Q, R & S List of Names
John Stewart

Born in 1 Cables Wynd, 1934.

Then lived in Buchanan Street until 1966.
Relocated to Livingston, West Lothian in November of that year.

E-mail: Livvyboy32@hotmail.co.uk

Comment:  Thought I knew all about Leith
until I began this website.

Janice Ralton (nee Colville)

13 Kirk Street for 7 years, before that Sloan Street.

Now resident in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

E-mail: janiceralton@clear.net.nz

Comment:  Love going through this site.  Keep hoping to recognise somebody.
John Reid

Tolbooth Wynd for 21 years.

Now living at Slateford, Edinburgh.

E-mail: john@johnr.rapidial.co.uk

Comment: Born 1943, went to St Mary`s Primary School, then to St Anthony`s Secondary
Joan Smith

!4 Springfield Street from 1947 to 1964

Now staying in Kent, England

E-mail: robertsbobo1@aol.com

Comment: I like the site.
Margaret Syme (nee Bowes)

Old Leith address: 64 Hawthornvale from
1935 - 1959.

Now stay in Escondido, California.

E-mail: edinscot@nctimes.net

Comment:  Married in 1960 to Maury Syme and lived at 12 Pilrig Street for a couple of years, then on to Warriston Drive.  Left there and emigrated to San Diego in 1965.  Maury just passed away on September 1.  Love to hear from anyone who remembers us.t.
Kevin Reilly

Old street - Restalrig Road from 1953 - 1971

I now stay in Houghton-le-Spring.

E-mail: Kevnreilly@aol.com

Comment:  Hermitage Park to Leith Academy. Leith is and will always be `ma hame`.  Oh for a walk round the Links.
Kenny Sawers (McGhee)


71 Bangor Road - 1959-1968
140 Cables Wynd House - 1968-1984
Vanderbijlpark, South Africa - 1984-1986

Now stay in Penicuik, Midlothian since 1986

E-mail; ks.70@btopenworld.com

Comment:  Born at the Eastern General Hospital, educated at Bonnington, Dr Bells, and Leith Academy.
Engineering apprenticeship at Henry Robbs 1975-1979, employed there until its closure in 1984.
William (Billy) Shepherd

Used to live at 87 Bonnington Road (The Bowery), Leith for 13 years.

Now staying in Prestonpans

E-mail: margaret.shepherd@btopenworld.com

Comment: I went to Bonnington Road School.  Later Dr Bells. Had three brothers,  Jmmy, Alex and Robert. We played football in Pilrig Park, and Kick-the-Can in the big block B.

Gary Steel

Lived in Great Junction Street then Cables Wynd House

Now living and working in London

E-mail: Gary@nojunk.gsteel.net

Comment: Looking for old photos and found this site.  Brings a smile to ma face.  Born in Elsie Inglis 1968.

Jack Steele

Originally from 18 Cooper Street, then 16 Royston Mains Cresc.  Period in Leith 1929 - 1955

Now in Christchurch, New Zealand

E-mail: Jack16p@hotmail.com

Comment: Schooled at Cooper St, Dr Bells, David Kilpatricks.  Apprenticeship at Hugh Muirhead & Sons Constitution Street.  Services -RAF for 2 years.  Used to attend YMCA at Fire Brigade Street (Junction Place). Married and have 3 daughters.  Moved to NZ in 1955.  Was keen member of Port of Leith motor boat club.  Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Rona Reid, nee Robertson

Old street - 64 Hawthornvale in Newhaven.

Now staying in Liberton.

Stayed in Newhaven from 1957 when I was born and then moved to Joppa.  My mum and dad are still there.  I went to Trinity  Academy Primary in 1962 and then on to George Watson`s ladies for my secondary.

E-mail: phil@philip26.freeserve.co.uk

Comment:  Have many happy memories of Leith and Newhaven.  Both my parents are Leithers.  Now stay in the Liberton area of the city with husband Phil and our son and daughter.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Harry Summers

Used to stay in 38 Hawthornvale, Newhaven for 24 years.

Now reside in Kirkliston

E-mail:  harrycsummers1@btinternet.com

Comment: I went to Victoria Primary then on to David Kilpatricks.  These were happy days. Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Peter Sellar

Old Leith residencies Primrose Street (ootside lavvy), Easter Road (inside lavvy), Newhaven Road (ootside lavvy), Ferry Road Gardens (could really swing the cat there), Colinton Mains Terrace.  Period of residence -33 years.

Now in Mississauga, Canada.

