C & D List of Names
Ronnie (Ron) Currie

6 Sleigh Drive, Lochend - 1931

We now stay in Hastings, Victoria, Australia.

E-mail: roncur@melbpc.org.au

Comment: My wife and I with our three daughters arrived in Australia early in 1963.  I attended Hermitage Park Primary then Leith Academy Secondary.  My wife Minnie (Min) Laidlaw attended North Fort Street Primary then David Kilpatrick Secondary.

For a while after we were married, we lived in Burn`s Street, Leith before moving to our Prefab at Saughton.

We`d be happy to hear from people who remember us.

Roy Cummings

Newhaven Road from 1939 - 1960

Now in Burlington, Canada

E-mail: bowtowca@yahoo.ca

Comment:  Remember we used to say `I`ll meet you at the GPO.  If I get there first. I`ll chalk an X on the wall.  If you get there first, you can rub it out`

Christine Dickson

78 Henderson Street

Duration 12 years.

Now in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

E.mail: ccsl.tait@cogeco.ca

Comment:  Would love to hear from friends from the past!
Frank (Spud) Condie

11 Bangor Road 1938 - 1962

Now staying in Craigentinny.

E-mail: f.condie@btinternet.com

Comment:  Great site, memories are flooding back.  Thoroughly enjoying reading through all the entries.  Things that stick in my mind are dancing at the `dub` YMCA,  Monday nights at the wrestling, Saturdy mornings at the Cappy club, dancing at the Assembly Rooms, 12 - 4 dancing at the Eldo.  Happy Days!
Gina Cooper

Ballantyne Place, Elbe Street and Bangor Road during the late sixties and early seventies.

Now stay in Dalry.

E-mail: gem1070414827

Comment: Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or lived in any of the places listed from 1967 to 1972.  Would particularly appreciate any photos of old Leith with so much of it gone now. I still have many happy memories.
Isobel Dalgity

Granton.  Stayed there from 1958 to 1966.

Now resident in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

E.mail: weeone@rogers.com

Comment:  Och, Nothing Much Tae Say....But HiYa!!!.
Alan Calder

4 Albany Street (1960 - 64)

I am now in Toronto, Canada.

E-mail: alancalder@rogers.com

Comment: I attended Ainslie Park then promoted to Leithy.  My sister went to DK.
Nan Cowan

7 Bowling Green Street for 5 years, then 13 Granton Medway from 1939 until 1954.

Now staying in Dalgetty, Bay Fife.

E-mail: robert.stewart1@tesco.net

Comments:  My granny stayed in 1 Burlington Street and I have known this area very well over all these years.  After she died, my uncle Harry Urqhart stayed in the house and we stayed with him when we first married.

Our next door neighbour was Mrs Isa Wallace, the mother of one of your major contributors, Alex Wallace.

We attend a dancing class and we met up with a chap called David Hay who was brought up in No 12 Burlington Street and I am sure he will be well known to some of your contributors.

We have recently been discussing the shops that were once in Bonnington Road.  It makes good reading.  We will submit a copy of our recollections in due course
Maureen Dornau, Murphy. McLean

13 Tolbooth Wynd from 1942 -1960

Now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

E-mail: starcatz@bellsouth.net

Comments:  My brother who still lives in Leith e-mailed me this site.  Icome home at least once a year and still feel at home in Leith even although Tolbooth Wynd and the Kirkgate are so changed and the school I went to no longer exists.  (Holy Cross Academy).  I walk along Great Junction Street and up Leith Walk with my sister-in-law or along the Links and the Shore.  Lots of memories return.  Will always have a soft spot for Leith.
James (Jimmy) Duncan

Glover Street (Hole in the Wa`) 1947

Now in the Findlays, Lochend

E-mail:  jdsc17618@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments: Moved from Glover Street to Granton Medway then West Granton Road.  My fathers name was Rab Duncan who was brought up in the Corporation Buildings.  Mothers name Jessie Henderson, Bonnington Road.
Anne Duffy nee Henderson

Union Street from 1952 -1961

Now in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

E-mail: danneduffy3@aol.com

Comments:  Sister to Scott Henderson and part of the Peggy Laidlaw clan from 195 Great Junction Street.  My mum is Rita who is now in Gordon Street.  My paternal grandmother was Jeanie Young who stayed in No 8 Union Street.  Many happy memories from yon days.  I still like tae come back.
Eric Colbron

122 Bonnington Road from 1935 to 1956

Now stay in Kingseat, Fife.

