A & B List of Names
Richard Adam

Pirniefield Place (1938-1959)
Dickson Street (1929-1938)

I am now a resident of Ringwood,
Victoria, Australia.

E-mail: radam@alphalink.co.au

Comment: I have never recalled so many happy memories in such a short time.

Andrew Brodie

Born at 5 Summerfield Street in 1938 and resided there until 1962.

My wife Norma and I now stay in Auckland, New Zealand.

E-mail: andnor@extra.co.nz

Comment:   We were back in Leith last year and liked what was being done in the old town, especially at the waterfron
Jimmy Butler

Born in Couper Street in 1935.

Still in Leith staying at `The Quilts` off Great Junction Street opposite Taylor Gardens.

E-mail: jamesbutler1@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment: My dad stood in the Kirkgate, at Trinity House, for 40 years every Saturday before and after the war with the fruit barrow.  I don`t think he would like what has been done to the Channel.  He was a real Leith character was old Harry.
Norma Brodie (nee Power)

Coburg Street, Great Junction Street, Prospect Bank Crescent. 1941 - 1964 then `Embra` till 1969

Now resident in Devonport, New Zealand

E-mal: andnor@xtra.co.nz

Comment: John, very apt - `Let Every Individual Try Hard` - Leith`s motto `Persevere`, and still see that on my Leith Academy blazer
Karen Brunt (Knox)

Stayed in Cable`s Wynd House (Banana Flats) then
Hopefield Crescent from 1966 - 1981.

Now staying in Whitby, Canada.

E-mail: brunty31@hotmail.com

Comment:  I love checking this site out.  Moved to Canada in 1988.  Love the pictures and the stories.  Thanks for the giggle
David Adam

Dalmeny Street, Leith from 1935 - 1949

Now stay in New South Wales, Australia.

E-mail: davidadam1@bigpond.co.au

Comment:  It seems everyone else was in the BBs. I was in the 20th Leith Cubs and Scouts.  We met in the church hall behind Dalmeny Street Church.  The scoutmaster was Ballantyne, and a couple of my peers were Tommy Bolland and Kenneth Coghill.  This might stir a wee bit of interest.  Thanks again to a braw site.
William Buchanan

15 Primrose Street from 1945 - 1966

Now reside in Spain and Edinburgh

E-mail: willie.buchanan@hotmail.co.uk

Comment:  Married Margaret Dewar 143 Constitution Street in South Leith Church in 1966.  Have a son and daughter, Bily and Jacqueline.  Play golf at Prestonfield and Kilspindie.  If you fancy a game gies a phone 455 7373.  M.D. of Mr Bathrooms and Kitchen Art at Chesser Avenue.

Started school at Lochend in 1950 then transferred to Hermitage Park a year later.  Secondary school Norton
Park from 1957 - 1960.  Getting older and back on beer.  What a rare time I`m havin`.  Ta the noo.
Derek Boggie

Originally from Pirniefield Bank.  Born there in 1956 and left in 1972.

Now in Bedford after living in Milton Keynes for 21 years.

E-mail: thistlescot@hotmail.com

Comment:  I attended Links School then onto Davd Kilpatricks.  My dad came from Wilkie Place (Jimmy Boggie).  Mum, Jane Arundel from the Shore
Gladys Boyd/ Brown/ nee Henderson

Born at 44 Tolbooth Wynd in 1934.  Lived there until 1936 and moved to Lorne Street where I lived until 1954 when I got married.

Moved to Blackpool in 1973 until 1991.

I now live in Perth, Western Australia, moving here in 1999 when I retired to be near my daughter Lynne and family.  I have two grandsons.
Molly Brown nee Ryan

Speirs Place from 1939 - 1959

Now in Edinburgh 5 minutes from Murayfield

E-mail: molly.b@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments:   Came acroos the web site by chance.  Lovely to read all the comments and a few names were familiar.  Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  I attended St Mary`s from 1944 and then Holy Cross.  Interesting to see how many had gone abroad.  We only go on holiday.  We still love Edinburgh and Scotland.  Leith has changed quite a bit was neglected so long but it is good now that new houses have been built as well as the Shopping Centre.  Alas, I don`t think the new apartments will house many Leithers.
Colin Aitchison

My grandfather lived on Easter Road.

I am resident in Barrie, Canada.