E-mail: peter_sellar@yahoo.com

Comments: Born in Primrose St then Easter Road, and out to Newhaven with the bowtows.  Moved out to Ferry Road Gardens   In 1940 attended Lochend Road School, Newhaven Victoria, Flora Stevensons, and DK.  Worked for Charlie Foreman`s at the old Edinburgh Dock, Todd`s Mill, Bruce Peebles.  Joined the navy and met and married the light of my life, an Irish girl Sheila Mateer.  Went back to sea with London Towage and Salvage then came ashore and worked for DM Cuthill in small bore central heating.  Came to Canada in 1960 and lived in Nova Scotia for 10 years before returning to Ontario where we both retired and live in Mississauga.  We both back our way round the golf course in the summer and travel down to Florida to back around the golf courses there. Travelled around the world a couple of times and met Leithers in every corner. We all know they are the cream of the crop.  Love when the Hibees beat the Jambos.  Now a Toronto Maple Leaf supporter, sadly like the Hibs they haven`t won the cup in years.  But I`m a Believer!!!
Robert Stewart

Originally from 7 Halmyres Street.  1931 - 1954

Now in Dalgetty Bay, Fifeshire

E-mail: robert.stewart1@tesco.net

Comments:  We have spent hours going all over the information in oldleither and done nothing but reminisce on times gone by.  Keep up the good work.  I will try and find items of interest for the site.  I attended Lochend primary school from 1935 to 142 then went to Boughton secondary school till 1946.  I worked in Raimes Clark & Co Ltd for 45 years  until I retired in 1990.  Married a Leither, Annie (Nan) Cowan.  (see her details)
Ben Ramage

7 Hamilton Street from 1935 - 1958
Now in California 1969 to the present.

E-mail: benbow@dslextreme.com

Comments:  Went to St Mary`s and Holy Cross Academy. Played for Scottish schoolboys and Leith against Edinburgh at Easter Road.  Great fun playing football in Hamilton Street.  Apprenticeship in Gibson`s and RAF 1956 - 1958.  Then SMT, Ferranti, and Nuclear Enterprises before leaving for USA.  Brother John (Jackie) postman in Leith for 50 years.
Andrew W W Scott

Leith old address; 20 Coatfield Lane

Now living in New Zealand.

E-mail: andrewscott@paradise.net.nz

Comments:  My grandparents (Walkers) lived in No 15 St Andrew Street.  My father and mother were Alfie and Sophie Scott (nee Walker).

I attended Dr Bells from 1948 to 1955 then David Kilpatricks till 1958.

My parents had no cash but we were happy in lots of ways which families would find hard to understand.
I did numerous jobs in Leith after school but none to my liking.  Then I found my goal in life in the medical field here in New Zealand doing paramedical studies in which I have been very successful.

Leith has lots of wonderful memories for me and will always be in my heart.
Karen Stewart (nee Stewart - married a Stewart)

Formerly of 42 Buchanan Street. 1960-1966

Now resident in East Calder, Scotland.

E-mail: brucekaren136@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: I lived in the bottom row flat with no bathroom (tin bath filled with a bucket and emptied the same way.  Bedroom was a boxroom with no window. No mod cons at all.  Lived there until 1966 with my mum, Olive, dad (John Stewart, webmaster) and my younger sister Pamela.  I attended Leith Academy Primary until I was 8 years old and we moved to Livingston in 1966.

After I married in 1977 to my husband Bruce, lived in Hillside Street off London Road before returning to Livingston for awhile.  Now resident in East Calder with my husband and daughters, Aileen and Caroline.
Maureen Ratliff nee Preston

Formerly of Hope Terrace then Portland Place. 1947 - 1968.

Now in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

E-mail: wkratli@aol.com

Comments:  I was born in a wee room and kitchen on Hope Terrace, now Hopefield Terace.  I went to Fort Street Primary then on to David Kilpatrick Seondary School that I left at 15.

My first job was at Smith and Bowman the chemists at the foot o` the walk.  I went to Nursing School at Eastern General Hospital when I turned 17.  I spent two and a half years becoming a PRN.

In 1968 I met an American GI at age of 21.  We married six months later at North Leith Church.  We have been married 36 years and travelled throughout the world and settled in Baltimore.

We have returned home to Leith on several occasions to visit my now deceased parents, David and Mary Preston, aka, Davey and Mary P, and two brothers, Drew and David.

We have three wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren who love hearing my stories of `Nessie` using my native brogue.  My dream is to bring them all back to Scotland and walk the streets I walked upon as a child.  Although every time I go back things have changed.

I read with fond
Angie Shand nee McDonald

Old Leith Streets, Constitution Street and Portland Street. A period of 43 years.

Now in Cowdenbeath, Fife.

E-mail: bill@shandmail.co.uk

Comments: Love this website.  Brings back so many good memories.
Ian Sinclair (June 28 2004)

Bridge Street 1946-1960, then Tennent Street 1960-1972.

Now in Stromness, Orkney.