E-mail: eric.colbron@virgin.net

Comments:  This site brought back a lot of memories for my wife (Alexena Purves, formerly of 6 Bonnington Road) and me
Allen David Dall

Henderson Street, now in Wallsend, Newcastle.

E-mail: addall66@yahoo.co.uk

Comments:  Born in Bowling Green Street in 1951, and have a twin brother. Moved to the Inch then back to Leith in 1970.  Mother and father still live in Henderson Street.

Served my time in Henry Robbs as a shipwright, 1967 - 1972.  In Rosyth Dockyard for to years then back to Robbs.-, 1974-77.  Moved to Wallsend with my wife and son who was born there.
Mark Cameron

My grandfather, James Cameron lived at 2 Parliament Street in the 1930s.  He also lived at 24 Kirkgate before 1933.  His wife, Alice Eccles lived in 54 Water Street with her parents Charles and Mary Ann Eccles.

E-mail: mcameron@dryburn1.fsnet.co.uk

My mum`s dad, Edward Hanratty lived in Henderson Street in the 1970s.  He was a retired miner then a car mechanic.

My dad went to St John Vianneys and then to St Anthony`s in the early sixties.  He ghas older siblings, May and John
Lamont Currie

389 Easter Road - 1944- 1955

Now in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

E-mail:  montylinda@sympatico.ca

Comments: I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Davie Dodds  (June 27 2004)

Born in Simpsons in 1951 and lived in 7 Cadiz Street until around 1955.

Now living in the North-East.coast.

E-mail: daviefindochty@hotmail.com

Comments:  Splendid site.  Both my parents originated from Leith and although they spent many years living in other parts of Scotland, they always considered Leith their true home.

As children, we grew up to the names such as Bertrams in Leith Walk, Crawfords biscuit factory.  We always remember being dragged into Clinkscales, Oswald for the back to school refit.
John and Moira Cowan (nee Williamson) (June 27 2004)

Dalmeny Street then Annfield, Newhaven. 1977 - 1984.

Now in Christchurch, New Zealand.

E-mail: moira@extra.co.nz

Comments:  Great site!  Brings back a lot of old memories of growing up in Leith.  Went back for a visit last year....so many changes.  Keep up the good work
Sue Davis

Burlington Street, Waddell Place and Bangor Lane.  1936 - 1952.

Now in Canberra, Australia.

E-mail: suedavis@pcug.org.au

Comments:  Love this site. Brought back so many memories. I was at Bonnington Road School from 1941 to 1948 and the teacher I most remember was Miss Anderson then Mr Crawford.  Went to DK from 1948 to 1951 and the teachers I most remember were Effie Johnston, Mr Naismith, Mr Wishart, Mrs Greigand I think a mr Walker.

My first job was in the office of Eric Manzi, an electrical contractor in Easter Road.  I remember Percy the policeman.  He could certainly make the lads move when they had a `school ` at the bottom of Bangor Lane.

I remember queuing at the Store in Bangor Road during the War for a banana.  Then theres Owns the fish and chip shop where they did the best `suppers.`

This is bringing back so many memories I could go on and on and on.

Please contact me if I have triggered  anything for you.  Regards from Oz.
John Cowan

Primrose Street, 1944 - 1954.

Now in Porirua, New Zealand.

