemetery Leith ( that's how I found this site)

E-mail brotyferry@hotmail.com

Comment:  Was born in Edinburgh 1925 District of Dalry. Lived Portobello during war years, Worked at Bruntons Musselburgh. also Victory Cinema Portobello, Piershill  Cinema, then joined the WAAF 1949 which after 6 months became Women's Royal Air Force.. 5 1/2 years.

2 years in middle east. 107 MU Kasfareet Suez Canal Zone Egypt 14 months then 10 months RAF Habbanyia Iraq..

Came to Canada 1956.. Then in between years were in Chinnor Oxfordshire, worked at Hordern and Richmond,,,I made the first panels for the Sidney Allard Special Fiber Glass 3 wheeler car. I still get choked up when I hear the Pipes.or the flings. Thank you so much..
Cathy Welch nee Clark

Present Location:Canada

Leith Location: Sandport Street

E-mail.   catherinehwelch@gmail.com

Comment:  We lived at 45 Sandport Street went to Couper St School and DK for a time I stayed at 5 london row also anyone out there remember our family I have two sisters Anne and Dolores.  Great Site John .
William Wallace.

Present Location.Leith.

Leith Location:   Academy Park

E-mail:  sw_wallace@hotmail.com

Comment: Born & brought up in East Cromwell Street from 1945-1959.Would like to hear from anyone who thinks they know me. A lot of people may remember The Wallaces!! big family,there were Robert,George,Janette,Agnes,Elizabeth and Thomas I think everyone knew the Walaces then. So if there is anyone who still remembers me it would be great to hear from you.WaWa (that was my nick name).
Sheila Wallace nee Steedman.

Your old Leith street:Granton Medway,Bowling Green Street.

Period of residence:18 years Granton Medway 7 years Bowling Green Street

Where you are now: Academy Park

E-mail:  sw_wallace@hotmail.com

Comments: I was born in Granton Medway in 1941.  had 4 brothers James,Edward,Stanley  Walker who was half brother then Davie Walker who was a step brother.

James and Edward had a band called the "Jaguars"(they were very good) this was in the late fifties and early sixties. Edward had the nick name Big Steedie. I met a guy from East Cromwell Street 45 year ago got married; had two kids now have two grand kids. So if there is anyone out there who may have known my brothers or know Willie (Wee Wa Wa)or myself we would love to hear from you.
Jim White.

Present Location. Stafford, Staffs,England..

Leith Location. 18,Henderson Gdns..

E-mail. jimofalder@live.co.uk

Comment Lived in the Gdns from 1940 to 1955. Attended Dr Bells then Leith Academy. Enlisted in the RAF Boys Service then signed on till 1980. Now living in Stafford
John Young

Your old Leith street: :20 (also9) Lapicide Place

Period of residence: ADAMS family from 199 up 70 1970s

Where you are now: Hampshire

E-mail: johnuser43@ntlworld.com

Comments: Looking for info on Thomas Adam (1853-c1915) his wife Ophelia Adams (1858-1915) and daughter Emma (b 1879 Leith). My mother was in correspondence with 20 Lapicide up to the 1970s or later. I am trying to find out who lived at this address. I guess it must have been Emma and/or her child. I would be grateful for any information on ADAMS family at Lapicide Place. Many Thanks.
Mary Wiles (nee Love)

Present Location.  Texas USA.

Leith Location. 23 Market Street.

E-mail. texaswiles@gmail.com

Comment   I was born in the top flat of 23 Market Street (1943); my Mum and Dad were Elizabeth and Alexander Love (nicknames Jeannie and Eckie); moved to Southhouse Broadway, then onto 3 Restalrig Crescent.

My Dad worked at Leith Docks for many years, actually until he died when we lived on Restalrig. My Mum used to be called "sunshine" I have lost track of my parents' family and would love to know if anyone remembers them.