E-mail:  insnclr@aol.com

Born Bridge Street 1939 before moving to Kilmore, Argyll till 1948.  Went to Couper Street school then DK.  Served my time as a spark in Robbs 1955-1960 and knew many of the people mentioned in John Stewart`s story.

Joined the Port o` Leith motor boat club in 1960, ex secretary, commodore and became an honorary life member .

I now reside in Stromness, Orkney but return to Leith two or three times a year.  They say that what is going on there is progress, but it would bring a tear to a gless eye for the price of a flat in an old bond ye could have bought half of Leith 40 years ago.

I have just become aware of this site recently through my daughter and I hope to drop in to take part in renewing old memories.  Anyone who remembers me is free to mail me unless I owe them money.

best wishes to John for a great site.
John Scappaticci

Old Leith streets - Henderson Gardens, (Tolbooth Wynd, granny), Charlotte Street.  1935.1940.

Now in Saskatoon, Canada since 1967.

E-mail:  jon,jo@shaw.ca

Comments:  My mother`s family were true Leither, Glancys and Gardiners.  My dad`s sides were newcomers who came from Italy in 1891 and stayed the rest of their days there.

We moved to Montgomery Street in 1941.  I grew up there and went to Holy Cross.  Served my time in Robbs, so forever leith will be part of my life.
Ella Summers (Nee Ross)..................................

Present Location..Corstorphine, Edinburgh ............

Leith Location...2 Crown Place.........................


Comment Born in Leith in 1925. Not moved too far. Love this site . Brings back so many wonderful memories of family and friends, most of whom have now sadly
departed. But I am sure there are also lots more out there thriving, like me.
Still in touch with another Auld Leither, Alex Mulvaney who now resides in Melbourne Australia and I intend telling him of this site when he visits next month. Anyone know me please get in touch.
Keep up the good work
Terri Anne Ritchie (nee Stafford nee Watson)

Present Location: Sydney, Australia

Leith Location 195 Gt Junction St / Duke St.


Comment.  From the Laidlaw clan. Born 1954. Lived at 195 Gt Junction St.
(1955-1961) attended Bonnington Rd School. Then Duke St (1961-66)went to Hermitage Park School. Moved to Uphall Stn (Broxburn Academy from about 66-69). Emigrated 1988, but have returned for visits, still have mums older sisters Alice and Rita living in Leith.  If you remember me, drop me a line. The old place has changed but the memories are alive and well..
George Robertson.

Present Location..Edinburgh.

Leith Location..Ryehill.


My first school,Fort,then onto DK. Many happy times
in Leith, the Rooms and Eldo. My brother Jim lives in
South Africa,so if you remember me give me a call
Gordon Stafford.

Present Location: Creetoon,Bonnie Gallowa`

Leith Location: 323 Leith Walk..

E-mail .gws250@onetel.com

Comment   Lorne St Primary 42-45, Leith Academy 45-49, 10th Leith Scouts at Bonnington Road School. Fitba' for Leith Athletic. Apprentice at Bruce Peebles & son then John Gibson & son in Jamieson Place. HM Forces 55-92(yes 92!). Oh for an evening at the Assembly Rooms or the Eldorado-or Stewarts o' Abbeymount! "Are ye dancin'? Are ye askin'? Aye am askin'! Then am dancin'!"  Now in Gallowa' for the golf, the trout and the salmon!
Andrew Scott.

Present Location.   Lower Hutt.Wellington New Zealand..

Leith Location..20 Coatfand Lane.L

E-mail    Andrew scott@paradise.co.nz....
Elizabeth Sumpter.[nee Cooney]..

Present Location....Bury, Lancashire.

Leith Location....Cornhill Terrace.


Comment I was born 1947 at Simpson Memorial Hospital Edinburgh. I went to St Mary's Star of the Sea Primary School and then The Sacred Heart Convent School Craiglochart, Edinburgh. Moved to Lancashire in 1963. Often return to visit family.
Christene Richardson (Donaldson)

Present Location  Oakville, Ontario

Leith Location  Ballantyne Place

E-mail   cmdrichardson@rogers.com

Comment  I lived in Ballantyne Place 1945-55. I attended Dr.Bells school until I moved to Telford Drive where I went to Flora Stevensons for 1 year then I went to Ainsley Park. I loved to walk down The Dean Village picnic in Princes Street Gardens my Grandmother lived at 2 Lochend Park she lived there for over 60 years. I can still smell the freshly
baked bread from Hawkhill bakers. I went to Junction Road Church and played badminton there for a few years. I would like to get in contact with George Christie who I knew at that time his last know address was West Pilton. I would love to hear from anyone who may know me or my family my brother John still lives in  Edinburgh. Thanks
Hannah  Spence- Thom....

Present Location.   Wisconsin  USA.

Leith Location.109 Giles Street.


Comment  I was born 1942 went to Dr Bells School. In 1953. we moved to Gilmerton Dykes Drive.  I went to the Inch Secondary School.

