N, O &  P List of Names
Gordon Nicol

Paisley Drive (sorry it`s in Edinburgh but I went to
Leith Academy).

Moved from there after 29 years and now live and work in Dallas, Texas.

E-mail: gjnicol@swbell.net

Comment: I do miss the old country.  Scotland, you`re great!!!
Betty O`Connor (nee Thomson)

Born at 14 East Cromwell Street

Period of residence 19 years

Now staying at Palmerston North, New Zealand

E-mail: efoconnor@xtra.co.nz

Comment: Married in 1952 at St Mary`s Cathedral, Broughton Street and have lived in New Zealand since 1953.  We are the proud parents of 6 children (1 deceased) and 14 grandchildren who are very much New Zealanders, but are also very interested in their Scottish/Irish ancestry.
Jacqueline Power

Originally from 6 Noble Place, but now in Edinburgh.

E-mail: None supplied

Comments:  Attended Leith Links primary school 1970s, and have the most wonderful memories of Christmas of playing in the snow on the sledge in the Links...great times!
Margaret Newby nee Henderson

Formerly of 38 Newhaven Road.  1954 - 1967

Now in B.C. Canada.

E-mail: redrooffsnewby@msn.com

Comments: Went to Bonnington, D.K., Leith Academy, and Moray House.  Remember Miss Sutherland and Susan Simpson who lived across the road from Bonnington Road.  Was head prefect at D.K. before going onto Leith Academy - was there during the 400th anniversary.  My dad, Bill Henderson was the engineer at Callendars Tannery in Newhaven Road.  What was the baker in Tennant Street where you took your container and picked it up later with a steak pie in it?  I retired early from being a special education teacher and am about to start a new career running a Band B. B.  W
Sheena Nichols nee Mitchel (June 28 2004)

24 Burlington Street, next Broomhouse then Buchanan Street.  Late 30s to  early 50s.

Now stay in San Angelo, Texas.

E-mail: leithdocks@hotmail.com

Comments:  Thanks to Tom Wallace, discovered the site.  Fantastic!  Love the Wall.  Great reading the entries.  Brought back many happy memories.
Reg Ollay

Old Leith Streets - 9 Bangor Road, 15 Granton Terrace, 10 Bowling Green Street, and 13 Cadiz Street.

Period of residence 1946-1964.  Now in Auckland, New Zealand.

E-mail:  rbollay@ihug.co.nz

Comments:  Like many other Leithers and ex-pats, there is always someone else that knows ex Leithers.  I was told abot your web site from a cousin in Canada, and after browsing today I see another cousin of mine, Maureen Preston whom I have not seen since the early sixties.  Now that I have finally put my name on the `wall of fame`, I would love to put a few memories of mine on your website and catch up with a few old friends.

I attended Granton, Dr Bells, Lorne Street and Bellvue schools before I was asked leave and not come back.  Left for Australia in 1964 and have been in God`s own country of New Zealand for the past 35 years.

If any old Leithers remember my father George Ollay, he is still alive and kicking.  He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.
Laureen Neal (nee Traynor).

Present Location.Laurieton, NSW., Australia.

Leith Location..4 Springfield St, Leith.


Comment:  Looking for my family.  Lived at 4 Springfield st from 1947 (in and out of convents); Immigrated to Australia in 1967. Does anyone know the whereabouts of James Traynor, Patrica Traynor, Maureen Traynor, Peter Mason, Eileen Traynor, Katherine Traynor?  Father, James Traynor lived 4 Springfield St until 1968; Wine merchant's assistant in the 40's.

Further added: Finally found some of my family. sisters, Rena and Eileen. Just back from visting and popped into the Volunteer Arms on Leith Walk where we lived above the pub. Brought back memories!! Still seeking Jimmy (Mick) Traynor

Jessie Newlands nee Berry   (Deceased)

Leith Location: 294  Easter Road

Period of residence: 6 years

Where you are now: B.C. Canada.

E-mail: newlands@telus.net

Comments:  Although have been submitting postings and reading this site for several years now, it was until today that I finally got around to putting in my information. I worked in Leith Division of the Edinburgh City Police for 8 years and can honestly say I loved Leith (and the Leith folk).

These were some of the best years of my life. I loved every day I spent there. Have always been hoping some former members of the 'Polis" would join in on the site too but so far no luck.Anyway it is still my favourite site and I read what's new on it several times a day. Recently it has been SO quiet!
Name:   Jeff and Mary Newman

Present Location:   Boksburg,South Africa

Leith Location:  The Fort.