Had brothers Alex (rigger at Leith Docks) and Johnnie Love, Davey Love and sisters Betty and Agnes. Went to school at Dr. Bell's (favourite teacher there was Mr. Aitken)then on to "Daft Kids" for my secondary. Now live in Texas.

My Mum had lots of brothers and sisters whose names I can't quite recall. Any information would be just grand. My Dad had a brother who lived in Lochend (Willie) and another John McConachie (Red Braes).

By the way I've been told that there never was a Market Street in Leith, but my niece Sandra and I are here to tell you in person that there was definitely a Market Street.

Johnny a'things, on Henderson Street was great fun. Jeffreys had a building across from the hoose and my niece Sandy and I watched the Queen's coronation at the Veteran's Hall. Kingdom Hall where my Mum served tea and biscuits, as was the Band o' Hope, the Brokie Buildings where Sandy and I spent lots of great times playing shops wi' broken glass and stones.
Name; Audrey Taylor

Present Location...Dundee, Scotland

Leith Location: My grandad (Comercial Street)

E-mail. audt@hotmail.co.uk

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would have any information or know where I can look for any regarding the Leith tugboats. My grandads family (Nicholson) ran them years ago and am now just looking for information on the family and on the tugs. Anything would be much appreciated
Name   Michael Williams

Present Location..Hammersmith London.

Leith Location.181 Cables Wynd house 1966-1979.


Comment  Recently visited Leith. So many changes and no free access around the docks. It's all private apart from Ocean Terminal. Shame Victoria Dock has no boats anymore. Great Site, seen a few names I recognise. Tempted to make contact, but a bit apprehensive!!
Name: Margot Watson

Your old Leith street: Granny's house, 42. Pitt Street LEITH

Period of residence21 years but actually I lived in Sighthill.

Where you are now:   Linlithgow, West Lothian

E-maiL  margotwatson61@yahoo.co.uk

CommentsI first lived in Chancelot Grove until I was three. Then moved to Parkhead, Sighthill. When I was twelve I began four years secondary school at Trinity Academy. I remember getting a bus at 11.20pm from Bonnington Toll to Sighthill on the nights I went to Granny. My sister tells me this was rubbish as the buses didn't run that late in the 50's and 60's. Clarify please. Also did the Cavendish finish at 1am on a Friday and Saturday in the late 50's 60's She says this is rubbish also
Name:  Margot Watson

Your old Leith:street: :granny's house 42. Pitt Street LEITH


Where you are now:  LlINLITHGOW, WEST LOTHIAN

E-maiL margotwatson61@yahoo.co.uk

Comments:I first lived in Chancelot Grove until I was three. Then moved to Parkhead Sighthill. When I was twelve I began four years secondary school at Trinity Academy. I remember getting a bus at 11.20 from Bonnington Toll to Sighthill on the nights I went to Granny, My sister tells me this was rubbish as the buses didn't run that late in the 50's and 60's. Clarify please. Also did the Cavendish finish at 1a.m on a Friday and Saturday in the late 50's 60's She says this is rubbish also.

Addendum John, webmaster confirmed my bus times.  He drove that route on the No 34 at that time on many occasions.

Name: Reg Thomson

Present Location::..Kilngate Brae Edinburgh.

Leith Location::..10 Queen Charlotte Street.


Just found this site by chance and looking forward to see if anybody out there remembers me,Went to Leith Links School 1956-61ish

Name: Betty Wallace nee Baxter

Your old Leith street:11Albert Place

Period of residence:1940 to 1947

Where you are now:Hamilton ,Ont .Canada

E-mail:  bettew2@shaw.ca

Comments: Worked in Crawfords biscuit factory. Married Jim Wallace from Assembly St 1946. Moved to Broomhouse. It used to be nice then. Three children, Carol Harry and Heather.

I also worked in C&A ModesMet my best buddy there Connie Steed a Leither.and the Orient Jewel Co in Smalls and P.Ts.

We came to Canada 1967. We have a good life here, but return to Edin.often because ,You can take Jim out of Leith but you will never take Leith out of Jim.