I,m looking to find friend Francis Greer who lived on the same street & Kathleen Moor who lived next-door.  This is a wonderful site.  I had no ides it existed.

I was always called ANNA.  Anyone who knows me or would like to reminisce about old Leith, feel free to contact me.
I moved to the USA IN 1968.   We never forget our roots do we?   Thank-you for allowing me to use this web-site
Shona ?

Present Location:  Granton,

Leith Location: Linksview House, Tolbooth Wynd 1999-2002Leith

E-mail. st2109@hotmail.com

Comments;  Does anyone remember Jjames Hume Brown?  He was born Oct 1943.  He stayed at 48 Henderson Stree.  His dad was called Ronald, He was a lorry driver and his mum was called Agnes.  If anyone knew him as a child or is still in contact with him now please, please get in contact
This is a great site cheers.
Janice Rough

Old Leith Street: n/a

Period of Residence:n/a

Present Location: Kirkliston

E-mail: Janice.hamilton@marsh.com

Comments: Love Leith

Your old Leith Street: Iona St

Period of residence: 1934-1955

Where you are now: Leicester

E-mail: Niffyscot@sky.com

Comments LORNE ST Primary 1939-1946 then LEITH ACADEMY 1946-1949 CLASS OF A3. Served time W&T AVERY,Then 2 years National Service RAF.Got married in 1955 to Una Dickson from Bonnington Rd whom I met at The Assembly Rooms. After demob moved to ENGLAND where we have been ever since.
John Stewart (sconey )

Present Location.  Wales

Leith Location.  Seafield Road

E-mail. johnstewart7_196@msn.com

Comment:  Was born in the Eastern General Oct 1951 Attended Leith Links.  Played for the school team & won the Mackie Shield.  My dad was so proud.  Was also in the 14th Leith BB,s.  Remember going to the Capitol on Saturday morning to see latest films, then if i was good, my dad used to take me to the Salon on Sunday.  Also spent a lot of time cheering on the Monarchs at Meadowbank.  When I left school I worked in the docks for a while,then joined the Merchant Navy.  Came back to Leith after a couple of years and went to work in the Adelphi Hotel as a trainee chef.  I now live in a small village about 30 mins from Cardiff.  I`ve been here nearly 36 years now but im still a Leither.  Currently working for Network Rail ( 30 years this year ).  Anyone who remembers me please get in touch.  It would be nice to hear from you.  This is a brill site. It brings back so many memories.  If anyone has any old pics of Links p/s now St Marys I would love to see them.
Susan Spence (nee Lynch)

Old Leith street: 3/4 Ccrporation Buildings

Period of residence: 1943-1955

Where you are now: Bowling Green

E-mail: madgirldriver@yahoo.com

Comments: I went to Dr Bells then DK schools. From there I went to Hill Thompsons Bond, then married and had 4 kids. Still going strong. Trying to find any news on Dot Christie who worked with me in the bond.  Married a gent called Bob who played in a band in the Rob Roy pub, and had 2 kids (boy called Scott and girl called Debbie) and moved to Canada in the late 60s.  Still proud to be a Leither
Andrew Scott.

Present Location:    .Lochend

Leith Location: 46 Cables Wynd House.

E-mail.  andyscottdecorator@msn.com

Comment:  Lived in the banana flats from 1972 to 1984 then to Industry Lane untill 1996 when i got married and moved to Lochend. Theres only one Leith and Leithers can feel it in there bones and blood.
Murdoch Stewart

Old Leith street: 24 Tennant Street

E-mail:  mstewart23@toucansurf.com

Where you are now: Longniddry East Lothian

Comments:  My wife read out your web site to me. As a very old Leither I enjoyed going through things. I started primary school (Bonnington Road) 1929. I played for the 1st eleven football team.  I also went on to be head prefect before going to Bellvue Secondary. I left school at 13 as WW ll  was about to begin.  Along with my 2 pals Harry White and George Shields we joined the home guard at Seafield.  Harry and I both joined the Royal Navy and George the RAF. I am a Leither and proud of it.  Murdoch
Malcolm Scott [Scotty]

Old Leith street:  Morton St/Kirkgate Hse

Period of residence:1956/1976

Where you are now:Living in Edinburgh

E-mail:  malky827@googlemail.com

Comments:  Have some great memories of my formative yrs.  Best Place In The World To Grow Up Fae the Marksman Bar to The Jungle[Kings Wark] 70on Brill  Names I Remember Donnie Sommerville, all fae that end o Leith or Tam Scott fae the other end or anyone in between  If You Remember Me Email Me I will always Reply
Dorothy Sinclair (Beechman).

Present Location..Limefield Gilmerton.

Leith Location.3 Bathfield Road.

E-mail  limefield3@hotmail.com.

