E & F List of Names
Susan Emlay (nee Jackson)

Old Leith Streets - 125 Leith Walk, 3 Bangor Lane, 22 Lochend Road South and 9 Lochend Square.  After marriage at 24 Burlington Street.

Moved to Toronto, Canada in 1963.

E.mail: emlay_d@yahoo.com

Comment:  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, or my husband David Emlay of 35 Duke Street, Leith
Robert (Bobby) Emlay

Old address - 35 Duke Street from 1933 to 1953.  Now stay in Toronto, Canada.

E-mail:  theemlays@rogers.com

Comment: Married Margaret Wilson of  West Pilton Circus in 1956.  MOved to Canada in 1968.  WE would love to hear from anyone in our past.  Played for St Bernard Football Club.  Member of the Edinburgh City Clu
Paul Eddington

Used to live in 10 Queen Charlotte Street then Lochend.

Period of residence yonks ago. (1960s)
Now in Inverness via Peebles, Paris, Perthshire, Fife, London, Fife again, Wester Ross and Orkney

E-mail: pauleddington999@hotmail.com

Comment: Here I am writin` on the wa` and I`m the polis.
Eleanor (nee Faughnan) & Tony Henderson

Originally stayed at 94 Kirkgate from 1932 - 1957

We are now resident in Ontario, Canada.

E-mail: scotty-henderson@rogers.com

Comment: God willing, will be in attendance at O.L. re-union next June or whateve.
Esther Fulton nee Monteith

Old Leith Streets - 53 Shore, c/o McEwan, 51 Commercial Street then Hamburgh Place.  Period of residence 20 years.

Now stay in Craigentinny

E-mail: estherfulton@tiscali.co.uk

Comments:  Early childhood in Leith consisted of playing in Burgess Street and around Lamb`s House. I remember the Lothian family from Burgess Street and a Kathleen Miller who also lived in the street.  I also delivered papers for D Campbell the newsagent in Sandport Street from 1955 to 1958.  Attended St Mary`s school in Henderson Street then St Thomas of Acquins at Tollcross.
John Furlong

Old address: 40 Balfour Street   1940 - 1957

Now staying in Mississauga, Ont. Canada.

E-mail: the.hielanman@sympatico.ca

Comments:  Attended Bonnington Road school 1946-1951 then Bellevue 1951-1957.  Apprentice at RL Rae 1955-1957.  Played the bagpipes with the 10th Leith Boy Scouts and then the Leith Dockers pipe band.  Emigrated to Montreal in 1957 to 1978 before moving to Toronto.Retired from Nortel/Bell Canada in 1993.
Margo Fallis nee Mills

Lived at 36 Dudley Gardens from 1954 - 1960

Now resident at PO Box 619, Georgia 30085, USA

E-mail: margofallis@yahoo.com

Comments: Please...if you know the area...email me.  I went to Trinity Academy Primary School and my grandfather lived in the wee house on the Acadeny ground
Davina French

Present Location. Lochend, Edinburgh.

Leith Location. St.Andrew Street.

Comment I was born in St.Andrews St. in 1953.
Moved to Piershill in 1958,I am now in Lochend.
All my family came from Leith. Dad John French,
Burlington Street. Still have family there. Looking
for old pictures of Leith. If anyone can e.mail any to me
I would be most greatful,especially any of  St.Andrews St.
Keith Flockhart

Present Location;  Hamilton New Zealand

Leith Location  Bonnington Ave & Primrose St

E-mail kflockhart@xtra.co.nz

My maternal side of family- Sproule traced back to many areas of Leith. laterly they lived in Bonnington Ave which apparently wrong side of Newhaven Road to be in Leith.

Father was from Primrose St - off Lochend Road.  I left Scotland when I was 11. Quite a hard then in many ways as it meant I never saw my Grand mothers again but life goes on.

You never know "What it might have been if you never moved" but moving to New Zealand has meant I got opportunities I possibly would not have got. I also have been married for 34 years and have 3 daughters and 3 grand children. I work in a Managerial position which allows me some of the luxuries in life my forebearers would never have had.

My daughter Kiwi born and Bred now lives in Portabello with my Scottish born Grandson so things have done a bit of a circle.

I returned two years ago for a holiday after 40 years and was amazed at how muchI could remember and still find my way around, in fact told my daughter a few times directions where to go to look up things such as the old school and wherewe lived. The thing that did strike me was how some things did appear smaller than I remembered, in particular the Water of Leith. I played there a lot as a boy and always thought it was a great big river so it was a surprise to see it as a pleasant stream.

The other thing I noticed with it was at Bonnington Avenue the edges were undisturbed, kids did not play there anymore. One other wonderful site with the Water of Leith was walking along it to Juniper Green, a wonderful walk but what topped it off was seeing a roe deer grazing and this in the middle of the city.

One thing which did not get smaller was Arthurs Seat and the climb to the top certainly cleared the lungs.  I think being an Scottish in another country is you do not loose your identity and still proud to be Scottish and proud of Scotland and things Scottish, and I am not sure if it is an Age thing but the bagpipes can bring tears to my eyes and I have a Scottish CD collection I love to listen to.
Doreen Forbes [Lumsden]

Leith Location: Graham Street,  West Bowling Green Street.

Period of residence:20yrs

Where you are now:Restalrig Road,

E-mail: Forbdore@aol.com

Comments: Had a lot of good times playing at the shepie, Bonnington Ave. Playing kick the can and tap door run also playing doon the dam meaning the Water of Leith.  Went to Bonnington Road school 1956 then onto DK.  Like to hear from sombody who knows me.