E-mail: colinaitchison@hotmail.com

Comments:  Hello there!  Certainly good reading on your site.  I was wondering if anyone would have any info on Dorothy Thom, daughter of Willim Thom and May Aitchison.  I have many
Douglas Black

Old address was Admiralty Street.

Now in Baillieston, Glasgow.
Mary Anderson nee Lynch (June 28 2004)

Born at 3/4 Corporation Buildings.
Period of residence 1937 - 1955.

Now stay in Dunfermline, Fife.

E-mail:  autopia1992@aol.com

Comments:  Was over the moon when I found this website.  It was brother Edward who actually got your e-mail address.  You will probably know my older brother Peter.  I was born on 16 July 1937.

Thank you for giving us such wonderful memories
Valerie Bird

Old Leith Adress- 4 Admiralty Street

Now living in Toronto.

E-mail: birdie@sympatico.ca

Comments:  My grandparents lived at 4 Admiralty Street for many, many years.  Then my parents took over the flat until we all came out to Canada in 1969.

My grandparents were the "Fasciones" who owned the fish and chip shop at the top of Bangor Road for many, many years and also cafes and the chip shop at the top of Bonnington Road.
John Brown

Leith Location: 29 Duke Street 1967-1969

Present Location: Mansfield,England:

E-mail:  shbrown@vodafoneemail.co.uk

Comments:  Lived only for a short while whilst father found work.  Attended Leith Links  (remember a Mrs Burgess,cook)   Hung around with Charlie Sutherland and Eddie Ross. My first "girlfriend" was Maggie Welch, who moved to Kilmaurs.  I went to DK for a short while, before coming to Mansfield in 1969ish, I started an Apprenticeship for the NCB at the time and have just finished after 37 years (not the apprenticeship) lived all over Edinburgh 1955-1969.Still love to get up when I can, but, hasn't it changed? My father was the Manager of THE PROM BAR in Newhaven (been back don't like) Can still see the Old Leith in the back of my mind ,wish I could draw it !Love the site ,love the folk, LOVED the place. John
Margaret Allan (nee Mackenzie)

Your old Leith street:   2/2 Corporation Buildings

Period of residence: 1936

Where you are now:  Northfield, Edinburgh

E-mail: inmate125@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:  I am trying to get in touch with Marian Jones as I believe we may be related. I believe my Granny living 2/2 is the sister of Agnes who lived in 2/7 (corporation bulidings,Leith). There were also other members of our family living in the 'copie' buildings.  My Great Grandmother also stayed there, she was Granny Fergson and her maiden name was Cairns.

Granny Ferguson was originally from Galashiels. You asked if Agnes married Bob Baton but I am unsure. What I do know is that they moved to Newhaven and Mary (your dad's sister) died there recently. I would love to hear from you Marian and share stories, please contact me via email at inmate125@hotmal.co.uk (Got my email via the Talk 107 Radio show!)
Elizabeth Ainslie (now Flintoff).

Present Location.      Cleveland, England.

Leith Location;    Halmyre Street, 1943 - 1968  then moved to England. Went to Lochend Rd school, then Lorne Street and Norton Park.  Worked in Constitution St in Shipping office.

E-mail.   lizzyainslie@yahoo.co.uk

Comment: Great site, a friend in San Diego told me about it, love to read all the "stories"
Colin Bingham

Present Location: Bathgate.

Leith Location. Pirie Street

E-mail: coling.bingham@virgin.net

Comment:  Lived in Leith from 1946 to when I married in 1976. My father worked as a shipwright/carpenter with Menzies and then Robbs. I worked with Currie Line in Bernard Street from 1961 - 1967
Richard (Dickie ) Black

Present Location. Dalgety Bay and Torremuelle Spain

Leith Location 107 Old Kirkgate (Kinnairds Building) and 8 Junction Place (Fire Brigade Street)


Comment.  Born and brought up in the old Kirkgate until 1962 then moved to Junction Place, went to DK.
Worked in John Temples as a Saturday Salesman (to make up my apprenticeship pay) on the corner now McKenzie and Millers.  My mother used to work there as a cashier there, she is still in Leith at the Cables Wynd ( Old Nurses Home ). She is called Ella Black married to my Dad Dick who is now desceased. My mother was a Courtney, my Grandad was Paddy Courtney who was a great man also at the Whaling in the 50s and 60s.  They were from the Citadel, big family. Now living between Dalgety Bay and Spain, working in the Oil Industry. Still come into Leith to see my Mother, also come in with George Mercer who used to live in Morton Street just off Duke Street for a couple of pints..