Comment  Just found your site and have forwarded it on to my sister in Canada.  We lived at Bathfield Road from 1949 until 1965 when we moved to Ferry Road Avenue, then Dalry School house, as my dad was the Janitor there. Went to Fort Street school and then David Kilpatricks. My sisters names are Jessie, Frances and brother Jimmy, finding the site brings back lots of memories.
Dianne Simpson (nee SMIBERT)

Old Leith street: Hawthorne Vale

Period of residence: 1955

Where you are now:  Bradford, Ontario, Canada

E-mail: simpsonsr@rogers.com

Comments: My Dad Charlie Smibert was born and lived in Leith from birth 1931 - 55 before going to the Borders, He had a Pub at the time that was called the "Kings Arms" It is now someones house., I wonder if they new it once was a pub! He also went to Leith Academy. His Mother was Margaret (she ran the pub before her death ), Sister May and brother Harry., Does anyone remember him or my Gandmother? It would be great as I dont even have a picture of her and know nothing about her..Dianne Simpson (SMIBERT)
James and John Sutherland

Old Leith street: 3/21 Corporation Buildings, 12 Restalrig Circus

Period of residence:1932-1952

Where you are now: Fresno, California

E-mail:  jola17@sbcglobal.net

Comments:  I served apprenticeship with Henry Robb. I went to Hermitage Park and Bellview. My brother, John, went to Norton Park. He was a merchant seaman with Salvesen. We now live in California, but we visit Scotland often
Carole Stephen

Old Leith street: 44 Newhaven Road, Bonnington         Tannery House

Period of residence: from 1948 -1964

Where you are now: Palm Springs California

E-mail: Palmspringsinfo@aol.com

Comments: Wow what a great site. I went to Trinity Academy Primary school. My friends were Shirley Robinson, Sandra Wightman, Margo Burns, Anne Bell, Jennifer Frew, Kristin Lasman, Alan Peden, Ian Bracken ( deceased) John Bell, Roger Gibson, Alaistair Strackland, Donald McSween.


Period of residence:1944:1965



June Roberts (Bill)

Old Leith street: 8 Argyle Street

Period of residence:1934 - 1955

Where you are now: Hamilton, New Zealand

E-mail:  june.roberts@extra.com

Comments: I attended North Fort Street School, which I hated then D K which I loved. We used to dance in the Eldorado ballroom, and the Assembly rooms, magical days. Although we have lived in N.Z. for many years I still get homesick regularly. Each time I have been home I have still felt the same sense of belonging.I can see I am not the only one. A few names have sounded familiar, Billy Wright, Billy McCrae (MacCrae )to mention two I recognised. Best Wishes June Roberts.
Bob Sneddon

Your old Leith street: 105 Giles Street ,Leith

Period of residence:1946 to 1951

Where you are now: Dunfermline


Comments:  Went to Dr Bells School and my teacher was a Mr.Corbett,a horrible wee man.Used to go to the Band of Hope for a free bun and a cup of tea,and was saved every week after the lantern show

Your old Leith street: Brickworks Close, Market Street, Lochend Road

Period of residence: Born 1953 - 1984

Where you are now:Sydney, Australia

E-mail:   spears55@bigpond.com

Comments: Went to St Marys primary then St Anthonys - Grannie Payne lived in Market Street. Granny Glover lived in Brickworks Close - used to do silverstripping in St Marys Church hall.  Also played overhead ball (never met anyone else who played) on the roof of the church hall.

Remember Tollbooth Wynd ice cream shop and Mr Hill the toy shop. Jeffries in Market Street - Mum (Annie Payne) is 90 and Dad Walter Glover is 88. They live here in Sydney both well. I have a sister Diana (Sydney) and Walter (Musselburgh )will be visiting Scotland in Sept 2010 Never been back for 12 years.  Catching up with a few old school friends from St Anthonys Georgina Lynch and Margaret Methven also Kate Gormley. I remember Hobbins selling newspapers at the fit o the walk..
Alex Smith

Your old Leith street:  96 Duke St

Period of residence:1952 to 1959

Where you are now:  Republic of Ireland


Comments: I went to St Marys Star of the Sea school from 1955 to1959 then moved to Gilmerton Dykes Drive.

My father was Alexander Smith born Lochend my mother was Emily born Blackfriers St Edinburgh. My father worked on the railway at St Margarets.  Sadly both passed away. Some names I remember from Duke St. Mary Davidson, dad was a lory driver for the railway, Franky Glashen, John Henderson who had 2 sisters.  The Hendersons moved to Austrailia around 1955/56 I remember fondly Johnies chip shop. Would like to hear from anyone that knows me or anyone that has any class pics from those years, the best years of my life God bless Leith
Gordon Smith

Present Location...Perth WA.