June Fergus nee Hunter

Old Leith Street: 102 Kirkgate Leith

Period of residence: 1940 - 1960

Where you are now: Ontario Canada

E-mail: Junipergreen@rogers.com

Comments:  I just found this site and was surprised to see so many people proud of being a Leither. I attended Leith Academy Primary in 1945 and went on to the High School until 1956. I got married in 1962 and have moved around Scotland and England before I finally landed in Canada in 1977. My cousin Ruth McRobbie (McClounnan) in is this list also. If anyone cares to get in touch I would be really happy about that.
Frank Ferri

Present Location:  Newhaven Edinburgh Scotland

Leith Location: Formerly of Ballantyne Road 1945 to 1958

E-mail: frankmae@blueyonder.co.uk

Comment:  Attended St Mary's Star of the Sea School & St Anthony's
Graeme Eadie

Street Name: Rose Vale Terrace

Where you are now: Kirk Street

E-mail: graemeeadie@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:I moved to Leith in 1987.  Been here for 22 years now.
Alex Farquhar

Old address: 94 Craigmillar Castle Avenue Edinburgh

Period of residence:a good15 years

Still in Edinburgh

E-mail:   weeeeleck@googlemail.com

Comments:I am tryingto find out about the Musselburgh Giants cycle speedway for whom I rode for a wee while just for starters
Jimmy Forbes

Your old Leith street:  37 Bowling Green St

Period of residence: 1932 1956

Where you are now: 5/1 Kingsknowe Court, Edinburgh

Comments: Sisters Nancy Ruthie Madgie brothers David Alex John
Name:  Bill Forson

Old Leith Street:Stories Alley; Kirkgate/Lochend

Period of residence: 1934/1968

Where you are now:Pickering Ont Canada

E-mail: vforson@rogers.com

Comments:Hello fellow Leithers.My daughter Barbara told me about the Leith Wall.I see so many people listing the Kirkgate/St Andrews St we must know each other. My parents who resided at Lochend Drive shipped my butt down to Stories Alley about 1941 to keep granny company for a couple of weeks, granfather working nights.The couple weeks cost me twelve years of hell.

My pals-David Wright. Neil Pratt ,Billy Patton ,Billy Anderson, Tam Taylor etc etc etc,I knew most everyone in those areas,I used to deliver papers for Archibalds Confect, corner of St Andrews St,I learned my trade at Stewart Brothers Constitution St,I danced at the Assembly rooms and when it opened the Elderado. My last trip home I was a bit upset with what they did to my city,foot of the walk,Victoria moved to make room for a monument of a whale,ugly. Please if anyone knows my name i would like very much to hear from you it would be very much appreciated. God bless.   
Linda Fairlie (Dalziel)

Where you are now: Bonnyrigg 

Leith Street:I lived in No. 19 George Street, opposite the Garage and the Coal Yard (commonly known as the Coalie)

E-mail:  Jeanypop@homecall.co.uk

Comment: Does anyone remember Tom the Shoe Mender at the bottom of George St, and Millers the News Agent then the pub on the corner? It was a great place to be. I had many friends there but sadly have lost touch with them.

I have been looking for my auld school pal Marion Myles, I noticed her brother John Myles has been on your site back in 2009.

John if you're still out there get in touch, would love to hear from you and anyone else who knows me. I tried your Email address but it came right back to me.

Love your site John it has brought back so many fond memories, found out my next door neighbour was born in Fort Place, small world.
Bill Elliot

Present Location  Auld Reekie Via Sunny Leith

Leith Location.263 Leith Walk


Comment Born In my grandmothers house, 263 Leith Walk but my parents were living in 11a Smiths place in 1939. Was a member of the Lifeboys in St Pauls and the lucky 4th BBs From 1947 untill 1956. Served my apprenticeship with Menzies at the old dock
Terrance Ferri (Terry)

Present Location. Willowbrae, EDINBURGH.

Leith Location. 3/10 Ballantyne Road.

E-mail. t.p.m.ferri@hotmail.co.uk                

Comment I lived in Ballantyne Road and lived there from 1945 till 1967.

Things we took for granted, like in 10 or 15min we had at the bottom of Ferry Road, a Dentist, Doctor and a Library. Going over the bridge into Great Junction Steet we had an Ice-cream shop . Across the road from Ballantyne Road was the State Cinema ( My dad some times would look out of our window to see what was on in the State that night.) and Snooker hall.

Round the corner to the left into Mill Lane there was the Eldorado Boxing/Wrestling on the left, and on the right we had the Leith Hospitably. In front of that was the Taylor Gardens in Great Junction Street.

Across from that we had a Chip shop. And many more shops. Can you tell me where else you can find as mane amenities as close to your house?

It was a sad day when they pulled Ballantyne down, as that was just the start of the centre of Leith disappearing.

Later a large section of Great Junction Street, Bowling Green, Bangor Road and Bangor Lane were pulled down, which included many shops, and pubs.

There are not many people left that can call them selves an OLDLEITHER..
Allan Douglas Mcalister Eunson

Present Location Leith

Leith Location   46/2 North Fort Street


Comment  I have done the full circle and back to the street I was born in 71 and remember the coalie as well Was in the 1st Leith Life Boys and Boys Brigade went to Fort school then David Kilpatrick 1949-1959
Brian Aherne Farrell

Present Location..Mcdonald Road

Leith Location..South Sloan Street.


Comment...Brilliant memories of Leith .Went to the army...then worked at the post office in Kirk Street as a postie.Married to Muriel(donaldson) + stayed at Craighall Road for the 1st few years,then moved to Linksview House, had my 2 children Derek +Iona,then moved to Citadel Place + now at Mcdonald Road,would like to here from anyone who remembers be..True Leither + Hibee...
Isabel Ferguson