We met inthe Eldo by the way. I wonder if there is anybody as old as we around might possibly remember us. Love to hear from you
Jane Wilson..

Present Location..Craigentinny.

Leith Location..Dock Place/Sandport Street

E-mail   janewilson169@hotmail.com

Comment: Lived at Dock Place/ Sandport Street from 1958 to 1978, brought up by Mary and Benny Wilson. Mary Sutherland`s family resided in Bernard street. Benny use to play the Accordian in some of the local leith pubs Black Swan and Port of Leith.

As a very small child I made fame; got my picture in the Evening News. I fell in the Water of Leith. I was about 3 or 4, was just at the bridge down at Bernard Street. Lucky for me 2 men saved me. Have never swimmed since that day and not a fan of swans as all i can remember about that day was the swans coming to get me.

I went to Links Place School then on to DK. Sadly I watched DK burn down as well. Loving this site thanks you John.
Bette Wallace

Present Location  Hamilton Ont Canada.

Leith Location:  11 Albert Place.

E-mail.  bettew2@shaw.ca

Comment:  I recently saw two entries on the wall and sent an email to them but have since been informed that it was not delivered and I wonder why. Their names were Robert Stewart and Nan Cowan of Dalgetty Bay Fifeshire.at

E-mail.  robert.stewart1@tesco.net

Hope to hear from you Bette
p.s.my old email address was bettew2@mountaincable.net
Gordon Williamson

Present Location..Tonbridge,Kent

Leith Location...239 Great Junction Street (Top Flat)

E-mail.   shirleygordon@blueyonder.co.uk
Jamieson Tait......................................

Present Location....Goldenacre....................

Leith Location....7 George Street (now North Fort Street)


Comment Fort primary & David Kilpatrick boy still class                   LEITH as hub of the universe
Helen Henderson now (Veal)

Present Location. Springs South Africa

Leith Location..Charlotte Street

E-mail.  thistlesupplies@absamail.co.za                

Comment  Immigrated to S.A. in 1970 with my Husband Frank Gordon and our 2 kids. We came on a 3 year contract with United Wire in Granton, and have been here ever since.

Sadly Frank passed away 7 years ago and I have since re-married. I have been back to leith lots of times and always look forward to seeing my old pals. My husband is from yorkshire and the first time he came with me to Leith, he could not get over how friendly the Leither's are. I was born a Leither and I will die a Leither. I would love to here from any old school pals or old mates that know me.
Name Lorna Wilson [married name Macey]

Present Location Dunfermline Fife........................

Leith Location 8 Ferrier Street Leith and later years 34/2 Elgin Terrace

E-mail l.macey@live.co.uk                

Reading through all the comments brings Leith comes flooding back to me. I was born in 1955 and lived at 8 Ferrier Street until I was 11. My dad John Wilson from Lochend was a Train Driver. My mother was Elizabeth McKinlay from Craigentinny.

We lived on the top floor and backed on to Leith Central. My brother Ian was born in 1959 and we both went to Hermitage Park. We had a great childhood and always remember the backgreen concerts and the amazing bonfire nights and stealing firewood from the Hole in the Wall Gang. Sadly my dad passed away a few years ago and my mother more recently. They are both at rest at Seafield where I visit from time to time. 

I have been researching my family tree and all of my relatives on the Wilson side are Leithers right back to the early 1800s. My mother's side are all from prestonpans and are from the mining communities, some of whom now live in America, New Zealand and Canada believe it or not I have gone back as far as 1675 on the McKinlay side.

I do have one question - who knows the name of the sweet shop in Salamander Street that burnt down in the early 1900s it was owned by my Great Great Grandmother Jane Wilson [McDowall] - she used to supply pies to the Musselburgh races.

