Hazel   Marshall (nee LOGAN).

Present Location CANADA.

Leith Location19 Lindsay Road.

E-mail. bhmarshall@shaw.ca

Comment I attended Leith Academy Secondary School 1944-47.  I live in British Columbia now. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Present Location. PAISLEY

Leith Location  57.RESTALRIG ROAD.


Found this site by chance and now I'm completely hooked. I was at Links Pl. School & Leith Academy 1937-45 did office work at Leith Co-op, Munrospun, Cowan-Ad. and Westfield Autos. before  moving, on marriage,to Paisley, in 1955.

We still visit my brothers, Eric and Ian and
their families and love a good old rake around Leith.
I think the only business  in Gt. Junction Street which
is still there from my time is McKenzie Miller, the
Undertakers!  The Wall has given me a trip down memory lane.  Thankyou.
Alan J Mackay

Present Location.County Durham

Leith Location. East Thomas Street then 206 Easter Road

E-mail.  ajmhmb@btinternet.com

Went to Leith Walk primary in 60's then on to good old DK until 72.  Started apprenticeship as electrician with old school mate Peter Dunbar (PJ)
would be good to talk to him again...Left Leith for sunnier climates, Aberdeen, then travelled around a great deal

Living and working in County Durham now.  Still get back now and again to look the old place over and see my beloved Hibees. (not as much as I would like to though)

The waterfront has all changed now some good some bad.  Love to hear from old school friends again
Ian Mackay


Period of residence: 11 YEARS

Where you are now:  NOTTINGHAM
Billy McPhillips

Your old Leith street:  26 Baltic Street

Period of residence: 1940 - 1956

Where you are now:  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

E-mail: billmchaggis@bigpond.com

Comments:  Lived Baltic Street. Went to Saint Mary's School in Yards Heads and Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 1945- 52 and St Anthony's 52 - 55.  Moved to Bingham Broadway 1956. Worked in Hill Thomson Frederick Street, then transferred to Hill Thomsom in Maritime Street Leith.

Went to work Melrose Drovers, Leith. Migrated to Manly near Sydney in Australia, in 1963.  Worked in Capitol Wires as supevisor,until moving to Queensland in 1972.  Worked with South East Queensland Electricity, later SEQEB, until Retiring in 2003.  Still living on the Gold Coast. Mother Cathie McGreavy, Dad also Billy McPhillips. Been back to Leith about a Dozen times. I still love Leith. Billy McP.
Ruth (McRobbie) McClounnan

Your old Leith street: Born Coburg St., lived at 19/10 Johnston St.

Period of residence:1938-1947

Where you are now: Los Angeles, California USA


Comments:Attended Leith Academy Primary - 1942-1947 My pals in the stair were, Margaret Shepherd, Jeannie Anderson, and Moira Robertson, would like to hear from you..
John Myles.

Present Location: .Dromana, Victoria,  Australia.

Leith Location:  George St/North Fort St

E-mail: shockermyles@southernphone.com.au

Comment: Saw a good few names I know from Leith. What a place. Keep it going.
Cathy Morgan nee Drummond

Old Leith Street: 60 Tenant Street

Period of residence:

Where you are now: Ottawa Canada

E-mail: canadamorgan@rogers.com

Comments:   Came accross the website by chance.  I never lived in Leith, but my parents did. My dad Tommy Drummond and mum Ellen Coyle(Ella)lived at 60 Tenant Street until 1960 when they moved to Clermiston. They were married in South Leith church in 1953. My dad worked for William Thyne formally of Lochend and laterly Sighthill.  My dads 3 sisters also lived in Tenant Street, Nan, Jean and Marion (who married a GI after the war and went to California. Dads family were related to the Preston's on his mothers side, also from Leith. My Granda Drummond also Thomas and his brother John worked at Leith Docks. Dad went to DK's and my mum, from Lochend Gardens, went to Holy Cross. I live in Canada now but get back home regularly. Would love to hear from anyone who knew my family.
Marion McKay

Present Location: Aberdeenshire

Leith Location:    198 Bonnington Rd

E-mail: nlbuckner@marathonoil.com (my daughter)

Comment Would like to trace a couple of old friends. Moira Smith who lived in Stanwell street. Worked as a secretary at Leith hospital. She married John Banks then moved to the corner of Madeira St/ Ferry Rd. John Munro who lived at 42 North Fort Street. He was an apprentice joiner, great swimmer and piper with 1st Leith BB's and Leith Dockers. John's sister Mary was married at Seaton Hall, Newhaven. I also went to school with Joan Hall. We all attended David Kirkpatrick school 1947 - 1951.Haven't seen or heard from them in nearly 56 years and would like any information on how they are. Please reply to my daughter's email. Thanks Marion
Don Munro.