Comment:  Living just outside Johannesburg. Two grown up daughters, one Granddaughter and another little one on the way, all good Hibbies.
Helen Patton (nee Dick)

Your old Leith street: 19 Dock Street

Period of residence: 1939-1954

Where you are now:  2 Prospect Bank Terrace, Leith

E-mail billpatton@blueyonder.co.uk

Comments:  I went to Couper Street Primary School 1940-1946 then David Kilpatrick Secondary 1940-50. Has anyone any old school photos?
Anne Peacock (now Josiah)

Old Leith street: Born in Ann street 1950

Period of residence: 5 years

Where you are now: Brisbane Australia

E-mail:    josiahs@optusnet.com.au

Comments: Attended Saint Anthony's lived most of my young life in Craigentinny. Best times in the summer at the Portobello swimming pool and the 'wave machine' Portobello baths in the winter was another treat. Loved as a young girl going shopping around the Kirkgate shops and I used to work in Leith Provident store. Would go to the old Regent theatre or the George picture house on a Saturday. I remember as a young child being taken to the Gaiety theatre in Leith by my parents.  Happy childhood. Emigrated as a young woman to Australia. I have returned on a number of occasions and loved taking a walk down memory lane, also going to Piershill cemetary to pay my respects to family.
Betty and Ian Orchieson

Your old Leith street: 183,Gt Junction Street

Period of residence:1957-1967

Where you are now: Clackmannanshire

E-mail:  fraser656@msn.com

Comments: Ian & I were born and bred in Hawthornvale, Newhaven. Went to Newhaven school then David Kilpatrick's. I went on to work in the Leith Provident Fashions dept.  Ian worked in the Leith Provident Joiners Dept. My son Fraser came upon this web site and it has brought back lots of memories of people and times gone by. Betty Orchieson.Nee Oliver.


Period of residence: 1962 TO 1983

Where you are now: NORWICH / ENGLAND


Comments:  Lived at Pirniefield Bank for all of my childhood, dad had Seafield Coachwork's use to open up for him ever spare minute I had   Use to love playing football in the links against the big boys, as we use to call them, went to Leith Links Primary school & then Leith Academy secondary school, played football for Edina Hibs went to the USA in 1974, and played at the Aztecs ground.  Met the great Pele there, got all our names put in lights after the game.  We beat them 3-0.

Hibs are in town the board said. So many friends at Pirniefield Bank it would be good to see them again one day. I know a lot of them are all over the world & even some are dead, Christ we are only in our 50's.

Also had so many years going to see the great hi-bees, you know your not born a hibby, your born with the green blood running through your veins. Please drop me a e-mail at mr.mrsneish@ntlworld.com cheers David..


E-mail:  janetneill50@yahoo.co.uk

Comment: I was born in 1952 at 24 Prince Regent St. I lived there until 1966.The family remained in Leith until the 90's, the latter part being in Academy St.

My father George Neill lives in Joppa now, whilst my brother George moved back to Leith from London 10 years ago. Our good neighbours in Prince Regent St. were the Sommervilles, Granny Baxter,Mrs Drury, the Andersons, the Cunninghams and the Thompsons. Does anyone remember us.
Lorna Paterson (nee Duncan)

Your old Leith street:18 Hawthornvale

Period of residence:from 1946-1963

Where you are now: Northamptonshire

E-mail:   johnandlornaten@supanet.com

Comments:   This is a wonderful site and makes me happy and sad at the same time. The memories come flooding back every time I read the comments on Newhaven and Leith. I attended Trinity Primary and Secondary. I lived with my mum (who was widowed when I was 2 years of age) and grandparents Isaac and Margaret Gray.

I married John in 1968 and have two sons Iain 38 and Ross 37, both married - Ross has two children. I get back to Leith almost every year and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.
Paul Paterson

Present Location: Australia

Leith Location: 9 Graham Street

E-mail. Kellyjw_fisio@yahoo.com.au

Comment:  I lived in Graham Street until I was five. My Grand parents were Jean and Jock Paterson - Love to hear from anyone who remembers them?
Jane Norrey (formerly Towler)

Your old Leith street: 38 Seafield Road, Leith

Period of residence: n/a

Where you are now: Northampton, England

E-mail: jane.norrey@hotmail.com

Comments: PLEASE READ:Bit of a cheat as I have never actually lived in Edinburgh but I am desperately trying to trace someone who did? Came across this site by accident and am hoping someone may be able to assist in this search which has been ongoing for such a long time now?

My father's mother, Margaret MacGregor or Towler, had a little girl called Elizabeth MacGregor on 20th July 1938 at Western General Hospital, the usual residence (according to the birth certificate) was given as 38 Seafield Road, Leith. Margaret was married at the time to a James MacGregor but it seems Elizabeth was not his child.

Does anyone recall anything that may help me discover what happened to Elizabeth - as her mother Margaret returned to Aberdeen around 1945ish without her daughter!