Old Leith street: 11 Bothwell Street

Period of residence: 1946-1955

Where you are now: Livingston, West Lothian

E-mail:  joyceblondin1946@msn.com

Comments: I was brought up in Bothwell Street and moved with the family to Telford Drive in 1955 when I was 9. Attended Leith Walk Primary School until 1955. I had a friend called Rose - can't remember last name who stayed in Brunswick Street. I attended Brownies at St.Pauls in Lorne Street, my aunt was Brown Owl (Miss McMurray). My older brother Bill was in 4th Leith BB's. My grandparents stayed 263 Leith Walk (McMurray), my dad was a trawlerman sailing out of Newhaven / Granton. My young brother James (Jimmy) was only a toddler when we moved in 1955.Anyone who thinks they remember either me or my family pse get in touch.
John Banks (Skinny)

Old Leith Street:  West Bowling Green street 1959-61; Kirkgate House 1961-82

Still here in Sunny Leith

E-mail: narcosishead@googlemail.com

Comments:   Was married, have 1 boy 23yrs old, Was at Bonnington, Dr Bells, DK then Trinity. Left school (eventually) served my time as a Caulker/Burner in Henry Robbs shipyard, left Robb's when it closed worked in the SAI for a year as a labourer then went into Shiprepair, was a tiler for a year then delivery driver for Hewden hire.

I now work offshore as a Rigger/Welder on ships and I am soaking it up like a sponge. While at school I deliverd papers in Leith hospital,delivered milk down Bonnington road as far up as Anderson place, worked for Rodgers the chemist washing out old medicine bottles and dusting down shelves, and worked for Methvens fish shop putting unsold fish back in freezer and scrubbing down the slabs and shop with bleachy water. Now that's enough about work. I love holidays, I have seen quite a bit of this small planet above and below the sea,

I do Scub diving as a hobby and I would dive in a muddy puddle if it was deep enough. I see my self as a social binge drinker, I go out once a week and drink as much as I like and try and meet as many old and new freinds as I can, as I don't have a local I just move from pub to pub. One of my biggest gripes is, it is bad enough putting up with our home grown beggars but now someone is importing them into our Leith from all over Europe.  Love On Ya's Leithers. Take Care.
Norrie Bain

Present Location: Worcs

Leith Location: Hamilton Street

E-mail: normanbain@live.co.uk

Comment:  Happy Memories, Great wee place Leith
Lucy Arnold/ Edwards

Old Leith street:  Kirkgate

Where you are now:East Lothian

E-mail: lucya1987@live.co.uk

Comments:  I am looking for anyone who knew Brian Edwards(b.1956/d.1996) his mother Margaret Gilroy/Edwards/Lund(b.1926/d.1985) or father Albert Edwards(b.1930/d.1985) of Redbraes Place . All three were born and bred in Leith. I am Brians daughter and I am trying to trace my family tree, If anyone knows anything that may help me please get in touch. Thanks Lucy
Moira Boyd Reid)

Old Leith street::  4 Burlington Street (wee dykie)

Period of residence:1943-1976

Where you are now: Restalrig

E-mail: mkhammy4@googlemail.com

Comments:  My Mum, myself and my son George were the last to leave the wee dykie because we held on to try and get Leith but it wasn`t to be. mum got Pilrig and I got Restalrig. Have been in my present house 34 yrs yesterday.
John Brady

Present Location   England

Leith Location..Tennant Street

E-mail  brady4@btinternet.com

Comment:  I lived in Tennant Street in the 1960s I was born 1954, My parents were Mary Brady nee Sneddon. My father John Augustas Brady who died in 1961.  I would like to know if anyone remembered my mum and dad. My oldest brother was Forbes, then Joe, Tom, Scot, Any info would be great.
Sandra Brown nee French

Your old Leith street:  88 St Andrew Street

Period of residence:1 945-1958

Where you are now:Salford Manchester England


Comments:I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Leith.I went to Dr.Bells from 1950 to1956

Your old Leith street: 125 RESTALRIG RD SOUTH

Period of residence: 1950-1970

Where you are now:  LEITH

E-mail:   inaanderson10@yahoo.co.uk

Joe Brooksbank.

Present Location: .South Wales, UK.

Leith Location:.St Andrews Street..


Comment:  Born at 91, St. Andrews Street 27th February 1942 to 1953, Joined the Army, travelled, eventually settled in South Wales.
Bill Aldred.