Present Location..Australia

Leith Location

E-mail  donmunro36@hotmail.com

Comment: A grand Aunt of mine, Catherine (Katie) Helliwell was killed in the first bombing raid in Leith. I wondered if anyone could tell me where I could find information about this. I thought I might have hit the jackpot when I came across John Helliwell from Canada on this site but he must have changed his address from that shown, so if you read this John, could you email me.Regards, Don
William bulky Muir

Your old Leith Street: 14 Coburg Street Leith

Period of residence:1940

Where you are now: Portobello

E-mail:elm 2010@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:like to know any old Leithers especially DK school or Henry Robbs shipyards that knew me.
Clark Murray

Present Location. Newhaven.

Leith Location.Lapicide Place..

E-mail:  clark1875@yahoo.co.uk

Comment:  Great site keep it up. if anyone remembers me please e mail
Margaret Manson.

Present Location. Warwick

Leith Location.Bangor Road.

E-mail  Magadams2003@yahoo.co.uk

Comment:  Went to Bonnington Road School in 1930 . Lived in Bangor Road then moved to Granton in 1934. Went to Granton School.  Lived in Wardieburn Street west then on to Bellevue. Worked in the wire works and Bruce Peebles. Went to the old Picardy Dance Hall and to Fairlies at the top of Leith Street.  Those were the days my friend so if any one remembers me would they please get in touch

Present Location:  LIVINGSTON.

Leith Location:   5 STANWELL STREET

E-mail:  highlanderlad@hotmail.com

Comment: Stayed 5 stanwell street 1962 1974. sighthill 1974 1987 livingston 1987 still here.
B Miller

Your old Leith street:Lapicide Place

Period of residence:1955/1978

Where you are now: Bonnyrigg Midlothian

E-mail: In complete

Comments:  None supplied
George (Dode) Muir

Date submitted: Nov 2010

Your old Leith street : Easter Road/Rossie Place

Period of residence:  1946-1965

Where you are now: Newhaven

E-mail:   Dodetech@yahoo.co.uk


Was at Leith Academy secondary 1957-1961.
Worked at Edinburgh/Kuwait Airports/Alicante and Madrid for numbers of years. -These days Director/presenter on Leith fm radio station +

Guitarist lead singer with 'The Last Trees' Folk-rock band.

Lots of good times: memories growing up in Leith - 145th BB's company/pipe band - Harrys tuck shop Duke St- Busy docks- Saturday morns at the Capitol cinema kids club, shouting for the 'goodies'at the screen! Helping deliver milk from the Co-op horse drawn cart down Easter Road! Slipping through wee gaps in a fence to see the Hibs- Victoria baths etc.

Leith, a great place to grow up in and be around!
Great site - keep up the good work ! 
Sandra Muir nee Ramage

Your old Leith street:  4 Fort Place Market Street

Period of residence: 1944-1957

Where you are now: Loanhead outside Edinburgh

E-mail: sandra_muir@hotmail.co.uk

Comments: I am always proud to say I came from Leith and have happy memories of playing in Tolbooth Wynd with the Woods and Margaret Reid. If anyone remembers me I would be glad to hear from them.
Susan Mickleborough nee Campbell

Born in Craigentinny.

Lived in Leith for ten years before moving to Oxgangs. In between times stayed in Craigmillar  and oft times with grandparents in Bangor Lane, Leith.
M List of Names
Evelyn McGregor (nee Gillies)

Originally from 13 Kirk Street then 69 East Restalrig Terr.