Leith Location. Above Munrospun on Loganlea Rd, then 143 Restalrig Road and then 141 Leith Walk


Comment: I remember walking down Restalrig road to get to school and was glad when we moved to Leith walk! My Grandad, Val Smith, lived at 12 Sleigh Drive and always took me to meet his cronies at the foot of the walk. My Dad, also Val, worked for the Post Office and seemed to know everyone! I went to Leith Academy and loved the school so much I decided to become a teacher! Now teaching in WA but still a Leither
Moira Smith(Cunningham)

Present Location: .Ferry Road

Leith Location...36 West Bowling Green Street

E-mail:  moira237@hotmail.co.uk

Comment:  Stayed at West Bowling Green 1950-53 then moved to 185 Broughton Road(Redbraes)until 1972 - attended Stanwell Street Nursery until 1955 and can remember Bonnington Road full of shops like Ewarts the jewellers,bakers opposite, chemist and sweetie shops. Also Barry's the rag store where you used to get a balloon if you had any rags! I used to get my scraps from Bobby's bookshop in the Kirkgate and spent many an hour sitting on the stairs or pavement changing scraps. Can anyone remember the fishwife with her barrow at the top of Bangour Road and the penny savings bank in Leith Provident Store in Bangour Road. Leith was a good shopping area back then with the big Leith Provident and Allans in Junction Street where you used to get your school blazers and shoes! All these memories are flooding back . My brother's name is Alex Wilson who went to Bonnington Road School and Bellevue Secondary. My mum and dad both worked in Brown Brothers.

Date submitted:6th October 2010

Your old Leith street: 64 Hawthornvale

Period of residence:1957 until 1969

Where you are now: Liberton, Edinburgh

E-mail:  ronareid@talktalk.net

Comments:  Went to Trinity Academy Primary (1962-1969) and George Watson's Ladies' College (1969-1975.   My father Thomas Robertson lived in Bangor Road and my mother Bertha Cochrane lived at 50 North Junction Street.  I have an older sister Irene.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of us.  I am married with a son 29 and a daughter 26.
Andrew W W Scott

Present Location: Whangarei New Zealand

Leith Location:   20 Coatfield Lane

E-mail: kiwisinuk@googlemail.com


Born at Western General Hospital October 1943
Lived at 3 Albert St for 3 years then we moved to 20 Coatfield Lane from 1946 till 1962.

I now live in New Zealand and have done for most of my working life.

Enjoy my 3 yearly visits to Scotland, especially Leith..

Leith has changed a great deal especially the Kirkgate.

Can anyone tell me what happened to Stewart Brothers Wool Merchant, Constitution St?
Mary Smith (nee Baker)

Your old Leith street: 8 Wilkie Place

Period of residence:    1941 - 1962

Where you are now:  Hunters tryst Swanston

E-mail:     mesadb5@googlemail.com


I went to Fort Street primary 1946 - 1953 then to DK Secondary had four sisters and one brother my father was Jock Baker the fish porter at Newhaven fish market and also part barman in the Artisan Bar at the corner of Wilkie Place, if anyone remembers me I would like to hear from you.

Your old Leith street: 66 ALBERT STREET ,EITH.

Where you are now:ONTARIO CANADA

E-mail rdrowan43@hotmail.com.


Present Location.........GILMERTON..

Leith Location..BORN  66 PITT STREET 1929

E-mail  frank.robinson3@mypostoffice.co.uk.

Christene Richardson nee Donaldson

Present Location: .Waterdown, Ontario.

Leith Location.Ballantyne Place

E-mail:  cmdrichardson@gmail.com..

Present Location.GILES STREET LEITH No 37/2.

Leith Location..ST ANDREWS STREET.


Name Eleanor Ritchie nee Wilson.

Present Location Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Leith Location 195 Great Junction Street 1946 - 1951, 16 Prospect Bank Terrace 1951 - 1968.

E-mail eleanoritchie@btinternet.com.                

Comment I was born and brought up in Leith. We lived on Junction Street until I was five and then moved to Prospect Bank. I went to Leith Academy Primary and then moved to Edinburgh to Gillespie's secondary.  The family were very involved with St Paul,s Church on Lorne Street and I went to church and Sunday school there - I was even a Sunday school teacher for a while.

I was also in Brownies and Guides - the 41st.. My earliest memories are of Leith, including walks round the docks on a Sunday afternoon. My grandad on my dad's side was the manager of the Ship's Stores on Kirkgate (I think)and I have very early memories of the back shop with sacks of stuff and a very particular smell.

My mum's dad worked at the flour mill on Bonnington Road and lived with us until he died when I was about eighteen. He was James Simpson and I have been told that he was related to the last dairy farmer in Leith.  My dad was scorer for Leith Franklin cricket team and an elder at St Pauls. He was also an avid Hibs supporter. My mum was Brown Owl in the Brownies before I was born. When I was growing up she was in the Womens Guild and generally into helping people. I have lived in England since 1968 but I am still a Leith keelie at heart and proud of it.