E-mail: c.cowan@xtra.co.nz

Comments:  During the period I lived in leith I attended Lochend Road school then Hermitage Park.
During the time in Primrose Street we lived up the Brae.  My mother`s maiden name was Annie Henderson, a well known family from the Brae.  My sister Jessie and her husband Rab ran a pub in Leith next to St Mary`s school.  The family then moved to Granton Crescent where some of the family are today.  Thanks for a wonderful site.
John Dodds

29 Duke Street and 333 Easter Road from 1961-1967 then 1968-1978.  Now in Gifford, East Lothian.

E-mail: john@giffordonline.com

Comments:  Great website which brought back many memories.  I`ve got mixed feelings about the `new` Leith.  The old place did need a bit of regeneration but it does not seem to be for Leithers anymore or maybe when I turned 50 my crabbit gland kicked in.
Sandra Cochrane (Johnson)

23 Market Street.

Period of residence:1944 - 1954

Where you are now: Ontario, Canada

E-mail: acochrane@distributel.net

Comments:  Just getting up and running on this internet and came across your site.  Was thrilled to see the name of my dear friend, Isabel French's wee sister Davina and will try and contact her when I get the hang of this.  Have thought of Isabel many times over the years and was so sorry to lose contact. Emigrated to Canada in 1954 with my parents, Betty (Love) who worked in the pawn shop on Market Street and whose family lived in Leith for several generations.  She had three brothers who some of you may know Johnny, Alex and Davey (unfortunatly all of them are gone now, and two sisters, Agnes who now lives in Stratford, Ontario and Mary, who lives in Texas.  My Dad John Johnson was a Shetlander who was in the merchant navy and then the Edinburgh Fire Department (Stockbridge and Fountainbridge) I believe.  I attended Dr. Bell's school and some of my classmates were: Rena Coyle, Elizabeth Murray, Tommy Troup, Margaret Wise, Jeanette Mac Donald, Gordon Cunningham, Freddy Dixon to name a few - some of these names might ring a bell.   Hope to succesfully get my name on the Wa'
Peter Donaldson

Present Location      Trinity

9, Bangor Road.

E-mail Sales@griffinproperties.co.uk

Comment   Went to DR Bells nursery then to Bonnington Primary, thence to Trinity Acadamy.

Left school in 1987 got apprentice job in Leith Docks as a joiner with R T Merriman Joinery, Constitiution Place. Served my time there .Still love the docks. When we left Bangor Rd in 1980, we still had no hot water, no bath or shower, and no heating. As a family of four we lived in a room and kitchen,.  We were the last to be moved out of the stair . Fond memories of Christmas Eves at the Salvation Army , two doors down; and the Tulips in Taylor Grds.  Still remember the day Ii found out that Santa Claus was actually Peter the painter from ST Cuthberts,  Leith.

Its ironic that when ii stayed in Leith as a child, I felt embarassed to say where I lived.  Now I am as proud as any Leither of our heritage. , Long live togetherness!

Married with one son, I own and run a joinery, and a property company in Edinburgh.
Moira Courtney nee Blair

Largo Place :1943-1962

Present Location: Greytown, New Zealand

E-mail: courtneyparents@hotmail.com

Comments:  Born in Largo Place. Went to Couper Street School until it closed then onto Bonnington Road. Secondary at Leith Academy. Been in NZ since 1968. Love to hear from anyone from Largo or Ferry Road. PS my sister Chris also lives in NZ
Marion Crawford (nee Paget)

Ballantyne Road

Period of residence: 1925 to 1938

Where you are now: Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA

E-mail: highlandlassie76@shaw.ca

Comments: Great Website! Brought back a lot of memories, reading about some of the stories written on this wall.I lived on Ballantyne Road for 13 years, then moved to 6 Bonnington Avenue...attended Cooper street and David Kilpatrick Schools...joined the land army in 1942...was married after the war to Dennis Crawford...and moved to 4 Broomhouse Gardens East from 1950 to 1957 then immigrated to Canada in 1958. I now reside in Richmond, British Columbia. I love Canada, but Scotland has still a special place in my heart...I would love to hear from anyone who remembers these places... .
Peter Clarke.

Present Location:       Dartford Kent

  6 Graham Street

E-mail:   pm.clarke@btinternet.com

Comment:    Born in Graham street 1947 moved to Gracemount 1957 then London 1964.  In the process of moving back to Edinburgh came across this site for the first time 10-12-08
Bill Craig

23 Cumberland St.

Period of residence: 1943- 1953

Where you are now: Michigan U.S.