Now in Milton Ontario, Canada

E-mail: emcg@look.ca

Comment: Attended Leith Academy from 1955 to 1966
George Murray

Lived at 38 West Bowling Green St 1947--1955,
went to Bonnington Rd Primary for a couple of years,
then moved west to East Kilbride.  Came back to sunny Leith 1960 and lived at 32 Sandport St.  Went to Leith Academy till 1962, then served my apprenticeship as a fitter with Bruce Peebles.  Love to hear from anyone who knows me or my family.
Tommy Moffat

Old street was Corporation Buildings,
Sheriff Brae.

Stayed there from 1928 to 1953.

Am now resident in Drylaw, Edinburgh.

E-mail: ThmsMff@aol.com

Comment:  Demolish the new Kirkgate and rebuild the old one.
Willie Murray

Old Leith street, Lochend Road.  1948 - 1973

Now in Glenfield, North Shore City, New Zealand.

E-mail: w_murray@poal.co.nz

Comment: Early years spent in Duke Street then moved to Restalrig Square  for a time then back to Lochend Road before emigrating to NZ in 1973.  My wife of 31 years (Honor) is from nearby Loganlea Terrace in Craigentinny.  We have never lost our affection for the home port, indeed our daughter is named Leith.
Jack MacKenzie

Restalrig Road South (Kemps Corner)
1935 -1964

Now stay in Lower Hutt, New Zealand that is just north of Wellington.

New E-mail: jackmackenzie@clear.net.nz

Comment:   A wonderful site that I visit regularly.  Having followed some of the links that are listed I find that Leith is steeped in history as Edinburgh
Bill Macrae

Originally from Cadiz Street.  In No 3 from 1932 till 1955 then in No 7 from 1955 to 1968.

Now stay at 34 Prospect Bank Place.

E-mail: macraew@aol.com

Comment: A real Leith Keelie and proud of it!   Attended Links Primary then Leith Academy (and best draw a veil over this time)  Before going on to the Clothing Trade for 20 odd years (wasted) then into the Fine Wine Trade for the next 30 odd years to become President of the Scottish Institute of Wine and Spirit and honorary Lifetime Member,a Road Warrior and Sales Manager for two different companies
Hugh Stevenson McDiarmid

Originally from 32 Great Junction Street, 1932 to 1955.

I now stay at 19 Stewart Clark Avenue, South Queensferry.

E-Mail: h.mcdiarmid@rdplus.net

I think your site is great.  I was brought up in Great Junction Street, educated at Dr Bell`s and David Kilpatricks.  Then spent a year at the W.M. Ramsay Technical College before serving my apprenticeship with King & Co, Leith Electric Works in Prince Regent Street.  I then went to sea with Ben Line Steamers as an electrical engineer.  I married Isabella Bell of Bowling Green Street.  We lived in Ryehill Avenue before moving to South Africa in 1969, returning in 1974.  I would love to hear from any of my old, old being the operative word, friends or anyone who remembers me.  My grandparents lived in 76 Hawthornvale.
Robert & Rose Morris (nee Emlay)

Salamander Street; 35 Duke Street, Leith.
1931-1955                 1939-1959

Now in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

E.mail: bevymorris@sympatico.ca

Comment: Would love to hear from anyone!  E.mail our daughter Beverley and she will relay all messages..
Pat Marshall (nee Paddy Laidlaw)

Old street was 195 Great Junction Street from 1943 - 1959.

I now stay in Queensland, Australia.

E-mail: cu.jimmy@bigpond.net.au

Daughter of Peggy Laidlaw (Bain) and Jimmy Laidlaw and youngest sister of Rita, Alice, Jimmy, Betty, Eric and Stuart (Stucky).  Does anyone remember the bonfires in Bangor Road and how we used to sing the old song, "We are the Bangor Road, we walk along Great Junction Street, knocking coppes of their feet, we are the Bangor Roads"?

See quite a few familiar names on this site and loving it.  Hope everyone is well and happy.  Looking forward to the Scottish rugby team arriving for the World Cup
Patricia Mcquillan nee McCabe

Lived in 42 Giles Street, later Pirniefield Place from 1947 to 1963.