Ian Ross

Present Location.Craigentinny

Leith Location  170 Great Junction Street


Comment Third attempt, so here's hoping! Born in Elsie Inglis in 1946; stayed at 170 Great Junction Street (Store clock building) until marriage in 1970. Doctor Bell's Primary School from 1951 to 1958. Leith Academy from 1958 to 1964. 1st Leith BBs from 1954 until 1974 - Life Boy through to Officer. Dad fixed the trams at Shrubhill Depot and Mum worked in 'The Store' office. Proud to be a Leither!
Rona Reid (nee Robertson)

E-mail .ronareid@talktalk.net
David Storrie

Present Location.    Singapore.

Leith Location.  Lorne Street


Comment  Born and bred in Leith first in Bothwell Street then moved to Lorne Street at the age of 3. I was in the 4th Leith BB and attended Hermitage Park then Leith Academy, left the academy in 1974. Left Scotland in 1986 first to London then in 1997 moved to Singapore.

I remember many people and have great memories of those days in the 60's and 70's.
Barbara Russell Nee Ronaldson.

Present Location..Leith......................
Karen Simpson.

Present Location......Carnoustie.

Leith Location....Ferrier Street, Leith Walk, West Bowling Green Street


Comment  Hello. I came upon this site by chance when hunting for information about Leith in the past. My parents both lived in Leith as did many of my grand parents and great grand parents. I'm keen to find out anything about a Martha Ferrier, born in 1862 who lived with her Grand mother, also Martha Ferrier! They lived first at 3 McNeill Street - 1871 - (I have been unable to locate this) then at 6 Ferrier Street - 1881 - (found this with the help of old maps of Leith) - she then married my great grandfather Robert Scott in 1884 and moved to 14 Arthur Street. It is her early life I am really interested in and if anyone could help me, I would love to hear from them.Many Thanks Karen Simpson
Grant Summerville

Your old Leith street:194 Bonnington Road

Period of residence:1945 - 1966 then 1972 - 1979

Where you are now:Tranent East Lothian


CommentsWould be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me, although I have recognised a few people on the wall who will get a surprise when I contact them. Great web site by the way.
Jimmy Speirs
Present Location..Salisbury, England.

Leith Location...Prince Regent Street 1947 to 1959 then Summerfield Place to 1963


Comment Went to Leith Academy Primary & Senior 1953 to 1963.  Worked in Currie Line office, Bernard Street then joined Royal Navy 1963, was in 13th Leith BB, anyone who may know me please get in touch
Derek Stirton

Your old Leith street: Cochrane Place

Period of residence: 1961-1979

Where you are now: South Gyle, Edinburgh.

E-mail: derekstirton@ yahoo.co.uk

Comments: Would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me from the colonies at Leith Links.
Dorothea.Sheppard nee Campbell

Your old Leith  street : 1 Annandale Street

Period of residence:1941 /1955

Where you are now:   Edinburgh


Comments: Love to get in touch with people who remember Gayfield Squaire area around 1948 up till 1955. We played out all day.  Anyone know or remember June Laidlaw and her wee brother Johnny, Margaret Hall, Gino and Carlo ( brothers.) or anyone from London St school or Bellevue secondary I had a twin, we were known as the Campbell twins,.thanks get in touch.  One more thing our brother is Stewart Campbell.
Derek Stirton

Your old Leith street: 2 Cochrane Place

Period of residence: 1961 -1978

Where you are now: South Gyle, Edinburgh

E-mail: derekstirton@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: I went to Links Primary school in 1961, the only teacher I can remember was Mr Dow who took the boys football team.

Other names from my class were Gavin Sinclair, Chris Pratt, John Mclaren, Billy Scott, Vernon Galloway, John Black, Leslie Moyes, Stefan Gerus, Derek Wightman, Alaster Gardiner, Karen Saddington, Shiela Brown, Dawn Kerr, Joan Gray. Karen Haston.Susan Pace and Gordon Ballantyne, there were others.

Sorry but I can't remember all the names as well as I remember the faces.

Other names that I do remember from playing in the "Colonies" are........ Ross Allan, who had three sisters, I think their names were Denise, Lindsay,and Niki ? There was also Gordon Robertson who had a sister called Pamela and they stayed at No 4 Elm Place. Stevan Foggarty was also a friend who stayed at No.4 Cochrane place.