In the early 1950's my father stayed at this address with a friend of his mothers but cannot remember her name, it was on the top third floor and looked out over the Forth Bridge though? At this he was unaware of Elizabeth's existence at this time, unfortunately.

My father is now almost 80 years old and we would dearly like to find out the truth, please contact me if any of these names mean anything to you.Many thanks in advance and for taking the time to read this plea.  Regards  Jane.
Neil Nisbet.

Present Location: Phoenix AZ. USA.

Leith Location. Wilkie Place

E-mail Nisbetnv@gmail.com

Comment: Found this great site by accident, Lived in Leith from 1941-1951 across from old Leith Fort. Great memories Fort Street school DK's secondary. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Dorothy Pitts nee Bennett

Old Leith street: Coburg Street

Period of residence:1946-1951

Where you are now: Northampton UK

E-mail: anne@melpitts.co.uk

Comments: Born at Sleigh Drive. Mother Anne Bennett. Taken into care and childrens home about 1951.
Connie Newman (formerly Lanni)

Present Location..East Peckham, Tonbridge, Kent.

Leith Location..49 Ferry Road and 16 Lindsay Road.


I was born in Ferry Road, spent war years in England, moved back in 1946 to Lindsay Road & remained there till I married in 1962  & moved south following year.  I went to Stella Maris primary school & then Holy Cross Academy.  On leaving Holy Cross I went to work for the Gibson-Rankine Line in Commercial Street.  There for over 8 years & then moved to Drambuie Liqueur Company head office in York Place for a couple of years till I moved south again with my English husband!  Lived in Essex for just over two years, then came to East Peckham in 1967.
Name   Lillias O,Connell Burke nee Cavanagh.

Present LocationNorfolk England

Leith Location:Red Braes..

E- mail:  lilyburke1@aol.com.

Comment:  I lived in Red Braes from 1933 to 1937. moved to Granton, Royston Mains Gardens. Went to Royston school,then Flora Stephensons Comley Bank.

My first job in 1948 was Bruce Peebles,then to Bells distillery of Leith Walk. Married in 1954; had two children. My husband was demobbed from the Royal Navy,joined the Met police in London,retired 1990. We moved to Norfolk,sadly I lost my husband. I still visit Leith every year the Fit o the Walk is no the same but I still like to relate to the wonderful stories about Leith. I remember the chippie top of Banger Rd Many a fish supper I bought there.I came upon the Walls by accident. Glad I did. Memories.. My sister lives in Queensland. I shall tell her about the Walls.
Derek Phillips

Present Location....South West France

Leith Location  Marionville Drive

E-mail  itspinsec@gmail.com                .
Barbara Paget

Your old Leith street:Bangor Lane

Period of residence:1953 to 1966

Where you are now:Granton Edinburgh


Comments:would like to hear from anybody from that area then
Billy Paxton

Your old Leith street:1 Bangor Lane ,18Bowling Green Street

Period of residence:71941 /1959

Where you are now:Tenerife Canary Islands

E-mail: williampaxton25@yahoo.co.uk

Comments:Just found this site ,must say it's brilliant, found a few names I knew from  school days. I was at Bonnington Road school 1946 till 1953 Then DK then on the trawlers for a few months, then scaffolding. Got B&P scaffolding with my son who is also Billy Paxton
Bruce Partington.

Where you are.Millom, Cumbria. England

E-mail   brucie81@sky.com...
Bill(Willie) Owens

Where you are now:Germany

E-mail:  bill.owens@t-online.de

I have never lived in Leith but I sailed out of there
on the Gibson Rankine line Dryburgh/Lanrick/
Yarrow and with Salveson too (Laksa/Soutra)
Im Really looking for an old girlfriend call PATRiCIA JOHNSTON  (or Johnson) of 13 Bowling
Green Street.She left there in 1969 to go to Devon to marry a navy person called Nick.  have been looking for her for years so perhaps someone on this site can help me.

She also had a brother called COLIN... ANY INFO WOULD BE APPRECIATED ...  THANKS..
Elizabeth Paget

1 Bangor Lane, 1952 - 1966, Leith

E-mail:   elizabethbarrett1952@yahoo.co.uk

Comment: I went to Bonnington and David Kilpatrick; delivered papers for Laing newsagent, top of Bangor Road and worked in Morga's chipshop, opposite corner of Bangor Road.

Worked in SCWS offices at the Links after school.

If anyone remembers me or wants to get in touch, please email me. If anyone has school photos or photos of Bangor Lane, i would pay all costs if anyone will lend for copies. I have 2 sons
and 7 grandchildren. I still live and work in Leith.
Margaret Paget

Old Leith street: Junction Street

Period of residence:1935

Where you are now: Pirrie Street