Comments:Great site, although not from Leith I recall the area and the many great times there, Warriston, Portobello etc! Again, love the blogs.
Irene Davies

Present Location..Australia.

44 Newhaven Rd Leith...1927-1956

E-mail. idavies@yahoo.com.au

Comments.   I am trying to find my mother's family. She lived in the house near the Tannery, her father John McLeod was the caretaker of the Tannery from 1926 to 1942 you may remember him. My mother was Elizabeth McLeod everyone called her Betty.She had a sister Margret and brother John. Her mother's maiden name was Margret Irvine, but she died in 1941.  She lived in Leith all her life and was very well known. After her mother died her father moved on to 16 Pitt St. and my mother joined the Air Force. Does anyone remember the Family? My mother came to Australia in 1957

56 West Bowling Green St.

Period of residence:1947 to 1961

Where you are now: Kitchener Ontario Canada

E-mail:  achalmers@sympatico.ca

Comments:  Went to Bonnington Rd. from 1947 to 1953 then Broughton Secondary till 1957. Saw Rab Wallace on the "wall" he was in my class at Bonnington and Broughton, have e-mailed him, hope to hear from him and any other old friends or schoolmates from that time. My best pal was Charlie Murray from Graham St. Still get Christmas cards every year ( been in Canada since 1968, only came for two years, still here !) Tommy Stewart from West Bowling green and George Hunter from Ferry Rd. were my other buddies, this is a great site, brought back many memories !!
Carol Duff

106 Cables Wynd House/Banana Flats

Period of residence:1965-1982

Where you are now:New Zealand

E-mail:   perfectpools@xtra.co.nz

Comments:Had some great times in Leith. All the kids used to play in the flats, tap door, run or kick the can, bullrush! We played in the the little concrete blocks that could be a bus or a plane or anything you wanted for hours. I do remember Helen, Donna and Kaye Meldrum who lived next door..
John Clark

Argyle St.

Period of residence: 8 years

Where you are now: Cheshire England

E-mail: jclarkjohn@btinternet.com

Comments: Born Leith Hospital 1949. Went to Fort Street school until I was 8yrs old then moved toTelfor Rd at Crewe Toll.  Attended Ainsley Park till 15
Alex. Dickson.

Present Location: .Scotland.

Easter Road..

E-mail: Alexd7644sqn@btintertnet.com

Comment: Anyone know anything about what happened to the Andersons who lived in Sandport Street? He was a bus driver, she was a jolly, always smiling lady. Two daughters, Rena and Greta, who will be, hopefully, in their early seventies now. Lovely family
Lesley Collins

Present Location: Corstorphine.

.Giles Steet.

E-mail........Not supplied.

Comment:  Born in 1964 in Hawthornvale, moved to the 'brand new' flats in Giles Street, Leith when I was two. I'm now 44 and still look back on my childhood with great fondness. Leith was the best place to grow up. We had a magic time. Lots of kids all the same age and we all played together, rain or shine. I remember the Queen's silver jubilee, we had a huge street party that went on from morning til night, disco music blaring into the wee small hours, adults steaming and kids just high on the fun of the day. Brilliant. I remember the Leith parades, standing on Leith Walk watching all the lorries, the place buzzing. Leith community centre was a good place to go as well, took part in numerous talent competitions dancing to the latest hits which you listened to on a Sunday, doing the dishes after the sunday dinner. I remember going to the Band of Hope at the top of the street as well and singing my cups full and running over!! I could go on all night but I'll cut it there, I'm proud to be a Leither and I don't think it ever leaves you....you feel priveliged.
Norma Clouston nee Munro