Now that my mind is trying to put names to faces, I will put another post up as soon as I can remember,  but meantime it would be good to hear from any one who remembers Me and where they now. What a great site to bring the memories flooding back.
John Robertson

Present Location....Edinburgh

Leith Location.  20 Hawthornvale

E-mail   jammyr@blueyonder.co.uk               

Attended Victoria Primary 1966 73 Trinity Academy  left77.  Apprentice partsman Carlaw Baxter Dundas Street

Dad worked at Grimbles (sarsons)Vinegar brewery in Jane Street Stayed in Hawthornvale from the early sixties until the late eighties
Christine Scott formerly Grant.

Present Location..Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Leith Location.81 Duke Street then 70 Cornhill Terrace.

E-mail.    aftoncourt@tbaytel.net

Gary Scott..................................

Present Location..Livingston West Lothian.

Leith Location....Leith Walk........................


Comment Just found this site, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

I stayed at the Foot of the Walk, went to Bonnington Road primary and then on to Leith Academy from 1975 to 1979, Can remember some names from the old days, Used to hang around the Banana Flats area and Hermitage Park when I was going through a mad motorbike phase,

Married Karen the girl who served the best cornish pasty supper at the aAba Doro chippy. Some names I recall from school, John Collins, Gavin Coul, Jackie Boucher, Lesley Brown Joan Bryce, Jimmy Martin, loads more but they will come to me.Left school and started an apprenticeship at the New Welding company in Annandale street.
been in the Oil Industry ever since.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Your old Leith street:Findlay Cottages Restalrig Edina PL

Period of residence:1958 - 1985 (mum & dad still there)

Where you are now:Wagin West Aust


Comments:I was born in '58 went toLlinks primary 63-70 and Bellevue from 70-74. A lot of folks might know my dad Stan Robertson who worked in Langs the butchers in Iona st when I was at primary and then he was the insurance man down the foot of Leith  the Fort and Newhaven calling in the pubs on his way to collect money of course! If anyone knows Davy Mcmanus from Bellevue Secondary I`d love to hear how he`s doing and anyone else who remembers me. Might be in oz but i will always be a Scot!
David Valentine Smith

Your old Leith street: Leith Walk

Period of residence: 1975-2003

Where you are now: East Lothian

E-mail: none

Comments: Born a Hibby by Gods grace a Leither
Gary Scott.

Present Location.....Livingston West Lothian.

Leith Location......Leith Walk


Comment would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, went to Bonnington Road Primary until 1975, then on to Leith Academy until 1979. was mad keen on motorbikes and used to run around the Hermitage Park area, (Colin Steel, Steven Reid, Davy Cochrane) are few that spring to mind. Married Karen who worked in the Alba Doro chipshop , a regular haunt for a late night cornish pasty supper.
Margaret Syme

Present Location.Sumas, Washington, USA

Leith Location.64 Hawthornvale, Newhaven

E-mail. syme.greta@gmail.com

Comment   Lived at Hawthornvale from 1935 until 1959. Married Maurice Syme in 1960, lived at Pilrig Street, then Warriston Drive and then to USA San Diego in 1965. Maury died in 2002 and moved to Washington state to be closer to family in Canada. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Name..Graham Ratter..

Present Location......California USA

Leith Location...Chancelot Terrace1939-1955

Attended Trinity school Primary through Secondary
Father had plumbing and electrical business in Newhaven  Married and lived in Dudley Avenue
Went to Canada in 1974 - moved to California in 1977 to present.
James (Jim) Liddell.

Present Location Granton.

Leith Location Ferrier Street


Comment Lived in the street 1952-1968 evacuated after hurricane damage to no 21
went to Hermitage Park till 1964 then DK untill 1967 was in the 10th Leith BB's up to 1969.Would love to hear from anybody from that time.
Leonard Smith

Your old Leith street:Meadowbank Cottage  London Rd Edin 8

Period of residence:   1945

Where you are now:   Spain

E-mail:   lensmithedinburgh@live.com

        I was wondering if there was any old chums still alive that went to Norton Park school Easter Rd I remember Gordon Smith because of our names he lived in Lochend at the time, I used to sneak down there and meet up with Gordon 1951...52 and anyone for that matter from Meadowbank.

Cheers   Len Smith
Christene Richardson (Donaldson)

Present Location.Waterdown Ontario

Leith Location..32 Ballantyne Place


Comment Many happy memories living in Leith.  We would play in Keddie Gardens on school holidays.  I remember there was a parkie making sure we behaved. On nice weather my sister brother and I would walk to Portobello and save our bus fare so we could buy sweeties.  Remember going to the State picture house on a Saturday afternoon with my Mum and Dad. After, we would get a poke of chips on the way home what a treat.My Grandmother lived near Lochend Park for over 60years, we loved to play in the park,
and the smell of fresh bread coming from Hawkhill bakers as you got off the bus.  Inverleith Park was my favourite park my brother used to sail his little boat there. My other Grandparents Donaldsons lived above Cousins pub at the corner of Bowling Green Street.I would love to hear from anyone who knows me. Best wishes.