Anyway have enjoyed this site and keep up the good work.  Leith will always be a huge part of me and it will never leave me.
Carol Wilson

Your old Leith street:1a Trafalgar Lane

Period of residence:1954 to 1968

Where you are now:  Boswall


Still go to Leith frequently love the changes that have been made to the shore. Some great pubs and restaurants. Cant believe when we lived in Leith we had to make do with an "outside" toilet. Think my dad Jimmy was the only one who liked it as he used it as an excuse to nip downstairs to The Village Inn lol hence the reason he was at the toilet for hours!
Name: Janette (Nee Gill) now Wright

Your old Leith street: 5 St Clair Ave, Leith

Period of residence:1956 - 1962

Where you are now:Brisbane Qld Australia


My grandparents (Brown) lived at St Clair since 1936, my parents took over the flat when they died. My primary schools were,sorry can't recall the name of it, however the school was at the corner of Relarig Rd and Easter Rd next to the church a Miss Smith was the headmistress. I then went to Granton primary for a few years teacher was a Miss Hunter then onto Lorne St for a year, secondary school was Norton Park from 1957 to 1960, still in touch with old school friends. I married Sam Wright from Lochened Avenue our 2 beautiful daughters are grown up and have children of their own. We immigrated to Brisbane Australia in 1968. We have been back to auld Leith many times. Just found your site today - love it.

Ted Tonner

Your old Leith street:Albany(Portland) Bowling Green, Bernard.

Period of residence:1938-i960 1960-1962 1962-1990

Where you are now:Giles St Leith

E-mail: ted.tonner@hotmail.co.uk

What a cracking site, nice to see lots of old places turn up.I served my time as a shipwright in the yards of Henry Robb from 1955 to1960  then off to sea as a chippie for 8 great years. Then back to Robbs where as one the magnificent seven I put the lock on the gates for the end of an era in 1984. What a place to work, wonderful. I could write a book about Robbs  After robbs iwent to work at :eith community centre where I stayed for 19 years and retired 8 yrs ago
Robert Traynor

Date submitted: 30/05/2012

Your old Leith street:138 Ferry Road Leith

Period of residence: 1960-1975

Where you are now:Musselburgh



I went to Fort Street Primary in 1960 till 1967 and then i went to Leith Academy 1967-1972 does anyone remember me? Please get in touch with me.
June Robertson Wood.

Present Location...Central Coast California

Leith Location..Eldorado



Hi, not born in Leith, but at the bottom of the Canongate.....many moons ago we my two sisters Chrissie and Harriet worked at the Eldo, as did Cathie Gormley,,,Hugh Mcgourty owned it,met lots of great people there,,,Been gone from Scotland for many yrs, have lots of wonderful memories tho,,be great if someone out there remembers the Robertson sisters,,Chrissie, Harriet and old me,,two brothers,Billy and John,,{ also known as  'Big Robbie' ]  Cheerio for the now,,,JUNE,,

Catherine Veal nee(Henderson)

Your old Leith street:10 Charlotte Street
Period of residence:15 years
Where you are now:Springs, Gauteng south Africa
E-mail: thistlesupplies@absamail.co.za

I was born in 1944 and grew up in Charlotte Street, with my Sister Dorothy and my Brother Freddy. Went to David Kilpartick in 1958, then left School at 15 years and worked as an apprentice bookbinder with Duncans Bookbinding in Murano Place.I love nothing more than to come home to Leith and look up my old pals, Pearl Thompson and Christine Munro, we have never lost contact since I left home to emigrate to South Africa in 1970. I also found an old work pal, Joan Joyce on this website after losing contact  for 45 years and we now keep in contact via Skype. This site is awesome !!, once a Leither, always a Leither there are none like us !. I would dearly love to make contact with anyone who remembers me either by e-mail or Facebook (Helen Catherine Veal) or skype @ thistle7331.
WALKER, Charles Michael

Present Location.Winchester, Hampshire

Leith Location 12 Buchanan Street

E-mail charleswalker2009@gmail.com             

Comment I still keep in touch with my three wee sisters and we remember attending St Mary's primary school in the 50s