Restalrig Kemps Corner

Period of residence :1943- 1954

Where you are now:still in Edinburgh

E-mail:  grannyc@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments: Our playground was in front of Munrospun great for roller skates I delivered papers to the "Squatters House" and visited the stable there with Margaret Walkinshaw, Andrie Thompson grandaughter he kept his horse and cart thereI went to Leith Academy 1953-1956.3c1My first job S.C.W.S Links Place as an office junior.Left school on the Friday and stared work on the Monday aged 15.One of the juniors job was to deliver invoices for orders to the huge wharehouse favourite was the chocolate house The banana room was on the top floor.Left two years later to go to the Dean College
John Duff

Your old Leith street:

Period of residence:

Where you are now: Cleveland

E-mail: john11duff@live.co.uk

Comment: Trying to find Jonathan Duff.  His father is Jack Duff,  mother Carol Duff
Sandra Cooper

Ferrier Street.

Period of residence:   Born there in 1958 not sure how long my parents were there.Where you are now: Kelso. Scottish Borders. (Hoping to live in Spain soon)

E-mail:  gcollins261@yahoo.co.uk

Comments:  I was born at 8 Ferrier Street on 6th February 1958. Mum Marjorie Fergie Proudfoot. ( She worked in a shoe shop somewhere nearby). Dad Douglas Johnston Cooper ( Worked on the railway at St Margarets).

Unfortunately in September 1958 when I was only 7 months old my Mum died in the house, she was on her own that day with me and wasn`t found for about 3 hours. (I think my Dad was at work) Does anyone who lived at this address,  I assume it was a tenement remember this incident?

I have been told that there was a few Proudfoots living in Ferrier Street at this time. If anyone has any info please get in touch. I would like to know what life was like in Ferrier Street was there any shops or businesses.? I have heard that there was a pawn shop that was very busy!!

Not long after my Mums death My Dad and I went to live with his Mum and Dad at the Leith Walk end of McDonald Road. Will be glad to hear from anyone who might have known my family.
Michele Cooper.

Location. Fountainbridge.

Ballantyne Place, Elbe St, Bangor Rd, Springfield Street, Bowling green St

E-mail..   shell7@blueyonder.co.uk
Dolores Clark

45 Sandport Street;  5 London Row

Period of residence: 1948-1957, 1962-1967

Where you are now: British Columbia, Canada

E-mail:   dmlc@shaw.ca

Comments: I love reading through all the stories posted on the wall. My how people have travelled. My family moved to Canada when I was nine and then back again to Scotland as my mum (Betty Clark) missed her family. I returned to Canada on my own when I was 18 and within the next couple of years the rest of my immediate family followed. I still have many lovely relatives in Scotland and will always consider it my "home".I attended Dr Bell's as well as DK. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Frances Cory nee Brooksbank

91 St Andrews Street

Period of residence:1939-1950

Where you are now: Cheyenne Wyoming

E-mail: francory@bresnan.net

Comments: I just found this site and was so happy but now I dont think anyone is using it if anyone reads this please send me an email just so I know someone is still using this site thanks Fran
Jim Carr

294 Easter Road

Period of residence:1943 1954

Where you are now: Corstorphine Edinburgh


Went to Lorne St school - 4th Lifeboys - St Pauls church- played football for school Hawkhill- Collected beer bottles at Easter Road stadium for pocket money from Wisharts pub - Lived in Pilton and joined post office as a telegram boy. I worked for 44 years in post office and BT d..Still working when not on the golf course...
Carol Crerar. now Ford

Present Location..Carnoustie, Scotland..

18 Bowling Green Street 1948 to 1958.

E mail..carol.jan@btinternet.com.

Went to Bonnington Road Primary. I remember the Salvation Army (The Sunshine Hour) in the Ebeneezer, which was more exciting than going to church! Playing bools and cowboys with the boys (tomboy).

Jackie McPherson where are you now? We went to the Cappy Club together and raced each other home on our
horses!  Miss my Grannie who lived in the same stair as us.  We moved to Muirhouse in 1958 - a new flat with a
REAL bathroom!

I gave up self employment recently and now help my husband run his landscape photography business part
time only.We lived in Livingston for 25 years but recently moved up here to Carnoustie. The folk here are
similar to Leith folk and I have settled in very quickly. Feel as though I belong somewhere again.