Now living in Rockingham, Western Australia

E-mail: pwmcq47@yahoo.com.au

Comments:   I was amazed at the things I found out about Leith, was really impressed.  I would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me from St Marys or St Anthonys.
Irene Miller,  nee Dunn

Formerly of 18 Bowling Green Street.  1940 - 1947

Now living in Montana, USA

E-mail: caledonia@bresnan.net

Comments:  Moved to Lochend Avenue 1947 - 1964

Came to US but lived in different states (military), Germany for 4 years  then came to Montana in 1973.  My first job here was with an Indian Teacher Training Program.  Loved it but all good things must come to an end.

I have been back to Scotland numerous times, for 9 weeks last August: can`t get enough of it.  Leith has definitely changed.  My dad wouldn`t believe how much.  I noticed people from Ferrier Street.  My grandfather Andrew Ross lived there.  Can`t remember the number but it was on the top flat.  My uncle was Tam Ross.  Aunts Betty, Isa, Ina, and Agnes, Tam`s twin.  Did anyone know them?

Love reading all the stories; great memories.
Linda Malcolm nee Robertson

Grandparents lived in Wilkie Place

Now live in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland

E-mail: linda@stevenson.co.uk

Comments: Lots of memories of about 30 years ago. Remember going with my dad to watch greyhound racing from the old wooden bridge in St Marks Park.  The bridge is still there but alas Powderhall is unrecognisable.  My dad was a great speedway fan and we used to go to Old Meadowbank on a Saturday.  Rush to get a No 34 bus up to Redbraes to get rolls and then home to Bonnington Avenue to watch Perry Mason.  Lots of other memories come to mind but not enough space.
Iris Macdonald nee Blackie

Old Streets - Dickson Street 1936-1948
                   Iona Street 1948-1957

Now stay in Erin, Ontario, Canada.

E-mail: malcolm.macdonald@sympatico.ca

Comments:   I went to Leith Academy Primary summer of `42 then the secondary `53.  I went to work at Leith Provident cheque office in Bangor Road.  After 18 months of that I went to work at Wm Thynes in Lochend Road.  There I met my husband Malcolm.  We married in `56 and have three children.  Our theme song is "we`ve been everywhere", we have been here, there and everywhere.  Firdst of all England, three places, back up over the border to East Kilbride, then South Africa twice - Florida (Transvaal), and in Fish Hoek.  On to Canada, Mississaugaand now in Erin, Ont.

I have so many memories of my past in Leith.  I remember them clearer than what I did last week.  We were back there for a holiday just before Christmas and were depressed at what has been happening to our old Leith.  It does not seem like HOME any more.  Hope to hear from somebody so we can have a blast from the past..
Esther Monteith

Originally from 53 The Shore, 51 Commercial Street and Hamburgh Place.

Now stay in Craigentinny.

E-mail: efulton@chambersharrap.co.uk

Comments: Trying to tace anyone who knew my father, Hughie Greenhill Monteith, a sheet metal worker and played football for Leith Victoria FC up until 1947.  In RAF during the War, dad was born in Tolbooth Wynd then moved back to  Dock Street then Sandport Street.  Died in 1947 playing football against Newtongrange (I think).  Any information would be helpful.
David Muir

Old Leith Street,11 Bridge Street for 14 years.

Now stay in Pennywell.

E-mail: dm011p0663@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments:  I attended Fort Primary, DK Secondary then Stevenson College.  I left Leith several times over th years then always came home. I can`t seem to be partred from the Hibs for some reason or another.  Quite sad really.

Its great to see so many ex-pat Leithers living in exotic places -America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and Fife
Gregor Maclean

Old Leith Street - Admiralty Street from 1990 to present.

E-mail: gregorm7@aol.com

Comments:  I see my sister and cousin have beaten me to it and scratched their names on the Wa` already. I was born and brought up in Montgomery Street before joining the Merchant Navy.  My mother came from Leith originally, Tolbooth Wynd,  I came to live in Admiralty Street (Citadel Court) in 1990 and consider myself a naturalised Leither.
Christine Muir nee Tulloch (June 28 2004)

Originally from James Place now Links Gardens.  Period 1939 - 1961

Now live in North Ronaldsay, Orkney.