Present Location:  Kirkcaldy, Fife

Leith Location:  No.7 Hamilton Street

E-mail:  wddaldred@btinternet.com

Comment:  Lived in Hamilton Street from 1941-1949 then moved to Granton. Went to North Fort Street Primary, Remember the old slate noteboards?

Visit Leith occasionally to see old haunts but a lot now are a distant memory.If anyone remembers me drop me a line...Always a Leithy at Heart. .
Bill Baxter.

Present Location...Hastings, Minnesota  USA.

Leith Location...11 Albert Place,

E-mail: bevandbillbaxter@gma.com

Comment;   I went to Scotland from Canada in 1939 Worked at Henry Robbs;  Jamaica Rubber and Wm Brydons boiler shop. I shure miss old Leith
Willie Bell

Born Elsie Inglis 1944.

Present Location.  Ladywell Livingston.1971 -  Present.

Leith Location; 8 Fort Pl 1944 - 1965, 60 Tennant St 1965 - 1971

E-mail. william.bell33@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment   Went to Fort Street Primary 1949-56 Leith Academy 1956 59.  Only discovered this site recently, utterly amazing. Made contact through website with school chum had not seen for 50 years. Keep up the great work John
Rae Beatson:

Date submitted: 22 October 2010

Your old Leith street: 9 Kirk Street

Period of residence:Born 1942 till 1966

Where you are now: Dalkeith

E-mail: raebeatson@tiscali.co.uk

Went to Dr Bells then DK then Torphichen Commercial College.

Present Location: 15 BABERTON MAINS PARK EH


Lily Burke nee Cavanagh

Where I am now: Foulden,Norfolk

E-mail:  lilyburke1@aol.com

Am looking for:Jessie Grant nee Beverley we went to Royston school Granton 1942/49 we both married remained friends. Lost touch in 1964 when Jessie moved to Sighthill & I lived in Leith with my husband, son & daughter.

I would love to get in touch with Jessie or her family, 
Since The Wall was instituted 10 years, many e-mail address are outdated.  Let me know if your`s is one.  You can intimate this on the application box.
Name. Walter Anderson

Present Location...Windsor

Leith Location Henderson St

E-mail  walter.o.anderson@hotmail.co.uk
Comment  Born in Henderson St.along with my tribe of six sisters and four brothers. Have just moved down here three months ago to be near our grandchildren.
NameBill Baxter.

Present Location.Hastings Minnesota U S A

Leith Location..11 Albert Place (Shrub Hill)

E-mail: BevandBillbaxter@gmail.com              

Comment   Lived at Heriot Hill, Boswell Parkway, and Albert Place from 1939 till 1947. I worked for Cummings boxes, Mackintosh Engineering,Jamaica Rubber.

Served my App- at Wm Brydon Boiler shop ,and Henry Robbs.  Returned to the US 1947 Although I am an American. I love and miss Leith very very much
Bill Brownlee.

Present Location....Wollongong NSW Australia.

Leith Location....Springfield Street then Banana Block


Comment Does anyone remember me - I lived in Springfield Street and attended Dr Bell's School then David Kilpatrick. Moved from Springfield Street to the Banana Block in 1966 - played soccer in the park. I will be in Scotland from 5th April until 5th June and would love to catch up with anyone who remembers me.
John Brydon Henderson

Present Location  Perth Western Australia.

Leith Location.11 Brickworks Close

E-mail   jbh.rah@bigpond.com.                

Comment  At 11 Brickworks close 1950-1957, father Jimmy had fruit & veg truck, kept his truck in Storries Alley.Mother born in 11 Brickworks close {Nee Goodall}
Dorothy Battarbee (now Battarbee)

Present Location  Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts

Leith Location Charlotte Street then John Russell Court

E-mail  dorothybattarbee@hotmail.com  

Comment  Born in Charlotte Street in 1948 and had a lovely childhood with all the kids who lived in our street. My mum Maggie, and dad Sodger were well known in Leith. My dad used to manage the then "Athletic Bar" opposite Leith Police Station. I went to Leith links school, then DK and Leith Academy. My brother Freddy, sister Helen and I were keen swimmers and Freddy and I were both members of Leith Swimming Club.