I would love to hear from anyone else who lived in Bowling Green St. while I was there. I would like to learn more about my Dad's family (Crerar) originally from the Tollcross area so if there are any out there - please get in touch..  Great website John.


Period of residence: 1962 TO 1967

Where you are now:  EASTERN ONTARIO.


Nicola Craig nee MacSween

: Glover Street

Where you are now: Kilmarnock

E-mail: nicolacraig1971@hotmail.co.uk

Comments: Hello. I wonder if anyone remembers my grandfather Stephen Henry. We do not have much information except that he was a railway parcel porter. He died aged 41 from a heart attack, found at 34 Glover Street. He had a brother R Henry who lived in England. My father never met Stephen and we have just recently found out of his existance. We are desperatly trying to trace any of my fathers birth parents. Did you know him or his wife Annie MacIntosh Henry nee Tiernan?
Name; Dorward.

Present Location...Argyll.

Leith Location.......Lorne Street.

E-mail: norma-L@rossy.co.uk

Comment: Always hoping to hear from anyone who knew any of the Dorwards in Leith - Lorne St, Halmyre St and Dickson Street
Name: David Cowie

3/24 Ballantyne Road, Leith

Period of residence:1945-170+Where you are now:Bonnyrigg


Comments:Is there anybody out there who remembers me - went to Bonnington Road Primary and then David Kilpatrick - worked in Rank Hovis till closure 1991
Nicola Craig

Present Location...KILMARNOCK..

.34 Glover Street, LEITH


Comment Hello. Does anyone remember Stephen Henry who worked as a parcel porter. He was my grandfather whom I never met. Sadly he died at 34 Glover Street in 1964 aged 41/42 years of age. Stephen was married to Annie MacIntosh Henry nee Tiernan. Dont know if they lived together at the time of Stephens death. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Name: Margaret Cooper nee Gaughan

6 Graham St.

Period of residence:1951-1973

Where you are now:Shropshire


Comments:This site is just wonderful. So many people proud of their birthplace .I was once refused a job when I stated that I was from Leith. I will never be anything other than a Leith Scot and have still got my accent to prove it.Went to St.Mary's Star of the Sea then on to St. Anthony's, then Dean College after a short time working as a nanny in West Linton.

It was the snotty lady who refused me a nanny's job in Edinburgh that changed my whole life, because I then went to college and trained properly as a nursery nurse. Since I left I come home most years as I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't get up regularly enough.I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me or my siblings Richard(Dick) or Frances. best wishes to you all.
Ina Johnston Carmichael

Present Location.  Australia

Bernarnd Street; Dock Place

E-mail. ina40@tpg.com.au

Comment Would love to hear from any one that remembers me I am 70 years old
: Henry Downie

Where you are. Cairneyhill Dunfermline Fife

E-mail harrydownie@gmail.com.................

Stewart Campbell

Your old Leith street:PORTLAND PLACE

Period of residence:1959 1960

Where you are now:SOUTH SHIELDS


Comments:Fantastic site. I went to London Street school from 1946 till 1951 abouts, then went to BROUGHTON until 1954.  Worked for Bootlands bakery in Gayfield Square Lane, lived in Annandale Street most of the time.

Was born in Rintoul Place Stockbridge; done National Service from 1960 until 1963 in Germany, Osnabruck. Moved to Newcastle about 1964. Still down here, in South Shields . Was in the baking trade, then opened a second hand record shop from 1975 until 1985 , then back to  the baking again.

Great memories of Leith, dancing at the Eldo,, the Rooms Cafe in the Kirkgate, and Abba King Eric, Danny, Jimmy all my deaf friends, and Jeannie and Joan. from Leith Bunny Nisbit, Jimmy Anderson , Roper Cunningham the brothers Laird. Great times . and THE HIBS
Joan Chopping.(nee Lyall)

Present Location...North Wales

Leith Location..Largo Place, Ferry Road


Born in 1 Largo Place and then moved to Canonmills. Remember walking down to Leith with my mum to visit friends in Ferry Road.  Attended Bonnington Road Nursery, then Canonmills School, London Street School and then Broughton High for a short while before moving south to Wales.  Dad was Leith born and bred until he moved.
Rab Dickson..and Pasty DICKSON {NEE HART}.