E-mail:  christine@garso.fsnet.co.uk

Comments:  This is a great site.  Only when I am in Leith breathing in Links air, am I truly at home.  Once a Leither, always a Leither.  My grandfather, Wm G Young was the saddler in Constitution St.  Does anyone remember Spence and Spence, the hardware shop?  Mary Crolla`s ice cream, or Bella Snodgrass the newsagent on the corner of Elbe Street.

I went to Brownies at St Johns East, and belonged to St James Episcopal church but often went to St Marys Star of the Sea with my friends.  We used to play in the Links and roll our Easter eggs down the Giants Brae or Lady Fyfe`s brae.

Thank you John for your hard work, and Persevere!
George `Dod` Meikle

From the old Kirkgate, above Meikle`s Bar, from 1941 to 1959.

Now stay in Craigentinny.

E-mail: georgemeikle@yahoo.co.uk

Comments:  I saw Hobbins beat up Yorkie from my bedroom window.
Andrina Miller....................................

Present Location...Carington

Leith Location.....Crown Place


Comment Born Leith 1944, Attended Lochend primary and then DK. Moved to Corstorphine in 1955 but still went to DK until end of education.Now retired to a
small village just outside Edinburgh after working in Insurance and running a small Hotel for many years. Marrried now for over 40 years. Enjoying our kids and grand kids and of course the obligatory holidays to the canaries.

No email at the moment but when I do I will be sure to add.

Good to see names and memories on this site
Name..Michael Matuszak

Present Location.Alloa, Clacks

Leith Location..Born 1953 in Bonnington Road, moved 1955 to Lochend Road

E-mail. tuskus100@yahoo.com.

Comment Mother's family were the Mathesons in Bangor Road from the early 1900s to the 1970
Name:  Graeme Munro

Where you are now: Adelaide South Australia

E-mail: scottiem@netspace.net.au

Comments:Born in the Grassmarket in 1966, left for Drylaw then Pennywell in 1940...First school Davidson's Mains, then Pennywell then Ainslie Park.

Worked in Moir And Baxters,Comely Bank, then Dr Barnardos, Wishaw, then Edinburgh Parks Dept, then Hotpoint, then Dunbar's garage Trinity road as a foreman mechanic.

Decided I didn't want to be ruled by the English anymore and left for Australia in 1967. Dad was born in Bowling Green St, then Manderson St.I wonder if anyone has a photo of the old Bowling Green?... St...
Name  Patrick Markey Lindsay

Present Location Perth Western Australia

Leith Location15 Logie Green Gardens, 1951? to 1957?

E-mail patrick2@iinet.net.au.            

Comment St Mary's SOS 52 to 57. Great memories of the Kirkgate with some shops you stepped down on entry and the high walled long lane starting on the RHS passing under a building (tunnel?) to emerge at the wall into St Mary's church front yard. The lane is all gone now of course.

Does anyone remember the many CO2 pressurised Vantas drinks machines, I wonder if one survives in a museum? My only work in the Leith area was at Browns on the ship stabilisers/steering gears 71 to 75.

My grandfather P Markey a bookie lived at 14 Gt J Street and at 227 Ferry Rd (now BB HQ)(betting shop in Trafalgar Lane). His only surviving Daughter Margaret my mum lives here in Perth. I believe also my GF knew Wm Merrilees quite well!

My dad William Lindsay lived in Sandport Street (Henry Robbs rivetting then the Army).Spt Street - really rough tenement in 1916 with outside toilet and sink but probably the same as many others!I would love to hear from anyone who knew the families
Tom & Wilma McLuskey

Present Location...Shannon Lake. Westbank.BC. Canada

Leith Location.13.East Thomas Street & .44 Pitt Street Leith.


Comment:  We would love to hear from anyone who knew us but former Leithers it would be nice to hear from you.  Thanks, Tom & Wilma McLuskey
Charlotte Miller

Present Location...Easter Warriston Ddinburgh

Leith Location Pitt Street


Comment Trying to trace Sandra Pithie who lived at 54 Pitt Street. If you know her please get in touch

James Miller

Present Location 6 Easter Warriston Edinburgh EH7 4QX4

Leith Location..40 West Bowling Green St Leith

Period of Residence:  Born 1947 until 1969

E-mail. jnwmiller40@yahoo.com.               