Most of our teenage years were spent at the Victoria Baths for pleasure or training for our various swimming competitions. My photo was in Vicky Baths for years along with my best swimming buddy Maureen Glancy. Between us we have a few stories to tell about our swimming years and afterwards when we made up for it on the social circuit. Love to hear from Maureen as we lost contact when I moved down south to Bracknell, Berks when I married my husband Peter after meeting him at a wedding.

I have two girls who have given us 7 grandchildren between them who are gifts from god. We are currently living in Notts where we recently retired to so that we ccould be near our daughters and grandchildren. Would highly recommend retirement
Charlie Brown.

Present Location..Craigentinny.

Leith Location..Tennant Street.1946-1964.


Comment Now retired.Ive been married for 41 years have 1 daughter Still mates with Gilly West and Rab Laidlaw
Patricia Akers

Period of residence:/West Pilton Park 

Where you are now: Australia

E-mail: Martrish@hotmail.com


Hi I was born in Pilton Park but my family are all Leith people. my Dads name was David Akers. He was born Leith; his father was called James Akers then lived at Newhaven and down Leith Walk before they moved to Pilton were I was born.

I had 4 brothers; David William James and Alex we were 5 out of 11. I went to Craigmuir Primary and Ainslie Park Secondary was sent until dad passed away. I remember the bonfire night and going round taking other peoples fire wood.

There was a chip fvn that used to park up at the back of our house; fish and chips out of news paper hahah There were 2 circles in our street and all the shops used to be around them before you walked up thr Rise to the church. Good old days. I`m trying to find Linda Hume who still lives around Leith and June Bell, so if anyone can help thanks Trish
Douglas Arthur

Old Leith Street:  5 Summerfield Place, Leith Links

Period of residence:    1946-69 

Where you are now:      Stonehaven Aberdeenshire

E-mail:    douglasandrewa7@gmail.com


Leith Links Primary 1951-58 (with 3 years break at
Royston). Played football for Leith Links Primary; Terry Grieves was goalkeeper.

Continued my education at David Kilpatricks        1959-62 and played football and cricket for D.K. in the same team as Peter Cormack (ex-Hibernian and Liverpool player).     On a recent visit to see the Bryan Ferry concert at Edinburgh Castle, I ended up at the Central Bar, Leith Walk, where I had a delightful evening after meeting three interesting, gorgeous ladies named Moira, Grace and Kathleen.
Tom Brown.......................................

Present Location.Broxburn West Lothian

Leith Location.lLochend...........................

E-mail   ena.tam@hotmail.com                

Born in Craigentinny 1942, move to Lochend Road Sth
I went to Hermie Park 1947-1954, Norton Park 1954-1957.
Some people I went to ermie with,Alex Arthur,David Treasurer,Andrew Rodger,Billy Baird,Shiela Cairns,Mary Mcghee,Helen Ritchie,Evelyn Sives, Rosemary Thompson,Frances Thomson,to name a few.
Does anyone remember playing pitch & toss at the shore block, I used to watch the older boys play it.
Tam Brown

Present Location.Broxburn

Leith Location. Craigentinny/Lochend.


Although i was born in 17 Craigentinny Rd,1942.
I have lots of happy memories of Leith. Went to the Capitol cinema on a Saterday morning, hair cuts at Joe Bells in the Kirkgate.

It would be nice to hear from anyone that remembers me
Ada Barrett nee Cullen

Leith street:38 West Bowling Green St Leith

Period of residence:1938-1956

Where you are now:London, Canada


Comments:I was born 1938 I attended Bonnington Rd Primary School,I had Miss Anderson as my teacher. I do rememeber Anne Campbell, Neil O'Hara and a few more from 1943-1950. My Secondary School was David Kilpatrick, my best teacher was a Mr Taylor (History) I do recall a dear friend Olive Wilson who looked out for me at school

I went to Claremont Church and attended the Brownies and Girl Guides. Miss Tough was our Girl Guide Captain. I have fond memories of these carefree days and we made the the biggest pot of porridge in the evening then the ritual was to dig deep in the earth and cover it till the next morning.

Magic we all survived haha.I left Sunny Leith the year 1956 for London Canada.I must say I miss my Portobello Outdoor Pool and the Kindest Souls oh forgive me I am so happy to be on this site  but I must not forget my Assembly Rooms Dance Hall Friday Nights Only.Jive Jive Great Cardio Exercise I wish I could do it now I will close down with my comment with great hesitation.Ta  ta the noo. fer the noo I hear Miss anderson saying "ADA CULLEN GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE CLASS."