Comment: I lived at Crewe Road Gardens from 1943 to 1963.I went to Royston primary and Ainslie Park secondary.I married Rab Dickson from Bonnington Road Leith in 1963.Rab attended Bonnington Road primary and D K secondary.We moved to Australia in 1966 and have lived there ever since.Been back for a few holidays to bonnie Scotland.Still miss the place.I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers us. 
Sarah(Sadie) Clark......

Present Location............Falkirk............

Leith Location..West Bowling Green Street.


Does anyone remember my mum, brothers are Ronnie and Cliff, went to DK school.
John Dickson

Present Location: Tranent, East Lothian

Leith Location: Fort Street 1955/65, then Fort House "The Fort" 1965/78

E-mail: john@eh6.co.uk               

Lived at 51 Fort Street before moving into The Fort when I was 10. Schools wree Fort primary and DK secondary. My old muckers were Alex Rennie / David McKenzie / Keith Summers. I remember school sports days at Victoria park with Fort and Wardie with DKBest primary teacher was Miss Findlay who eventualy move abroad and Big Bill Reid (Geography) at DK, I remember mini Munro science who was a bit off the wall too. Mrs Browns shop just by the gates at DK did great pies. Where are the likes of: James Cowan, Tony Cowan, Alex Taylor, Harry Shedden, Ann White from Fort primary and Rab Lees, George Laing, James Gardner, Willie Henderson, Ann Craig from DK?
Ian Campbell

Present Location   Swindon Wilts

Leith Location   Constitution St.1938/59

E-mail   doxfordsix@aol.co.uk


Went to Leith Academy Then Robbs as app fitter and turner.My dad, Harry Campbell was well known in the docks as stevedore supt. for Furness Withy

3 years at sea with Prince Line, coming ashore on marriage. Moved to Swindon in the car industry and retired a senior manager at Rover, Cowley.Two fine children but sadly Shirley and I are in poor health.Leith very much in my heart.
Sylvia Dawson

Old Leith street: 2 Crown Place

Period of residence: 10 years

Where you are now: Ontario, Canada



When I was just a kid, I lived a full life in Leith. It was rough, tough but in a dignified way. I first went to Bonnington Road School and then to Trinity Academy primary. I played at the wall and became street smart which has helped me through life.
Ada Cullen

Your old Leith street:38 West Bowling Green St

Period of residence:1938/1956

Where you are now:London CANADA



Carlos de Melo

Present Location...Granada Spain.

Leith Location..24 Hawthorn vale Newhaven.

E-mail.carlosdemelo 63@yahoo.es
Norma (Innes) Donoghue

Present Location...Melbourne Australia

Leith Location..56 West Bowling Green Street.


First of all I want to say how much I am enjoying this site. I was introduced to it very recently by some very good friends of mine who were visiting from Inverness Scotland.

My husband (deceased) and I emigrated to Melbourne 45 years ago and were always very proud to say we came from Leith it's a true saying once a Leither always a Leither.
I have recognized quite a few names and it felt so good, all the memories came flooding back, these were the days, we never had much but we had lots of fun.

I attended Bonnington Road school 1950 - 1957 then DK until 1960.
Norma (Innes) Donoghue

Date submitted:30/10/12

Your old Leith street:56 West Bowling Green Street (top flat)

Period of residence:1945 - 1963

Where you are now:Melbourne Australia since 1967


I attended Bonnington Road from 1950-57 then DK to 1960.

I have been back many times and always enjoy my time spent in Leith. Sad to see West Bowling Green Street as it is today, I just always remember the good times.
My brother was Eric Innes (deceased) maybe somebody will remember us from the good old days.

I am enjoying reading the stories and have recognized quite a few people from back then so if anyone would like be in touch I would love to hear from them.

This is a GREAT site for us "Old Leithers"