Comments:Went to Bonnington Road School 1952 and onto DK . Started work 1962 at RD Slimon and then MP Galloway at the Shore and Timber Bush What a great area to work. Remember the jungle, changed days. Can still name the pubs and shops in GT Juntion street.Once a Leither always a Leither come on the HIBS

Shirley Hughson-Murphy

Your old Leith street:5 Lapicide place,Bowling Green St,Waddell Place,Crown Place..

Period of residence:1940's

Where you are now:South Lanarkshire


Comments:tracing my fathers side of the family-James Cameron Johnstone married Mary Scott and had Mary,Georgina and Tommy.My gran Georgina was at Couper street school and I have copies of the school registar from 15 aug 1890-18 May 1894 if anyone wants a copy.James was a baker in Leith.I have some photos I would like identified so if anyone can help please get in touch.


Leith Location.WILKIE PLACE

E-mail. mmuntz@iprimus.com.au. 

Comment    Im looking for old photo`s of Wilkie Place from 1926. Does anyone know Sara and Mathew McGILL who lived at 14 Wilkie Place, they had 4 children Lizzy Matilda John James, love to find some one who knew them
Alistair McIntyre (Pappy)

Your old Leith street: Glover Street

Period of residence:!949-1961

Where you are now: Chichester, West Sussex

E-mail: amcintyre@madasafish.com

Comment :Moved from Bruntsfield to Glover Street in 1949. Went to Lochend Primary then Lorne Street Primary when it closed in 1953. Went to Leith Academy Secondary 1956-1960. Teachers I remember were Mr. Adam (music), Johnnie Bathgate (technical), Mr. Wallace (German) and Mr. Bigham (gymn teacher) amongst others.

I joined the school band and then joined Leith Silver Band on cornet. I still play trumpet regularly. I have many happy memories of Leith and would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Betty McConnon

Leith Location..Summerfield Gdns, Leith Links


Brought up at 73 Bonnington Road next to Owens chip shop and Barries rag store. Went to Bonnington Road primary school and then on to Broughton, left in 1951. Stayed in Trinity for a few years but have been back in Leith for 20 years
Nicolle Mckay

Present Location....Alyth Perthshire.

Leith Location.....Fort House,  Linksview House.

E-mail  nico1984@live.co.uk               

I miss all the auld characters about the Kirkgate!
Tam and Wilma  ( Rennie) McLuskey

Present Location..Shannon Lake  Westbank.BC.Canada.

Leith Location.  East Thomas Street.(Chinatown) and Pitt Street.


Leith Keelies forever
Stephen Joseph Mckay

Present Location.Seafield Village, West Lothian

Leith Location. 18 Henderson Gardens (50's, 60's, early 70's)


Brothers, William (Bill), Robert (Bob/Bert), Ian, Bryan (Hawkeye), Sister, Elizabeth (Betty).  Mother, Helen (Nellie, Parker Stores)
Nita Huth (Natasha) now  Milner

Your old Leith street:Lived in Niddrie Till 21yrs old

Where you are now:Jamestown Ca.U.S.


Iworked in Hill Thomsons 1959 to 1960 I met a lot of nice girls.and would like to find Dorothy Christie I have a picture of her and seven other girls that worked there I found her name on the wall but no E.MAIL I also found Susan Spence on the wall so I will try your E.MAIL Susan.  
Edward Mitchell

Your old Leith street: Cables Wynd, Leith

Period of residence:2 Years

Where you are now: Uphall, West Lothian

E-mail:  egmmitch@hotmail.com


Was born in 1 Cables Wynd on 20 March 1943, Stayed there for about 2 years then went to stay with my Grand Mother Catherine Grant (She was called Auld Kate)in Corporation Buildings. I stayed with her till 1958. I went to St Mary,s Primary school then St Anthony,s Secondary school. I work for Peebles Engineering in Bowling Green Street for a year then joined the Royal Air force Jun 1959 till Mar 1983 then Worked for GEC at Torness Power Station until 1987 went to work for the Sultan of Oman's Air Force(Later Called the Royal Air Force of Oman)until 2006 then retired to Uphall, West Lothian
Russell McGill.

Present Location.........Dalkeith,Midlothian

Leith Location...........4 Bowling Green Street Leith


Comment Born 1948, lived at Bowling Green Street with my Mother Helen McGill(nee Anderson) Father Charles McGill, and 2 brothers Stuart and Bryan. Lived at this address before getting married and moving to Dalkeith 1973. Went to Dr Bells Primary then onto DK. Friends with Stephen Gordon, Ian Williamson, Willie Ross, amongst others.
Winnie Morley

Your old Leith street: 1 Bangor Lane

Where you are now: Leeds

E-mail: winniemorley@hotmail.co.uk

Comments:I am trying to trace my grandfather's family. His name was John Stewart Rae born 1886? and he came from Leith and joined the Navy in 1906. My uncle John was born at 1 Bangor Lane in 1912 but lived in Kirkcaldy, so I suppose that address could have been John's parents? Can any one help I don't have anything else.
Barrie Mitchell

Wirral Merseyside

No.s 6 & 8 Springfield Street, Leith


As part of my family research I found my grandad was residing at either No.s 6 or 8 Springfield Street between 1950 - 1954. I am trying to find out other occupants he may have been living with at the time.

According to his service records he was a gas meter reader or something along those lines and his name was John Grant Payne born 1920.

Do the names Hilary (possibly born around 1951, and her mother Ella - or a variation of that name ring a bell?) I do hope anybody can help. I am unable to travel to Scotland to view the post office directores for that time so I'm hoping someone who lived on that street during that time may be able to help. It would mean a lot to the family.
George Meikle.

Present Location.Ryehill Place.

Leith Location.11 Bangor Road



Lived Bangor Road 1940-52 moved to Drylaw joined merchant navy 1956 came ashore 1963 to work as a docker married and came back to Leith now retired and enjoyng in leith.

Margaret McDougal

Your old Leith street: Spiers Place

Where you are now: Newtongrange



Can anyone help?   I am looking for anyone who would have any information re. Wemyss Dalziel who had a shop in Morton Street.  Weymss and my grandmother were cousins and shared the same Christian name which is unusual as popular names at that time were Margaret, Elizabeth, Jean etc.   My grandmother was Wemyss Buchan and the family were brought up in the Sandport/Bridge street areas.
Name: Andrew Mitchell

Your old Leith street:1 Cables Wynd

Period of residence:1938-1948

Where you are now:Broxburn West Lothian



Andrew Mitchell here. We lived at 1 Cables Wynd above the pub,me ,my dad Andrew, my mum Cathy (nee McKinsley) my brothers Pat (older) and Edward (younger), my great grandmother Caterine Grant live in 2/3 Corporation Buildings, my dads sister Annie married to Jim Archer lived in Yardshead, we moved to Granton about 1948 to a house with electricity and a bathroom.


Tam and Wilma McLuskey

Present Location.....Shannon Lake Westbank BC Canada

Leith Location....Newhaven and Pitt Street Leith


I was raised in Chinatown(East Thomas Street)my wife Wilma was a Liston out of Newhaven we met married and lived till we left to go to Canada at 44 Pitt Street. I was a whaler then Merchant Seaman for ten years and I went to Leith Walk Primary and Norton Parl Secondary Schools, I boxed for both the Sparta and Leith Vic boxing clubs and met through these clubs many friends who fifty years later are still my friends anyone who wants to reach me and talk with me can do at tommac11@telus.net
  Tam and Wilma McLuskey

  44 Pitt Street Leith,13 East Thomas Street (Chinatown)

Period of residence: ten years and fifteen years

Where you are now:Shannon Lake Westbank BC Canada


Raised in Chinatown then moved to Pitt Street  I went to Leith Walk school and then Norton Park school I then went into the Merchant Navy and was there for ten years before moving to Canada where I went into the International Oilfield working out of Houston Texas USA My wife Wilma is a Liston and a genuine bowtow